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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 126

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

The Jewish Charles Netter was wondering why the Reformist Jews (mostly French at the time) were opting for the Oriental Jews to immigrate to America.  He traveled to Istanbul to negotiate the settlement of a land in Palestine carrying over 100,000 francs that was supplied by the French banker Salomon Goldschmidt (president of UIA)

Bees are the messengers of love for flowers

Soldiers were aware that the war movies were all propaganda, the message was discredited and deemed hollow before the movie rolled and the message was dismissed. Nine weeks later, the statistics changed and reverted to supporting war activities.

Aimer passionement sans etre paye’ de retour est un mal de mer en bateau: on se sent mourir mais qui fait rire le monde autour de nous

L’Eglise, les Enfants, la Cuisine (Kirche, Kinder, Kuche), les 3 K du programme Allemand pour les femmes, until recently.

Des corps disparus, en poussiere. Le vif de leur desir, le vrai de leur ardeur: pulverises. Je prefere contempler ses tableaux, lire ses oeuvres.

The Sleeper Effect of our memory: the source of the argument fades faster than the argument or the message. And the message (war is necessary and noble) fades much slowly (or even endure) than the propaganda itself

Campaign Ads should be restricted to the period of a single month before the campaign start and be banned later on during the campaign: minimize the devastating propaganda message that lingers way longer than we think.

Before you read an article, you need to ask this question: Who benefit? Cui bono? is a great training behavior to refine what you read.

The Egyptian must assimilate that Al Arish is closest to the Zionist State and its terror tactics. Egypt must side-track the military arrangement with Israel and let its army loose in all the Sinai and the ports of Red Sea. 

There is huge confusion and contentions out of subject matter between abstract belief concepts in religion and the context of the belief system.  No wonder that Christianity generates as many splits as abstraction can sustain.


The Israeli poet Natan Zakh declared on Nov. 17, 2013:

“I fled  Nazi State to find myself in a Fascist State. The State of Israel has been living by the Sword. I would have remained in Europe if I knew how Israel will be behaving as an apartheid ideological society.

This Zionist State failed to realize its objective.

This Zionist State, supposed to be moving to the country of milk and honey, is plagued by corruption and running by the strong arm policy”

This Zionist State is living its last years, as was the decline of the Roman Empire.

Instead of linking with neighbors whom we stole their lands, we are preparing atomic bombs and teaching hatred.

Gaza is under terrible blocus  and the missiles we are getting are legitimate reactions from the Palestinians.

(The Wall of Shames has reverted Israel to the ghetto mentality in practice)

Natan Zakh is involved in the boycot of the colonies in the occupied PalestinianWest Bank territories

The Israeli army savagely beat an old Palestinian man

 La Redaction I&I  30/05/2014.

« J’ai fui d’un Etat nazi pour me retrouver dans un Etat fasciste »

POSTÉ LE 17 NOVEMBRE 2013 par Halalbook dans BUZZ

Le 10 novembre 2013, le journal hébreu Yediot Ahronot a rapporté que le grand poète israélien Natan Zakh a déclaré que le sionisme a échoué à réaliser son objectif.

Selon lui, «  l’Etat du lait et du miel  » promis n’est maintenant que mal et corruption. Il a par ailleurs appelé à boycotter les colonies sionistes.

«  Si j’avais su que le sionisme se concrétiserait dans un pays qui vit par l’épée, je serais resté en Europe. J’ai fui d’un Etat nazi pour me retrouver dans un Etat fasciste  », dit-il.

Gaza est toujours sous un affreux blocus, ses roquettes reflètent une résistance légitime, a ajouté le critique littéraire, Lauréat du Prix Bialik (en 1982) et Lauréat du Prix d’Israël (en 1995).

Israël vit «  aujourd’hui comme l’empire romain dans ses derniers jours. Ici, ils nous apprennent la haine et préparent des bombes atomiques, au lieu d’essayer de nous rapprocher de nos voisins dont nous avons volé la terre  », a-t-il conclu.

I spared the ground floor

They spared the ground floor; wide open to winds and nature, bare of walls, doors, and windows.

They spread on the dirt floor a carpet of dry leaves, dry nuts, hay, straw, and chaff; a couple of buckets of fresh water in corners.

The neighboring animals have the tendency to pray a lot in a shelter; most of their prayers are for the kindred spirits.

Animal have acute subconscious:

A caged canary sings for the hunter to remind him of its hopeless

And its unnatural conditions to be ended.

The first line in a poem should be the gift of grace.

The remaining lines a proof of skills: only skills are materially rewarded.

Details, describing living details are the art of writers;

Only when the writer feels the approach of death should he focus on distilling the honey of wisdom.

A liked poem has already conveyed an act of resistance for capturing human dignity.

Note: I read an article on imagining  the roles were reversed between the Palestinians in Gaza and the Zionist State.

Then, how the world community and the US and the European Union would respond to a 3-month siege of famine and air strikes if the Palestinians of Gaza had cut off Israel from the world; in what terms the war would be labeled (genocide, war crime, holocaust…) and how quickly the US would have maneuvered to end the war?

The death toll of the Palestinians in Gaza, after 13 days of Israel savage genocide, climbed to 1,500 (half of them babies) and over 4,000 seriously injured.

This genocide is mainly targeting the next generations of Palestinians and the Bush Junior excuses are beside the point.




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