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White-Clad Mani: Or the Ultimate in condescending attitudes

Posted on: April 26, 2013

White-Clad Mani: Ultimate in condescending attitudes

Mani is a guy who early on decided to confront the puzzle of life, finding answers on his behavior and attitudes, retreating into nearby forests… and learning to mediate on his own.  He ultimately attended sessions with King Raja meditation methods and techniques, joined this cult, slaved for it, and realized that he can do all the training on his own… He got out of this cult by failing to attend and “help” with the endless chores…

Mani claims, and I have to believe him, that he manages out-of-body excursions, during his waking sessions…

Mani was born with a heart defect: Blue blood mixing with red blood, or what is called in French “soufle“. For the first 18 months, Mani had to frequenting sit on his heels in order to catch breath or rest. finally, a surgical operation was performed in Paris and Mani is normal, healthy and growing stronger.

In his childhood, Mani could repair anything, mechanical, electrical or computer equipment. He would never leave a manual for a new equipment before he “mastered” all its functionality and problem solving recommendations…

He travelled to India for 10 days, to join a meditation mass gathering retreat, with hundreds of members converging and getting further advanced training… Mani purchased half a dozen white trousers, white shirts… all in cotton, and brought back a bagfull of things white.  The rational for white garment is that it reflects sun rays and is a symbol of purity, of the spirit, a guiding symbol for his daily behavior…

Mani is consistent with meditation exercises, and the schedules vary with his mood change. Sometimes, Mani wakes up before daybreak, go to bed by 6 pm… And in other periods, like during rushing deadlines, he extends the time for going to bed… sort of depending on his “energy level”.

He studied 6 years for an architecture degree and then decided not to do his final project. In the meantime, Mani was doing dual degree, adding graphic design and sticking to that discipline.

He is an independent contractor, related to graphic designs and promoting companies matching his “philosophical” penchant, going green, vegan, vegetarian diet… drinking expensive exotic teas and other imported powders containing specific ingredients…

Mani would select his clients to match his life-style and world view: So far so good…

Mani is a vegan, and he relishes experimenting with various beans and peas. Frequently, most of the beans and peas reveal negative side effects on Mani’s digestive system… and internet proved to be short on esoteric cures for a healthy mind-body programs and concoctions…

One stable myth that stuck in Mani’s eating habit was “Never consume onion or garlic, in any shape, form or cooking method“. Why? These two natural ingredients are very bad for concentration. Mani’s grandmother is beside herself: How could a Mediterranean cuisine be cooked without garlic and onion?  She has to split the dish: One for Mani and one for the rest of the family…

After a decade of “personal search and training improvement…” Mani nailed down a second nature of talking and appearing as a wise man: He learned to talk softly, starting with a developed introduction, which is meant to cover all kinds of objections, disagreement, and particularly what he calls “argumentation displeasure“.  The problem is that his opinion turns out to be odorless, confusing because devoid of passions.

Mani was never a talkative person, and he preferred to listen…

In general, these kinds of talks appeal in the first encounter with a riveted audience: Who is really searching for confrontation and argumentation when the speaker admits that the topic needs further study and reflection?

People are no fools: You cannot repeat this acting wise-man performance and not be implicitly mocked if you do not demonstrate genuine passion and human natural behavior.  What is conveyed is the ultimate of condescending attitudes “I’m teaching you methods for avoiding argumentation sessions…”

My latest encounter with Mani disturbed this image of the soft talking person, the mediator per excellence, the one who considers both sides of the story… in order to be fair.

As long as the discussion and experiences are not related to close family matters, Mani is very comfortable in his image. When Mani feels that his family is in “moral danger” by an outsider, even a very close outsider, poison drips from his lips and his eyes gleam as if he is about to lose his mind.

In my last encounter with Mani, I felt that he is indeed well advanced in mind distortion, but he doesn’t know it yet.

Actually, Mani tends to experience frequent “depressive mood swings”.  He locks himself up for days and cure this nasty depressive period using a modern treatment: Watching a 100-TV serial episodes, loaded on his laptop. As the series end, the depression has been over for days, but Mani is hooked on the series. It is better to lay it on depression… His younger sisters have been emulating this behavior and spending hours on the same series…

Lately, Mani crossed the red line: This second nature condescending attitude had to reach a the nasty flavor of contempt. You cannot reach the level of contempt to another person and still claim to be a better person.

Mani needs to start from scratch: Bottling up anger under the guise of “passion control” cannot persist and be sustained for a healthy spirit. Time to acknowledge that we are passionate and it is far better to express openly our passion and control our physical outbursts. Recognizing our passions is the best way to tame the beast.

“People Oriented” individuals assimilated this human behavior to argue: It is their way to express their individuality. It is never a Waste of time to argue with people.

Note: This is the third character description for my fiction story.  Fiction characters are far milder than trying to seriously describe a real person. Fiction characters are very funny.  Don’t you think that real people are horrible? All these bloody ideas and thinking about harming others when frequently angry and upset…? How can you ever claim that you do know a person?

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