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And why Thyroid cancer is prevalent in women?

“The apron thyroid guard to to protect the thyroid region from X-rays? Yes, we have it. You have to ask for it”

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Feasting on Gore


1.   X-Rays don’t hurt: no pain.

Chemo is different:

You lose your mane.

Hospital appointment, cancer, hospital confinement, terminal.

Convicted criminal, prison, delayed execution, terminus.


2.   Dressed in apron, back naked, abandoned, forgotten

Robbed of your money, robbed of dignity, robbed of life.

A case study you are, for all to learn.

The more cases the better the knowledge.

Many more cases for many more knowledge.


3.   You lived.  Lived enough.  Let others learn and live

A while longer.

The right to live folks need to hang the Kevorkians,

Every single one of them,

Those who help the terminally ill to die with his own choice.



4.   Pain, constant pains, no end in sight, no cure.

      Wait till those healthy, spineless souls of the right to live

      Need a Kevorkian

But surrounded with pale faces

Feasting on gore.


5.   I have the power to predict the end.

I know the odds: 

You either die instantly or you live,

In the mind of all you know,

A half-man.


6.   You may listen to the pillars of moral characters,

You may nod to the Talking Heads: 

They talk well.

I have decided on my destiny.

It shall be quick.




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