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How tribes “clean up” without water?

I watched a documentary on a tribe in Namibia (south west Africa).

The land is flat, dry, and no running river or source of water are available.

In the wet season, people have to dig 3 feet in the dirt to extract water, mainly for the cow cattle consumption and the goats, and for malaxing (amalgamating) the cow dunk to form mortar in order to cover their huts...

In the dry season, people have to go deep 10 meters in the ground for water. How the members of this tribe clean up since water is taboo as a cleaning source?

They heat incense and the fume disinfects their cloths and all their bodies, sort of dry sauna custom.

The members spread mud over their body to protect the skin from the sun and the flies…And they are surviving and thriving on milk and occasional goat meat , as long as their cattle are not stolen and reduced to famine.

The sacrificial goat is killed by suffocation so that the blood is Not wasted on the ground…

Islam allowed ablution with sand when lacking water: Mohammad and his followers were stuck with this problem in one of the trips.

Note: What could be done in a rocky arid land? Should we grind a rock to reduce it to sandy powder?


Almost all religions are practically copy/paste of previous ones, with small editing

Note 1: Let’s start from the end, shall we? Almost all religions are practically copy/paste of previous ones, with small editing to correspond to the myths, stories, customs and tradition of the society it was disseminated within, before going universal, once power was secured.

Notes 2: this article is a re-editing of a previous post written on May 15, 2008.: Foundations and history of the monolithic religions

Discovering the mysteries of life and the Universe might not be attainable: for the simple reason that any paradigm would not stick long enough to capture the mind of a few generations.

This article is intended for those who accept the validity of the hypothesis that

  1. Earth is billions years old and that a form of mankind emerged, at least more than a couple millions years ago;
  2. That human kind was on the verge of extinction several times, due to drastic climatic changes and the eruption of monster volcanoes.

Thus, prior civilizations, which may have been as developed as today, could have vanished with no traces left.

We need to accept the fact that if the number of the world population was far less than it should have been at the beginning of the 19th century, from simple mathematical computation in the last 2,000 years, it is because most of our ancestors were the product of incest and Not from couples of different families or tribes, even after accounting for the casualties of wars, pestilence, famine and climate calamities.

I also would like to state that mythologies were based on real events and the transmitted verbal stories accounted for their longevity:  the verbal communication of these stories extended the imagination and gave the various mythologies the religious power and the dimension that are interpreted nowadays.

When dealing with religions, people feel the need to contrast faith versus facts and logic.

People who have sincere faith must have experienced supernatural revelations or gone through a moment of irrational state of out-of-body exposure.

I believe that faith cannot be acquired by reason or logic and those who repeat frequently the word “truth” in their conversations are not sincere in their belief system because truth is plainly, simply and absolutely a subjective attitude: It means “do not bother using facts, science or logic. All those reasoning principles do not mean a thing and would not change my mind”.

Truth is for me the most dangerous term that man has invented:  Truth blocks any consensus or negotiation or meaningful conversation and it connotes an extremist disposition based on ignorance and lack of intellectual interactions.

Thus, the concept of truth is practically opposite to faith, although people positively correlate it with faith.

Logic is a construct, a system of the mind used to expose a coherent hypothesis, hopefully based on some facts, or a story that hold a convincing alternative.  Logic can be used in science, in rhetoric and as well in religion.

Institutionalized religions heavily make use of logic, though they hammer out the concept of faith because its concept is not founded on anything tangible or can be proved rationally.

Religion is basically a theological philosophy that has been manipulated to be grounded in myths, symbols, and secrecy to satisfy the initiated High Priests and generates its power through scare tactics within the psychic of man.

Let me offer a logical story, one of the alternative stories, of the monotheist religions of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions.

The root of these three religions is the religion practiced in the Kingdom of Sumer, in southern Iraq, 6,000 years ago.  This ancient religion believed in a trinity and its mythology stated that out of space creatures, arriving from the tenth dying planet, landed on earth to exploit gold and oil because the environment of their planet required abundant quantities of gold to be pulverized and injected in their outer atmosphere to rejuvenate the deteriorating environment of their planet. (Sound that saving the degradation of earth environment might require another drastic mythological story)

These creatures created human artificially (test tube for example) to serve as cheap and mechanical slaves in the mines.

After many centuries, the created human revolted against their masters and fled from the Eden of the super cruel creatures and had to fend for themselves to survive and develop their intelligence.

The Kingdom of Sumer and its far developed civilization that discovered the existence of ten planets (there is nine in our solar system so far, and lately this year the tenth planet was discovered) and their rotations; the Sumerians divided the day into 24 hours, the hours into minutes and minutes into seconds.

Ancient mythologies mention that this kingdom was destroyed by a natural calamity (resembling to an atomic explosion used by the outer space creatures).

