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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 86

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

Our world of appearances, amid symbolic non assimilated meaning, is linked to the invisible: everything that our senses have  captured but failed to interpret it for our survival sake.

How many of collateral damaged people are reduced to be sleepless creatures howling in night dreams?

A single cop in a police car remembers the golden rule “ Time is on our side. There is no urgency for fast-breaking situations...”

When males are forced to participate in the daily maintenance tasks of life, external pre-emptive wars of bored people will drop substantially.

The multiple structural chains that females have to get liberated from are Not giving humanity a reprieve for a genuine war of practical worthy values

The Chinese province of Xingjian borders Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Tibet. Th Ouigour (Moslem) in this strategic location for the Silk Road are being forcefully transferred.

Liberalism is a political jargon used by the colonial powers to throw smokescreen on outright economic embezzlement and coercion on developing States.

Liberalism is also a financial jargon expressing the will that all financial activities must be linked through Banks, directly linked to one of the 8 families related to the Rothschild House (hoarding $300 trillion). It fits the saying “Little cloud, you may wander any which way you want, where you rain your proceeds will return to me” (Harun Rashid, Abbasid caliph)

Les idees d’ un intellectuel existent deja. Les exprimees est un procesus  lent de persistence et d’ endurance pour les clarifiees a soi-meme. L’ engagement et la communication (sharing) font parti de ce procesus.

Les cultures ancrees sur les expressions religieuses se meurent sans des revolutions cherchant a decouvrir la part individuelle de l’ homme dans l’ existence.

Social and political engagement and communication have the task of adding complexity to ideas before attempting to simplifying the expression to clarify them to ourselves

Si une generation nouvelle ne parvient pas a creer de nouveaux mots et expressions, c’ est que la culture se meurt.

This new proportional election law in Lebanon is generating wide alliances in each traditional “leader’s” province. At least verbally, before the election time hits the shit.

Toutes les liaisons sont dangereuses, quand on veut bien s’en apercevoir.

Ce serait si plaisant si on peut et sait observer les diverses sensations de douleur et de plaisir sans agir sur les faits recueillis

Jamais la force d’ etre independent est dissociee de comportement masochist.

Les consequences de son comportement sont feministes, meme si ses intentions ne le sont pas. Ce qui me va tres bien.

Notre independence de celui qu’ on aime n’ est pas si evident. Surtout lorsque l’ autre ne sait pas combien j’ en depends

Je me fais confiance en apprenant. Je ne lui fais pas confiance: Je l’ aime.

A little bit more power can snatch a Gold medal. In existential struggles, just a bit of power can overcome an enemy.

La femme n’a que ses chaines a perdre? Et aussi toutes les minorites qui s’attachent a leurs myths pour survivre. Donc la femme a plusieus chaines entrecroisees pour s’ emanciper.
Evaluating level of individual power in games is Not reduced to physical measures. Endurance, persistence, training procedures and the will to snatch a Gold are Not tangible measures.
Any organization that adopts the slogan: “Obey and then ask questions” is a mafia-oriented association
It is your responsibility Never to give order to anyone unable to reflect on the consequences of your order.
Dissequer les reflets indecidables des exceptions humaines, en marge d’ une logique universelle qui se trouve mieux confirmee, est le conformism le plus dangereux de la dissection

The Urumqi debacle: China old and new challenges; (August 3, 2009)


            In the most western frontiers of China you got the province of Xingjian bordering Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Tibet.  The Capital of this province is Urumqi where the Han Chinese ethnic group has become slightly majority while the rural province is of ethnic Ouigour Moslems in majority (45.5%).  This supposedly autonomous province since 1864 is as large as Spain, France, Germany, and Italy combined with just 21 millions of over eight kinds of minorities.


            The Ouigour written language is fast disappearing because learning Mandarin as first language for civilian administrative and employment reasons has been supplanted in schools in the major cities.  The Xingjian province has been experiencing fast development compared to its neighboring provinces because of its rich mineral and power resources and mainly because it is the Carrefour of States constituting over two billion people transacting through it.  Consequently, the poorer ethnic Han flocked to Xingjian in the last two decades along with the more educated and speaking the official Mandarin language.  The Hans have thus snatched the most key positions in companies dealing with the central authority.  There is a quota system for minorities in the administrations but the Hans captured the key and main power positions.

            The ancient “Silk Road” crosses Xingjian from Turfan, Urumqi, Korla, Aksu to Kashgar (Kashi), at the end of the second largest desert in the world Taklamakan.  During the Chinese counter-revolution in the sixties almost all the mosques were destroyed.  In the last decade Xingjian is enjoying over 4,000 mosques.  In Urumqi the Han eats pork and rice; the Ouigour does not eat pork or rice.  The Han prefers to learn English as a second language and is not interested in the Ouigour language.

            The central authority in Peking would love to tame the Ouigour as it successfully did with the 10 millions Moslem Huis.  This is not going to be an easy program: the Ouigour are bordering Moslem Republics that freshly separated from Russia.  They speak the same language and share the same customs and traditions as the Moslems in Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, and Tajikistan.  Worst, the Ouigour want to emulate those bordering States in independence.  Actually, Xingjian enjoyed a short lived independence in 1933 to 1934 under the name of Western Turkistan. The Soviet Union extended its territory in this province from 1944 to 1949 before withdrawing. The Ouigour in Xingjian have the feeling that they are descendents of powerful Nations that were rivals to China.

            The Hans receive much higher wages than the Ouigour; the higher the concentration of Hans in districts the higher the internal GDP that can span from 15,000 yuans to 2,500 in Hotan (at the southern border of the big desert). The group of Shanghai was created in 1996 comprising Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, and Tajikistan. The main purpose of this group is targeting security along the borders: no extremist, separatist, or terrorist elements are to transfer and cross the borders.  The captured elements are returned to their homeland to be imprisoned and executed.  The Shanghai group is mainly interested in the transaction of mineral, gas, and oil resources and expanding their market.

            What is particular to Xingjian are the “bingtuan” military brigades that were created in 1954 of the demilitarized civil war soldiers.  These brigades were to safeguard the long frontiers and to clear wild lands for agriculture. All the brigades have been demobilized except the one in Xingjian.  The bingtuan brigade is part of the Chinese military and more powerful than the governor or state administration; it is a state within a state. The bingtuan (CPCX) has  about 2 millions members, raises taxes in the districts that it directs, owns 1,500 industrial groups, controls two third of the cultivated lands in Xingjian, produces one forth of the industrial products, and export two third of all the productions.


            In July 5, 2009 the Ouigour in Urumqi took to the streets; the next day the Hans counter-attacked. By July 8, China declared that 200 died and over 1,700 were injured in the mayhems.  China statistics are biased; the same for almost all governments and multinationals.  The Ouigour created an international organization located in Munich; its present leader is the lady leader Rebiya Kadeer living in Washington, DC.  China is on the offensive and putting diplomatic pressures on any government permitting Kadeer to speak to the international community.

            As long as the group of Shanghai is intent on closing the borders to the dissidents then China is free to use force without impunity. China has prosperous and active commerce and trade with mostly all States and is about to finish installing the longest pipeline to Russia.


            Apparatchik of Big States are vying to unseat traditional colonial powers in production, standard of living, industrialization, and modernity; people weary of the man-made anti-environmental future; people unprepared and unfamiliar with newer fast pace challenges.


            Tiny and gigantic States are same different: the challenges are innumerable and the resolutions unsatisfactory band-aid remedies.  There are no “final solutions” for the febrile human kind with dizzying capacity for hallucinations. Any trend must be globally tried and emulated; otherwise, globalization has no meaning.




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