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You may look older than normal; (Mar. 7, 2010)    

Seven percent (7%) of us will look older than others of the same age. Researchers at the University of Leicester and King’s College diagnosed 3,000 participants in the experiment. There are “telomeres” of certain length attached at the end of chromosomes: the faster the telomere shortens the older you look compared to same age people.

A person with genetic variation near the gene TERC that has the function of regenerating the length of telomere with the help of the enzyme telomerase may be deficient. This deficiency is worsened if the person is a smoker, obese, and lacks physical exercises.

I have at least two questions:

1. Does that mean that if we are not deficient in enzyme telomerase,  smokers, obese persons, and those lacks physical exercises can go on without looking older than expected, at any age?

2. Or it means that enzyme telomerase is affected by smoking, fat, and physical laziness, and might drop the towel if we insist on resuming bad behaviors?

It is these kinds of questions that researchers should factor-in in their experimental design so that practical conclusions can be drawn.




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