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Ori Avniri: “Israel is Another Jewish ghetto: This time around strong with an atomic bomb…”

Ori Avniri recalls what Yachaaya Libovitch wrote that the Jewish religion is dead and done with 200 years ago. Israel has replaced the Jewish religion with the Holocaust story as a reason for its existence.

Ori says: “Israel is currently the Holocaust State. Israel is Another Jewish Ghetto: This time around strong with an atomic bomb and a delivering system…”

Today, Israel is organizing the Holocaust memorial, bigger yet than ever, under the banner: “More Jewish support”.

The key sentence is: “Nuclear Iran is a repeat of Nazi extermination plan…”

Israel Netanyahu PM keeps repeating the same mantra everywhere he goes: “Iran is Nazi Germany…” and reminded Obama that the US Jews have demanded from Franklin Roosevelt to bomb Auschwitz, but he refrained from destroying the concentration camp in Poland…

Ori Avniri insists that the holocaust brought back the ancient Jewish mentality to where it started: “To the current Israeli government position, during the holocaust, the Germans were not the sole enemy of the Jews, but the entire world: The world didn’t act according to human dignity standards.  Today, the world community is against the Jews because it wouldn’t consider bombing Iran nuclear facilities…The Jews want to revert to the Jewish religion that was mocked for centuries, and particularly, revert to the ghetto mentality, a trapped cat with an atomic arsenal...”

Israel radical rights are forgetting that the young generation of Jews want nothing to do with this equation, they don’t want to go back to ghetto conditions, and they don’t give a damn with the 650 Biblical laws that govern their daily life…

As long as Israel persist of using the holocaust as its prime weapon for world support, Israel has to comprehend that this world has far too many cataclysmic problems to deal with, and it wants nothing to do with this spoiled State of Israel that wants everything for nothing in return, such as  applying the UN charters, desisting from racist and apartheid policies in Palestine, and seriously considering doing peace with its bordering States, and returning occupied lands…

Note: Post inspired from the weekly piece of Antoine Shalhat to the Lebanese daily Al Nahar




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