The Sumerian mythology had ramifications into all the neighboring civilizations that came after it, when it was weakened.

Jewish “scholars” in 200 BC in Alexandria (Egypt) assembled faked stories and borrowed many myths in orde rto attach a faked history to their tribes. For examples:

It is narrated that Abraham left the Kingdom of Sumer with his tribe during a period of famine and carried with him the verbal mythology of the country.

Moses was a High Priest in Egypt and fled persecution because he adhered to the Akhenaton new religion of the one God the Sun and carried with him the ten laws and the secrets of the Egyptian religion.

Jesus was initiated by the Essen sect (indirectly related to Jewish religion), located in upper Galilee by Mount Carmel and had their Great Temple on the Mount.

The members of the Essen sect believed in knowledge and spirituality and shared the resources in common.

It is also narrated that Jesus lived for a time in Sidon (Saida) in this Lebanese southern City-State, teaching in its famous law school.  Mary, his mother and part of her family were from the town of Qana (closer to the main port of Tyr that was the administrative district of Upper Galilee) and lived there when Jesus was a lecturer in the law school.

It is no fluke of an incident that Jesus and Mary attended a wedding in Qana; it is also very rational that Jesus decided to start his message after Qana when his mother removed the cover of secrecy and exposed his supernatural gifts of turning water to wine.

Jesus was a high priest in the Essen sect and preached a message based in symbolism and fables and was highly spiritual and staunchly anti-Pharisee, this Jewish sect that believed that adhering to the Laws was sufficient to be saved.

The Jewish Cabala sect is a branch of the Essen sect and is founded on the Sumerian theology and myths.

Albert Schweitzer, a theologian, physician, thinker, organ player and Nobel Peace laureate offered his version on Jesus.  He said, based on the first two testaments of Mathew and Marc, that Jesus preached his message to the general public in the last year before his crucifixion.

Just six months, all in all, Jesus was accompanied by the public and the remaining months he spent them among his close disciple around Caesarea of Philippi.

In the beginning, Jesus accepted the label of a prophet among the prophets but then he reached the belief that he is the Messiah of the Jews.

Thus, he sent his disciples two by two to preach the message of the end of time (as all monolithic religions claim).  Jesus was very surprised when all his disciples returned safe and sound; he expected his disciples to suffer terribly and be put to death in order for the prophesy to be accomplished.

Jesus then decided that God would accept his sacrifice and save his close disciples from atrocious deaths before the first coming of the Messiah.

The apostles and disciples of Jesus believed that Christ would return to Jerusalem during their life time, and thus they stayed in Jerusalem for as long as they could before they were forced to leave that city out of persecution by the Jews.

The Christian-Jews would not relinquish the Jewish Laws and they harassed and even persecuted St. Paul for preaching to the gentiles and establishing Christian communities based on faith in Christ who came to absolve our sins and who was resurrected from death.

St. Paul insisted that without the belief that Christ resurrected there would be  no foundations for Christianity.  That is true because Christianity would be another extremist and salafist Orthodox Jewish sect.

The Council of Nicea in 325 adopted only four out of the hundreds of testaments that were written, and which accounted for more credible eye-witness testimonies before four testaments were adopted as Not apocryphal (teaching of wisdom).

The authors of the four testaments were biased toward the message of their respective gurus.

For example, Marc followed Paul for a while and then he proselytized with Peter and wrote the biography of Peter.

Lucas stuck with Paul for the longest parts of his trips and the foundations of Christian communities.

The Talmudic Mathew outdid himself forcing the genealogy of Jesus to descend from David.

The educated Jean was of a noble family and wrote his testament when he was already senile at the age of 95; he had acquired the Hellenistic culture and symbolism.

It is unfortunate that Jean had to write the apocalyptic hallucination that is wrecking havoc at the beginning of every millennium.  Apparently, the apocalypse is not from the same Jean the disciple.

The Arab Prophet Mohammad was not illiterate and he was initiated to the Jewish-Christian sect (the Ebionites) located in Mecca with his uncle as Patriarch of the sect.

Mohammad read the Books and listened to the proselytism of the Eastern Christian sects during his caravan commerce to and within Syria. 

These Christian sects believed in the mono-physism of Jesus (No divine spiritual identity), in contrast to other monophysist sects that believed Jesus was spiritual, for example the Orthodox Church of Byzantium. These Eastern churches staunchly adhered to the Jewish Laws, the Jewish prophets and their books.

Consequently, the religion of Mohammad during its first 13 years was almost a duplicate of these Eastern Christian sects with strong Jewish foundations in their religions.

At that period of his message, Mohammad had decreed that Muslims should face toward Jerusalem for prayer. When Mohammad had to fight the Jewish tribes in Yathreb  he changed the direction for prayer to facing Al Ka3ba (the Black Stone) in Mecca.

