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Step forward: Demand to take on your responsibility

Seth published this short post on responsibility and authority.

“Achievers in traditional organizations often say, “I want more authority.” They mean that they want the power to make things happen, the mantle of authority that will allow them to get things done.

This is an industrial-era mindset. Management by authority is top-down, risk-averse, measurable and perfect for the org chart. It’s essential in organizations that are stable, asset-based and adverse to risk.

There’s a different approach, though, one that’s based on responsibility instead of authority. “Anyone who takes responsibility for getting something done is welcome to ask for the authority to do it.”  Ah, your bluff is called. And so is your boss’s”.

In absolute monarchy, family or clannish dictatorship, “old money” classes of the richest 1% of the population, authority are delegated, irrespective of talents or effort invested in improving once character and qualities. Why? These close clubs, cults, privileged classes earned their authority from a “divine power”, the highest authority that mankind managed to invent, irrespective of the Constitution or description of the government.  They are the real power behind the curtain.”I want more authority” is never mentioned: It is executed, it goes without saying…

In artisan family enterprises, the child who learn the profession and showed willingness to continue the family business snatches the authority: Someone had stepped forward to provide for the family.

One thing is standard custom: If you ever volunteer to work for free, do not expect to assume authority for paid position.  If you are unable to earn a living of your valued effort, you are considered incapable for managing profitable organization, and earning money for the enterprise. Unless you were appointed by the “divine right” associations.

Who should step forward and demand his responsibility?  You should have a proven record in the business-unit, unless you are running for public office (assuming it is the electors who will turn you down!), and demonstrated a strong tendency for people oriented behavior (as in doing politics), being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (as in politics), assimilated the lesson that it is proper to kiss asses when profit is guaranteed (as in doing politics), firing heartlessly “redundant” workers in difficult downturns, taking positions that taxing rich people is bad for the economy, that liberal capitalism is the ultimate financial system to generating jobs for the lower middle classes, and getting the economy functioning as usual (meaning to keep 20% of the population hungry and wanting for survival for any scrap dangled in front of them)…

Stepping forward to demand responsibility has high price to pay in moral values and human rights standards. Stepping forward to demand responsibility is a political demand, which carries all the previous prerequisites to be satisfied.

Stepping forward to demand responsibility sound bold, righteous, democratic, quality oriented, secured individual rights for achievement, liberty, the land of the “go get it”…Are you aware of the hidden prerequisites to be handed over any serious responsibility, if you step forward for it?

Stepping forward to demand responsibility is a great motto in “benign” associations.  But a good training ground for the next generation of youth spring upheavals.




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