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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 102

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

This majority of Passive and Silent “citizens” contributed to the Crimes by encouraging their State to commit mass indignities, humiliation and genocide

This majority of Passive and Silent “citizens” who contributed to the Crimes of their system wants opportunities to publicly acknowledge their tacit participation in crimes committed in their names. Though, opportunities are Not enough to overcome passive attitude in the souls

But how the passive citizens were pressured to publicly stay silent?

No genocide or mass crimes against humanity have been committed without prior preparation of the “Silent Majority”. How the passive citizens were pressured to publicly stay silent?

Beware of the banal compromise of using the false average of lumping everyone. Averages of different weird groups are the proper ones. Better, consider the medians

Ta3n Majless Doustouri bi selselat dara2eb, tanbih jaddi enno thawrat 3ala al abwaab. Intabihou ya moustazlimi zo3ama al 7arb al ahliyyat

La communaute des gestes ou des gens? La progression de l’humanite a transformee nos entites concretes en un symbol abstrait que l’on defend avec acharnement au moyens de lois, discutes en abstraction et appliquees selectivement.

Ce qui est le plus dure pour le chomeur, c’est de ne pas avoir ete habitué des l’enfance

A la retraite? Tu n’es meme plus un des acteurs.  ils nous ont ote’ tout role.

L’ invariant des systems scolaires:  l’incarceration administrative des jeunes jusqu’a 25 ans. Car trop turbulents

Those who managed to transform their environment into a world of laughter and enjoying company, barely fail. Especially, at an advanced age.

Ces musulmans takfiris ne savent pas ce qu’ils font, mais leurs chefs le savent tres bien? Ils ne veulent aucune forme de “democracie”? 

To those insisting creation is a divine matter. Allow God to have created nature and animals. And the Devil created Human species. Can we move on to more interesting abstract subjects?
In one of his vehement speeches, Maronite Patriarch Ra3i declared that many of Lebanese “traitors” living in Israel are more patriotic and love Lebanon more than the Lebanese. Go figure. Licking Israel ass.
Youth sacrificed as just meat for the canon to institute a Nation and never taken seriously and considered a burden to a stable political system… 
Vast majority recoils from the challenge of making a promise, because that requires caring and risk and the willingness to make change happen. Trust is built on keeping promises. Say No if can’t keep a promise.
Il voulait une femme souriante. Il devint jalous de son sourire. Les hommes prend plus de temps pour comprendre qui est le simplet 
With their immediate craves satisfied up-front, the young trade merchants will lose the drive to spew out countless crazy “financial products”, projects and programs to bilking people…
Observations au jeux de la Petanque:  Le pointeur devient meilleur tireur que celui qui “se defoue” aux tires forts
Observations au jeux de la Petanque: Ceux qui se “designent” tireurs et qui ne pointent pas ont tendance a faire perdre le match au team
Observations au jeux de la Petanque: Le tireur perd ses boules au debut et se revelle conseiller de “comment pointe'” et Ou pointe”
Observations au jeux de la Petanque: Les tirs forts (macho) peuvent impressioner les debutants, mais ne gagnent pas la partie. Il faut faire “carreau” sinon on pert la partie




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