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Debunking the myths

Jerome Slater’s new “Mythologies Without End” is an indispensable, compelling guide to the truths behind the myths in Israel, Palestine and the Mideast.


The U.S., Israel, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
By Jerome Slater
495 pp. Oxford University Press. $29.95

Professor Jerry Slater is 85 years old, has taught truths about Israel and Palestine for 50 years, and set himself a monumental task in this book.

He does not just cover the Israel-Palestine conflict, but takes on myths about Israel’s relations with the surrounding Arab states, and the role of the United States. The result is a masterpiece, the successful work of a lifetime.

Slater presents his own personal and intellectual odyssey, in a brief but compelling Prologue: 

Like almost all Jews of my generation, coming of age in America in the 1940s, immediately after the Holocaust and with Anti-Semitism still alive in this country I thought of myself as a passionate Zionist and rejoiced over the establishment of the state of Israel and its 1948 and 1967 victories over its Arab enemies.

He started changing his mind after the 1967 Six-Day War.

And now he has made an extraordinary contribution to the global movement for justice in Israel, Palestine, and the Mideast generally, a readable and encyclopedic work that will be invaluable for years to come.

Slater chose the perfect title, “Mythologies Without End.”

First he outlines the received wisdom about an element or feature of the region’s history. Then he coolly looks at the record, and punctures the myths. He points out:

. . . among both Israelis and Americans there has been no other conflict that has been so badly understood, so impervious to the ever-growing and overwhelming historical evidence, and in which the mythology has had such devastating consequences.

Nothing is too farfetched for Slater to calmly examine. He even goes back 2000 years, to start with the prevalent Israeli “Myth of Original Homeland, Exile and Expulsion.”

He notes that after the Jewish rebellion against Rome in 66-70 CE, “Zionist mythology holds that ‘the Romans may have laid the entire nation waste between AD 70 and 135, slaughtering as many as 600,000 Jews, and carrying off half that number in bondage.’” He notes dryly, “This myth is no longer taken seriously by informed historians,” and clearly provides the evidence that refutes the claim.

Then, 1948.

The story goes that a fragile Israel declared independence — and then the four neighboring Arab states invaded.

Slater writes: “In the Israeli mythology, the Arab attack was huge, closely coordinated, and because it was motivated by pure anti-Semitism, there was no chance the war could have been avoided.”

Once again, he looks meticulously at the actual record, and relying on, among others, Israel’s New Historians, points out that “the Arab invasion was small, uncoordinated, riven with conflicting aims, and in all probability could have been avoided if the Israeli leaders were willing to negotiate fair compromises.”

Jerome Slater. (Photo courtesy of Oxford University Press)

Even those of us with familiarity with the myths may be surprised at some of Slater’s findings.

It turns out that the “every major Zionist leaders” from Theodore Herzl onward openly supported “transfer” — a euphemism for expelling the original Palestinian Arab inhabitants.

In short, the Nakba, when 700,000 Palestinians fled or were driven away during the 1948 war and were not allowed to return, was not partly the accidental by-product of the conflict, but had been the intention all along of David Ben-Gurion and Israel’s other founders. 

This exhaustive debunking of historical myths continues. Slater covers it all: the 1956 British/French/Israel invasion of Egypt to seize the Suez Canal; the Six-Day War in 1967; the 1973 Israeli-Egyptian War. At every stage, he shows that the world has been given distorted versions of the events or outright falsehoods. 

His account is particularly important when he reaches the 1993 Oslo Accords and developments since then, because he presents what is probably so far the most comprehensive account of this recent period.

He warns that the Accords were not truly a breakthrough for peace, that in fact they “did more to preserve the Israeli occupation [of Palestine] than to end it.” He explains that Israel’s leaders undermined the weak agreement right from the start, partly because they knew Israeli voters would punish them otherwise. And the number of Israeli “settlers” continued to jump:

At the outset of the Clinton presidency, there were 3,000 Israeli settlers in Gaza and 117,000 in the West Bank; when he left office at the end of 2000 there were 6,700 settlers in Gaza and 200,000 in the West Bank.

