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Evidence Mounting: US military athletes to Wuhan spread Coronavirus during the World Military Games

Breaking News/Exclusive:

US Brought COVID19 to China with Fake Army Team for Military Games, Evidence Mounting

Aug 2019: US army biohazard labs shut down for failing safety checks.

The lab is in Washington State where the source of the outbreak started and have highest incidence of COVID-19.

Robert Redfield, CDC director, openly admitting and acknowledged that some cases of coronavirus were misclassified as influenza as the medics did not have an accurate test for the new epidemic at the time. He did not elaborate on when these misdiagnosed cases first appeared – saying only that “some cases have been diagnosed that way.”

Oct 2019: Military World Games in Wuhan.

Dec 2019: First COVID-19 case in Wuhan. 

In October 2019, the US brought 369 military athletes to Wuhan for the World Military Games. 

Despite having the largest military in the world, ten fold, the US came in 35th behind nations like Iran, Finland and Slovenia.

No video or photos exist of the US team, no records were kept, a huge team but a pitiful performance for the “best military” in the world.

The US team did so badly that they were called “Soy Sauce Soldiers” by the Chinese.  

In fact, many never participated in any event and stayed near the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the disease is said to have originated only days after the US left the area.

The US team went home on October 28, 2019 and within 2 weeks, the first human contact cases of COVID 19 were seen in Wuhan. 

The Chinese have not been able to find “patient zero” and believe he was a member of the US team.

They also have sources that say the US had misrepresented influenza that Trump claims has killed thousands, an influenza carried to China by the US team, an influenza that was really COVID 19, a disease developed in a military bio-warfare facility in the state of Washington, now “ground zero” in the US for COVID 19.

The Chinese claim, something censored in the US, that the inattentive attitude and disproportionately below average results of American athletes in the game indicate they might have been in for other purposes and they might actually be bio-warfare operatives, and that their place of residence during their stay in Wuhan was also close to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the first known cluster of cases occurred.[28][29]

RT/Moscow: The US army might have brought the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to China’s Wuhan, the city where the virus was first detected in the country, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Thursday.

“When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!” Zhao tweeted.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lijian Zhao has demanded US authorities reveal what they’re hiding about the origins of Covid-19, going as far as to suggest the coronavirus may have been brought to China by the US military.

Pointing to a video of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Robert Redfield apparently admitting the US had several deaths from Covid-19 before they were able to test for it, Zhao called on the American watchdog to come clean in a tweet posted on Thursday.

Note1 :

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that what is now the Covid-19 pandemic was first reported as a coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. The search for the deadly disease origin has been ongoing, with conflicting versions blaming the Wuhan food market and bats – a local delicacy – sold there in particular, while others opined humans might have gotten the virus from pangolins, an endangered scaly mammal.

Less orthodox theories suggest malicious intent, with the head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards sensationally claiming last week that Covid-19 could possibly be “a product of a biological attack by America which initially spread to China and then to Iran and the rest of the world.”

So far, the problem with all of those theories, blaming both animals and humans, is that no direct causal proof has been established, while the identity of China’s patient zero also remains unclear.

And it’s not China alone: in Washington State – which seemingly identified and successfully isolated its first infected traveler, with dozens of contacts identified and monitored – the virus somehow began spreading anyway.

Even Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, at one point claimed he and his wife may have been the US’ patient zero after developing a bad cough on return from China. It has since emerged his wife’s diagnosis was “a sinus infection,”

Note 2: Although the USA virus lab in the State of Washington is the source of Corona, neither the US nor Europe made good use for prevention from the valiant confrontation of the outbreak in China. They missed the hard decision for testing centers and containment.

Tidbits #10

“Children are much easier to reach with advertising. They pick up on it fast. And quite often we can exploit that relationship and get them pestering their parents.”Stephen Colegrave

Pestering is one of the Power of children: Lucy Hughes has identified two distinct forms of pester power: “persistent nagging,” characterized by frantic whining, and “important nagging,” in which children present their parents with a reasoned case for the object of their desire.

The 10 largest fortunes with links to greenhouse gas emissions are valued at $537 billion.

What are the economic threats that could cause a recession? 

  1. Corporate debt in the US and emerging markets,
  2. the trade war, and
  3. An over-reliance on central banks are among the many imbalances that could contribute to a crisis this year. And now coronavirus and fear for tourism activities

Wuhan, China. Two hospitals are being constructed for coronavirus patients in a matter of days.Millions are watching livestream footage that shows a ballet of bulldozers and trucks racing to complete a 1,000-bed hospital by Feb. 3 and a 1,300-bed one a few days later.

Do you know that Chinese in large cities are confined in two dozens high rise building around a commercial center? Each of these “autonomous” compounds can host about 50,000 persons. No surprises that epidemics can spread quickly.

The Trump Administration’s decision to cancel a policy to eliminate all antipersonnel landmines reverses years of steady steps toward alignment with the 1997 treaty banning the weapons.

The last big locust crisis, in north-west Africa, lasted from 2003 to 2005 and caused an estimated $2,5bn worth of damage to harvests. ⁠Now the locust is spreading in East Africa.

At the point where the states of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand converge sits a casino “Laos Vegas”. ⁠ It is a palatial confection featuring faux-Roman statuary and ceilings covered in frescoes. Inside “Laos Vegas” the croupiers accept only Chinese yuan or Thai baht.

Of the 821 million hungry people on the planet, 60% are women

Last year the average income of the richest 1% of Brazilians was 33.8 times that of the poorest 50%, a ratio surpassed only by Qatar. ⁠

Bolsa Família (Family Fund), a conditional cash-transfer programme that supports millions of poor Brazilians, was once a model anti-poverty programme. ⁠Jair Bolsanaro started cancelling payments to existing ones. ⁠

The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, stating “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Post-partum hemorrhage accounts for one-fourth of maternal deaths worldwide.⠀

Out of the dozens of articles I’ve read about the virus, I can only condense one helpful piece of advice: Wash your hands properly and dry them on clean towels.’ (Better, use paper towel). Paper face mask is a illusion

“The world today has very few institutions that can go out and do the reporting independently, powerfully, and that’s what I want to do,”

South Korea launched the world’s first air quality satellite. Chollian 2B will monitor fine dust and other air pollutants in the East Asian region. The information it will gather could pave the way for a new disaster relief communications system.




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