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World, Make Room (1998)

1.   Lebanon is Not just for the Christians.  True.

Lebanon is because of its Christians.  True.

Created by Christian Colonial powers.  True.

2.   Lebanon is an “Arabic” country, like it or not.  True.

It was clear for most.  It is now clear to all.

Lebanon can be a bastion

Of freedom:  Free from dictators

Persons, political parties or religious parties.

3.   Lebanon can be a heaven

Of Choices:  Freedom of speech, of affiliations, of education and of growth.

Lebanon can be the cornerstone

For Liberties:  Liberty in beliefs, in trades, in equality of opportunities.

Lebanon can be a lot and far more if

The Arab Lebanese Christians stay;

The Arab Lebanese Christians shed

Their blood for the land, all the land;

The Arab Lebanese Christians take a stand

Against the Feudal system, the sectarians, the isolationists and the apathetic;

The Arab Lebanese Christians proclaim

That they are Arabs, proud to be Arabs,

In Lebanon and every corner of the World.

If all the Christian sects take a firm stand against our existential enemy Israel

A colonial implants, emulating the ancient colonial behaviors of racism and apartheid laws.

4.   Christians or Muslims, the World doesn’t care.

Why should we?  Christians or Muslims, we are Syrian “Arabs”.

Leaders in intellect, in spirit, in work,

In ambitious dreams to fulfill a few of the meanings of life.

Syrian Arab Lebanese, just get your identity straight.

Arabs we are and more.  World, make room.

Make room.




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