Then, Slater analyzes the 2000 Camp David talks, hosted by Bill Clinton.

He presents the myth: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat and the Palestine Liberation Organization a generous peace agreement, but the Palestinians “. . . refused to make compromises of their own, made no counteroffers to the Israeli proposals, and then launched a new violent and often terrorist intifada, demonstrating that they had no interest in peace but rather still sought to destroy Israel and take over all of historic Palestine.”

Slater responds, “As with the many other mythologies in the Arab-Israeli conflict, this bears little resemblance to reality. . .”

That false explanation for the failure at Camp David was only another instance of a central dishonesty over many decades: the Israeli/Zionist claim that “the Arabs” will not negotiate, a false view captured in the famous 1973 statement by the Israeli foreign minister, Abba Eban: “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

Such a view does not survive Jerry Slater’s wrecking ball:

The historical record proves that this myth has it backward: it is Israel, far more than its Arab adversaries, that has been primarily responsible for the many lost opportunities, from 1947 through the present, to end the Arab-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

At one time or another, all the important Arab states and the most important Palestinian leaders — including Yasser Arafat — have been ready to agree to attainable and fair compromise settlements of all the central issues: Israeli security, its legitimate territory and borders, the creation of a Palestinian state, the status of Jerusalem, and the Palestinian refugee issue.

In lesser hands, this 495-page debunking might have bogged down, but Jerry Slater is such a skilled wordsmith that your interest does not flag. Instead, the cumulative power of his de-mythologizing increases as the book moves smartly along.

Slater has moral and intellectual courage, rigorous research standards — and a clear writing style that keeps you engaged with this long, thorough book. 

He brings “Mythologies Without End” completely up to date, with a sharp look at how Benjamin Netanyahu has no interest in an agreement with the Palestinians and with a refutation of the 2020 Trump “peace plan.” But he points out that Israel’s occupation of Palestine has marched on, and that Netanyahu couldn’t settle with the Palestinians even if he wanted to.

He says that if Netanyahu

had been willing to order a withdrawal of the settlers and military forces from the occupied territories and agree to a viable Palestinian state, with sovereignty over East Jerusalem, he would have faced a revolt, quite possibly a violent revolt, from the settlers and their supporters.

Indeed, a number of Israeli analysts feared that even the armed forces, in which settlers and right-wing religious forces were becoming increasingly strong, would refuse to obey such orders.

You won’t read anything that brutally realistic and honest in the mainstream U.S. press — or in funding appeals from liberal Zionist organizations.

You finish this long work with a tremendous sense of admiration for its author, and for his successful life’s work. Let us give him the last word.

Here’s the book’s final sentence:

If there is ever to be an at least minimally just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, whether it takes the form of some kind of two-state settlement or a binational democratic single state, the most important prerequisite, indeed the sine qua non, must be an Israeli recognition that their historical narrative of the conflict is largely mythological and that they have incurred an overwhelming moral obligation and an enlightened national self-interest to reach a peace settlement with the Palestinian people.

Tidbits #80

I don’t believe in luck: good fortune isn’t always an accident. It is when you are prepared when the right opportunity knocks, and you feel it is what fits you.

Chileans, in a landslide 78% of voters in the referendum agreed to rewrite their constitution. They scrapped the country’s dictatorship-era 1980 constitution after mass protests last year over inequality.

A few sentences from the Memoirs of Jean Jacques Rousseau:

Je sens tout et je ne vois rien. Je suis emporte’, mais stupid: mes idees sont lentes a naitre. Il faut que je sois de sang-froid pour penser. Je manque d’apropos dans mes conversations. Mes idées sont sont excellentes en écrit.

The democratic process, allowing the base to vote, has the advantage to open up freedom of opinions, debates and a wider communication among the members.

