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Updated “About”

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Updated “About” (May 21, 2009)

This is the most glorious year in my life since I started publishing in mid September of 2008.  This year is also associated with the most abject financial condition I have experienced.  I read in three languages English, French, and Arabic.  I read books, small and large, old and current, classical and common, biased and “balanced”.  I read dailies and their editorials. I read magazines, serious and tabloids, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly issues.  I uncover nuggets in almost all my readings and then report themes after elaboration, analysis, and exercising my individual reflection.  My posts are no cut and paste gimmicks simply because I have no patience for navigating the net. You may start with the category “List of articles” and navigate from there.  Every new article is posted in the category “Finance/politics” before distribution into one of the 20 categories. 

The total number of posts is reaching the 900 mark quickly and the total number of hits is reaching 10,000.  I am averageing 85 hits per day.  I am not religious but I have a weird individual faith and felt lately to offering a prayer to the readers who patronize my blog: It is a daily communion that starts by receiving comments before offering opinions.  I am reminded that life exercises its cyclical rights and I wish my readers that the ebbing would not last longer than necessary and would not affect their hopes; I wish that they have a support system to remind them that life is wonderful, it is beautiful, it is exciting, and there is a tomorrow. 

I post on average of three articles every two days.

I am a frugal to survive but I badly need any contributon you can spare. Send your donations to the following account in London.

Account number: 6 3 6 0 0 1 8 8
Sort code: 6 0 – 0 2 – 2 0
Bank: Natwest

I realized that publishing electronically is not considered by many political institutions as serious matter since many do not navigate fast communication mediums; as if people read hard copy manuscripts or dailies!  Well, I got a new life to expressing years of writing for myself.  

If you are interested in reading biographies of people “Not famous” or “Not glamorous”, then you may read my auto-biography  titled “Introspection”.  Anyway, most of my categories that are not related to politics, history, religions, or book reviews are about myself.   It appears that my Book Reviews category is the most favored so far.

I got a PhD in Industrial/Human Factors/ system design engineering over 20 years ago from the USA but I refused to practice until recently when I decided to teach in universities and had this lovely opportunity to write over 50 articles published in the category “Professional articles” and lately in the category “Engineering/research”.  

I realized that I love best to write and read; now I need to be paid in order to survive and disseminate ideas.

I read and write daily, a lot, and hit libraries and follow up on news and editorials and feel serious on disseminating what I read.  I even summarize controversial books and offer my opinions ; yes, I love to be controversial otherwise you might just rot. Good reading.

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