The trustee system (Senate, representative chambers, majles Oumanaa2) might look good logically because a gathering of educated and experienced members, and might be the best alternative at the beginning, but it usually becomes obsolete to the base and inevitably leads to dictatorship of a certain political class of elders with vested interests.

If there’s an electoral college tie, it goes to the House. At that point, according to the 12th amendment, the newly elected House chooses the president among the three leading candidates. The new Senate, meanwhile, gets to pick the vice-president from the same three candidates. My question is: how tie is being considered numerically?

Researchers say cortisol hormone levels in earwax can transform diagnostics for people with depression. Not an indicator for Stress too?

It is impossible to contemplate the Zionists and US extremist Protestants still living under this heap of crap of fake knowledge, myths and racist ideology. Israel is surviving under this mound of shit and the world community is forbidden to criticize its apartheid policies.

When those States drop “La Ilaha illa Allah” from their flags, when they drop from their Constitutions that Shari3at is the foundation of the laws, when they drop that a religious sect is the religion of the State, when they drop the concept that women’ brain is half that of men…Then, you may ask me “How do you foresee the future for these people?”

Desist from hiding your belonging off your sight: you end up acquiring the double of everything when the time for the great clean-up is ripe.

US having no central authority in charge of elections. No wonder the US citizens are always confused on “how to vote”

Almost all Lebanon politicians since “independence” in 1943 were Zionist/British/French/US agents

Most of Lebanon politicians made their wealth from selling Palestinian lands in Israel and became deputies in the Parliament thanks to their mischievous activities with our existential enemy Israel.

Many owned entire towns in Palestine (like the Sursok…) and sold whole towns to the Zionism funds.

Riad al Sol7 also sold lands and became an active land broker to the Zionists before he was appointed the first Prime minister to Lebanon in 1943.

Riad Sol7 was the dynamo behind harassing the leader Antoun Saadi and his national party by the Lebanese government after he returned from exile in Argentina. Before Solh, the French mandated power put Saadi in prison and exiled him at the start of WWII.

Members of the Syria National Social Party (SNSP) assassinated Solh in Jordan in 1951 because he signed on Saadi execution in 1949, along with the President Khouri and foreign affairs minister Abu Shahla and defense minister Majid Erslan.

بلال جابر and bassam kiewan posted the article of Mohamad al Fate7 on Fb, February 5 at 9:14 AM

معلومة خطيرة

“الامير” السعودي الوليد بن طلال .امه اسمها منى رياض الصلح . والدها هو رياض الصلح (1894 – 16 يوليو 1951) أول رئيس وزراء للبنان بعد استقلالها.
سنبدأ من موت رياض الصلح جد الوليد ابن طلال لأمه .لأن موته هو القصة كلها .

في 16 يوليو 1951 وبينما هو ذاهب إلى مطار ماركا في شمال شرق العاصمة الأردنية عمان بالأردن ليعود إلى بيروت بعد زيارة قام بها إلى عمّان لبيع اراضي الفلسطينيين لليهود أرداه عدد من رجال الحزب السوري القومي الاجتماعي بإطلاق النار عليه في سيارته .

كان رياض الصلح صديق مقرب جدا للجاسوس الصهيوني كامل حسين اليوسف وبينهما تعامل وصفقات مشبوهة وقذرة تفوح منها الخيانة العظمى .

«كامل حسين اليوسف يقال أنه لبناني ويقال أنه سوري أو فلسطيني .مُنع من دخول لبنان سنة 1945 ثمّ رُفع عنه الحظر من قِبل رياض الصلح شخصياً ومُنح الجنسية اللبنانية.

وكما يؤكّد الأمير عادل أرسلان في مذكراته «أنّ الجاسوس كامل اليوسف كان من أصدقاء رياض الصلح»… (مذكرات عادل أرسلان، الجزء الثاني، ص 832 ). كان كامل اليوسف يملك نصف الأراضي في إحدى قرى الحولة، باعها لليهود وضغط وتحايل وهدد أهل القرية البسطاء لبيع الأراضي للوكالة اليهودية، فاشترى الصهاينة ما يقارب 80% من الأراضي بواسطته!

ويذكر أكرم الحوراني في مذكّراته المزيد من المعلومات عن هذا الجاسوس، كون الحوراني كان من المقاتلين في شمال فلسطين في حرب 1948، فيقول:

«كامل الحسين إقطاعي متنفّذ من أهالي قرية الخالصة في شمال الحولة وزعيم عشيرة في تلك المنطقة، وهو من خرّيجي الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت ( اسم الجامعة وقتها هو : الجامعة السورية البروتستانتية، وقد أسسها دانيال بليس منصر أمريكي ولد عام 1823) .

الجاسوس كامل اليوسف صديق رياض الصلح كان عميلاً لحكومة الانتداب البريطانية في فلسطين المحتلة ، كما كانت تربطه صلات مشبوهة بالفرنسيين، وكان له نفوذ انتخابي في جنوب لبنان،

وعندما كان الجهاد ضد الاحتلال في الجليل عام 1948، سمع الكثير عن علاقة هذا الرجل باليهود، وأنّه كان يرأس شبكة تجسّس وتخريب واسعة لحسابهم.
وبعد كارثة 1948 وسع نشاطه فأنشأ عصابة واسعة في شمال فلسطين وجنوب سورية ولبنان، جعل مركزها في حاصبيا ومرجعيون، لتهريب المواشي والمواد الغذائية والأسلحة لليهود، للتجسّس على حركات الجيشين السوري واللبناني .

وكان قبل النكبة يضغط على المزارعين الفلسطينيّين الضعفاء لبيع أراضيهم لليهود. ثمّ صار بعد النكبة، هو وأعوانه، سماسرة لبيع أراضي اللاجئين الفلسطينيّين .

وقد أصدر القضاء السوري عدّة مذكرات توقيف بحقّه، وخصوصاً بعد أن علم أنّه زار تل أبيب سنة 1949». …… انظر مذكرات أكرم الحوراني الجزء الثاني، مكتبة مدبولي القاهرة، 2000 الصفحات 966 967 – بتصرف عن مقال للكاتب والباحث بدر الحاج .
( وحين كان الجاسوس يبيع ارض فلسطين لليهود كان رياض الصلح قد حماه بأن اعطاه الجنسية اللبنانية وأعفاه من الأحكام الصادرة ضده وأغدق عليه حمايته الشخصية مما حماه من الحساب عن خيانته لقضايا الأمة ) !

رياض الصلح غضب جدا لمقتل الجاسوس وقطعت العلاقات مع سوريا لفترة بسبب غضب رياض الصلح لصديقه لان سوريا كانت تطالب بتسليمه .. وقتله مجموعة شباب من سوريا من احدى دوريات الحراسة وبعدها قام رياض بفتح الحدود مع الصهاينة وسمح للعائلات الصهيونية اللبنانية بالسفر لفلسطين وهو ما يظهر قمة تعاون الصلح مع الكيان الصهيوني في بداياته .

وربما يفسر هذا التاريخ التعاون اللامحدود بين الوليد ابن طلال وبين الشخصيات اليهودية ورجال الاعمال اليهود في العالم ومشاركته لهم في كثير من الصفقات واغداق الصهاينة عليه صفقات كثيرة وتغطيات كثيرة سياسية واقتصادية وربما الافراج الاخير عنه كان بضغط من اللوبي الصهيوني والامريكي وربما ايضا يكون الوليد بن طلال هو غراب التواصل بين ابن سلمان والصهاينة لتطبيع العلاقات .

والايام القادمة حبلى بما لا يستوعبه ولا يعقله عاقل .
كتبه : محمد الفاتح .


Beirut and Haifa: They used to be twin cities, before Israel was created to block daily communication

Note: This is a re-edit of  “Tales of Twin Cities: Beirut and Haifa (April 1, 2009)”

By the year 1933, the city of Haifa was the main magnet for the Levant people (Lebanese and Syrians) and Iraqis.

A railroad linked Haifa to Egypt, Damascus and to the Hijjaz (Mecca) in the Arabic Peninsula (Now called Saudi Kingdom).

A pipeline was exporting half of Iraq’s production toward Europe.  A modern port was the main export location of Syria’s wheat and grain to Europe. A new oil refinery was installed. Haifa was the most prosperous and promising destination for the Lebanese.

Many streets were named after Lebanese towns and cities.  Anywhere you walked the stores had common Lebanese family names.  The Maronite Selim Khoury from Bkaseen (a town by Jezzine) was considered the richest in Palestine; he instituted a modern silk factory and many laborers from Lebanon flocked there.

The families of Bustros, Sursok, and Tuweiny owned half the fertile plains in Galilee ( of about 180 square kilometers). Suleiman Nassif had exclusivity on thermal pools. (These families sold their lands to the Zionists in order to establish their political foothold in Lebanon)

The CAT Company, a building contractor, erected series of houses outside Acre’ s walls.

Lebanese educators and intellectuals taught there.

The famous lawyer, Wadi3 Bustani was the special counselor to the British Governor Colonel Stanton.  Dailies were created.  Haifa was like Qatar and Dubai today for the Lebanese emigrants; they were welcomed and needed to absorb the fast pace economic explosion.

Then, in 1948, the infamous Zionist State was created by a majority of a single vote in the UN (when most countries didn’t yet enjoy “independence” from the colonial powers).

The administrations of the USA, France, and Britain wanted to get rid of the Jews in their midst.  The monster Stalin stupidly believed that Israel would be the first communist State in the Middle East.

The tide turned and the Palestinians flocked to Lebanon.

The prosperous and educated Palestinian refugees headed to Beirut.  What the English and USA governments could not do in Lebanon was done by the Palestinians:  the English language spread and prospered. The American University in Beirut got a new lease on life; most of the Arabs in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq studied in Beirut.

In fact, the most powerful bank in the Middle-East and based in Lebanon Intra was owned by a Palestinian Bidass. USA and Israel wanted to bankrupt this bank and ordered the Central Bank to cut off liquidity for the bank, though it had far more assets that the depositors needed.

The port of Beirut was modernized and expanded and replaced Haifa; oil pipelines and refineries were installed in Lebanon, most of the land transit passed through the port of Beirut.

South Lebanon was transformed into a vast garden of orange and apple orchards thanks to the expertise of the cultivators of Jaffa (Yafa).

The financial institutions in Beirut flourished.  The insurance businesses got foothold. Even today, most of the insurance executives are of Palestinian origins. Folk dancing, songs, theaters were initiated by Palestinian artists.

The rich Palestinian Christians were offered the Lebanese citizenship. The poor Palestinian Christian refugees were installed in camps in Christian districts such as the camps of Jisr Basha, Dbaiyeh, and Mar Elias.  The Palestinian Moslems were distributed in camps all over Lebanon.

These inexpensive Palestinian workmen were the main backbone for the emerging small and medium industries and in agriculture (currently replaced by Syrians refugees); until the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) disturbed the entire structure when it installed its headquarters in Beirut in 1969.

During the civil war that started in 1975, all the Christian Palestinian camps were overturned by the Lebanese Christian militias and the surviving refugees expelled from the Christian regions or cantons.

The PLO was forced to vacate Lebanon in 1982 and the Palestinian workforce was replaced by Syrians and the Palestinian refugees were confined to their camps; they experienced renewed constraints on work permits and selective jobs and restraining labor licenses.

Since time immemorial, the southern Lebanese seaport of Tyr was the administrative center for the entire region extending to beyond Haifa, Mount Carmel, and including upper Galilee.

Under normal circumstances, the coastal zone from Tyr to Haifa could have been the largest Megalopolis on the Mediterranean Sea.

The newly created apartheid Zionist State disrupted all kinds of major development in the region and blocked the daily trade and communication among the same people..

Note 1: I am reading the interesting Arabic/Lebanese book “This Life, my Sweetheart” (Ya Dunia, ya Gharamy) by Ussama El Aref.  One of its chapters inspired the theme of this article.

Note 2: After the Second World War, Germany welcomed the Kurdish workforce, arriving by train with fanfare and official bands, because it needed badly to reconstruct the country.  Germany thinks that it finished reconstruction and has no idea how to repatriate the Kurds of Turkey.

Germany is offering to finance private enterprises in the Kurdish region for any Kurdish family willing to return.  The catch is: would anyone Not feeling secure and safe in his homeland return?  Would Germany re-welcome any Kurds if political conditions deteriorate?

First Zionists had no reasons for apartheid: Colonial powers instigated racist behaviors

After further thinking, and after 70 years of the existence of the State of Israel, it is dawning on me that the first Jews who were forced out of their countries to settle in Palestine had no reasons to discriminate with the Palestinians, neither on color, religion, customs, tradition, status or faked origins.

The Jews were used as slaves by the Rothschild families to cultivate their acquired lands in Palestine, with crops satisfying their interests, mainly to produce wine.

It was the Palestinians who saved them from famine, malaria, and new sickness and permitted them to survive in their new lands of misery.

It is the colonial powers (USA, France, England and Germany) who encouraged their immigration and instilled in them their racist tendencies.

Currently, Israel apartheid laws had gone further than any State in discriminating with Palestinians. Actually, the Palestinian cannot live under any of apartheid Israeli laws.

Now that the Jews in Israel have acquired “properties” for almost free, they are Not about to relinquish their spoil.

The colonial powers knew the strategic region of the Middle-East and they early on in the 19th century did their best to divide it into faked fabricated States and foment civil wars and constant pre-emptive wars.

The faked State of Israel, the faked State monarchy in Jordan, the faked State of Lebanon were used as “marionette” States in the plans of the colonial powers. But the calamities were real, the massacres were real, the displacement, forced transfer and suffering of many generations were real.

It is the colonial powers, especially the “christian” evangelical sects who spread most the myths that are inculcated to the Jews living in Israel. And the most violent and disgusting anthem of this awful State of Israel, of committing massacres to expand their faked “biblical” territories.

Not a single artifact that could prove the existence of any “Jewish Kingdom” or civilization was ever uncovered after 100 years of excavation in Jerusalem or in Palestine in general.

Note: Late Prime minister Shimon Peres had entered Palestine with a tourist visa. As many officials.

How to negotiate and for how long? James de Rothschild 

James de Rothschild, father of Edmond de Rothschild who colonized Palestine, gave his son this lesson in negotiation.

Edmond was dispatched to negotiate with Italians at Berne to sell a railroad the family owned. He told Edmond:

“See this sealed box? You negotiate without conceding any concession on our demands. After 40 days, if the negotiation is Not getting to a closure, then open the box and you’ll find the points we are ready to concede. You Zionists have this mania of prematurely acting and talking before the time is ripe

(What would happened if they took their time? Many people, including the Jews would have been far better off)

From 1930 to 35, the British mandated power over Palestine recorded 235 grievances and work stops. 90% were from Jewish syndicates and organizations.

26 of these grievances resulted from hiring Palestinians.

Elie Kahanoff wrote that between 1933-36, 36,000 German Jews immigrated to Palestine. By the end of 1936, the Jews constituted 30% of the total population of 1, 320,000

At the Colonial Exposition of Paris in 1931, Justin Godard speech for Edmond said:

“A great French, who is animated with faith and fraternity, has created for the persecuted, 43 immense domains for asylum and for work. Edmond introduced scientific agricultural methods in Palestine and arid spaces are now covered of vines, olive and orange trees…”

But all these trees already existed in Palestine and in abundance, and the Palestinians exported all these produces.

Currently, it is the Israeli colons who are cutting down and burning the Palestinian olive and fruit trees (11,000 for this year only) for expansion of their settlements, or for just spiting the Palestinians.

Before 1900, most Zionist administrators of Jewish colonies and living in Palestine had thrown the towel and could barely suffer the new immigrants and their endless demands and rebellious nature.

Most of the new immigrants wanted to do anything but work the land: They wanted to open factories, trade… but never get into agriculture.

The new immigrants coming from northern Europe, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany.. had hard time living in Palestine, a totally different climate and social customs. Most of them got sick with malaria, diphtheria

It was Edmond de Rothschild who insisted that he will only fund agricultural colonies and agricultural projects and that the school main objective is to train in agriculture and for fabricating tools for cultivation.

Edmond poured money into the colonies about to fold and the more he sent money the higher were the demands and requests.

He invested more than current $100 million in 15 years, and kept investing till he died in 1934.

By 1882, at the time Edmond started to focus on Palestine, the French Universal Israelite Alliance (UIA, with main purpose of opening schools to Jews in north Africa and the Near-East) had already shipped Jews to colonize America.

In 1883, F. Veneziani ( a member of the UIA central comity) pleaded with Edmond to come to the rescue of the settlers who were having a hard time surviving. From then on, Edmond began to send fresh funds to sustain the colonies.

At his period, the Ottoman Empire decided to crack down on the illegal Jewish immigration. Edmond circumvented this law and shipped the Jews to Egypt and Lebanon and from there by land to the existing colonies in Palestine.

Edmond had high preference for the settlements in Galilee because of the fertile land, plenty of water, closer to the only port of Haifa and the better attitudes of the Jews from Rumania who didn’t mind working the land. (The Russians in the southern settlements were constant trouble and engaged in revolts).

The four main colonies in the north that Edmond supported lavishly were: Ekron, Rishon-Le Zion, Samarin (Zakhron-Jacob) and Rosh-Pinah.

Edmond appointed Elie Scheid (Alsace) to be the administrator of the colonies with the main job of registering the transferred properties in Istanbul. The colons could acquire a private piece of land for agriculture, but they could not sell it to anyone without the agreement of Scheid.

Between 1883-86, the settlements of the Amants de Sion were faltering while those of Edmond prospered.

In these years, Samuel Hirsch (Edmond’s director for colonies) admitted that he could receive 100 sons of colons to his agricultural school in Mikveh-Israel.

Joseph Niego (1863-1960) born in Edirne (Turkey) and a professional in agronomy, succeeded to Hirsch. He was a member of the B’nai B’rith (Jewish American Franc-Mason lodge). He could not suffer the troublesome Jews arriving from Russia, Rumania and Bulgaria.

It is when Elie Krause became the director in 1914 that the “peaceful conquest of the Sacred land” started in earnest.

If Edmond participated in funding colonies in America, even investing one dollar out of 100 in America, instead of focusing on Palestine, the Jews would have colonized America.

The result of all this foolish stubbornness left very miserable people in the Middle East for the coming century: very unlucky Palestinians, unlucky citizens in the States bordering Israel and the worse unlucky Israelites who were born and raised in Palestine.

The Israeli has to serve 3 solid years in the army, serve on month as reservist till the age of 50, participate in successive preemptive wars against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, learn to be the oppressor of the Palestinians, learn to dehumanize the Palestinians, to rob the Palestinians of their basic human rights… And suffer the lot of new Jewish immigrants bringing their lot of extremism, religious zealots, colonial mentality and European brutality.

The theocratic ideology of maintaining the absolute dominion of the Jews in the Middle-East and the western countries is throwing havoc to any sensible

Israelites who already feel they are doomed to disappear as a State for constant policies of preemptive wars, apartheid policies, State ruled by religion,  and antagonizing the world community.

By the way, the steady strategy of Israel is to assassinate every important scientist and engineer in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.




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