Mohammad had to flee to Medina after the Kureich tribe decided to terminate him; he then endeavored to establish firmly his community of Muslims in Yathreb (Medina).

The next phase of taking up the civil social responsibilities and politics for maintaining this community forced upon Mohammad to linking the spiritual dogma with the civil laws and regulations.

It was while strengthening the community of Islam in Medina that Mohammad had to wage many wars against a few Jewish communities who ended siding with Mohammad’s archenemy, the Kureich tribe in Mecca.

Mohammad thus learned to discriminate between the practices of the Jews and the Jewish religion and hundreds of Jews were displaced.

After Mohammad showed clemency twice with Jewish rebellions, he finally ordered the beheading of 700 members of the Jewish Khyber tribe.  For some reason, Mohammad selected his nephew and son-in-law Ali to have the honor of the decapitation; it is no wonder that the Jews have an animal hatred for Ali and his followers.

To comprehend the nature of Islam it would be beneficial to collect the revealed verses before relocating to Yathreb or Medina.

Most of the verses generated in Medina were generally rules and laws designed for managing the daily lives of the believers.  You will realize that most of these laws are identical to the desert and Bedouin customs of the Jews before and long after they got established in Palestine.

Personal hypothesis:

The ancestor of all the Gods that were created since antiquity is this scary total Silence before a coming major natural cataclysm.  It is the silence of death when the whole earth is still and the atmosphere suffocating, no breezes of any kinds, that generates in all living creature a terrible reaction of wholesome anger, of pure revolt against the sense of death in this universal silence.

It is the silence and quietude before tornadoes, cyclones, sand desert storms and all the kinds of whirling at great magnitude in the atmosphere, the seas, deserts and the bowel of earth in volcanoes.

There is no avoiding the silence of coming cataclysms as there is no avoiding death, a correlation that people noticed and prayed for their own God of Total Silence to keep chatting through winds, birds, animals, rains, thunderstorms, shouting, crying and anything that can be heard, lest miseries, devastation and evil spirits hovering over the land befall their region.

The same behavior is applied to the starting of wars and their ending.

It is no wonder that men shout stupid songs, curse loudly at fictional enemies like if drunk, bang on batteries and metals, light and heavy metals, blow on air instruments and all the hysterical trepidation at the announcement of a major war, an ancient psychic custom within our deepest pre-historic brain to ward off the cataclysm wrapped into maddening songs of patriotism and cursing at the evil enemies.

Indeed, heavy silence is the root of our fundamental fear, and dealing with fear should pass through learning to accept silence as a necessary step to investigating our soul.

Note 3: The Catholic religion, and most of its offshoots, were extremist and bloody organizations during most of their history. They were too the primary weapons in colonizing and subjugating other people.

Note 4: Every time, anyone of these monolithic sects mentions the faked stories in the “Bible”, they are providing ammunition to the Zionist movement and its head, creator and financier the western colonial powers.

Mouhamad Maghout: quick, run in your underwear

From East of 3adan (Yemen), west of Allah

كتب محمد الماغوط

كل ما تراه وتسمعه وتلمسه وتتنشقه وتتذوقه
وما تذكره وتنتظره وينتظرك
يدعوك للرحيل والفرار ولو بثيابك الداخلية
إلى أقرب سفينة أو قطار :

ألوان الطعام
الخدمات العامة
الرشاوى العلنية
أصوات المطربين
أصوات الباعة
مخالفات المرور
الأمراض المستعصية

الأدوية المفقودة
والمجارير المكشوفة في كل مكان
. . .
نتائج الانتخابات
نتائج المفاوضات
نتائج المباريات
نتائج السحب
. . .
الراتب التقاعدي
بدل نهاية الخدمة
والهرولة وراء وسائط النقل
من الصباح إلى المساء
. . .
ثم المصلحة العامة
والذوق العام
والحق العام
والرأي العام
والصمت المطبق في كل مجلس
والوحدة القاتلة في كل سرير
. . .
ثم المطولات الصحفية , وآراء المحللين
والإعلام الموجه
والسينما الموجهة
والمسرح الموجه
والقضاء الموجه
والرياضة الموجهة

والزواج الموجه
والغش في كل سلعة
. . .
ومع ذلك لن أرحل
ولن أبرح مكاني قيد أنملة
كما يحلم يهود الداخل والخارج
وسأتشبث بالأسلاك الشائكة والحدود المكهربة
ولو تفحمت عليها !
من كتاب (
شرق عدن غرب الله)

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Tidbits and notes. Part 295

First big media change:  Many-to-many pattern conversation. The tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring. It’s when everybody is able to take them for granted. Because now that media is increasingly social, innovation can happen anywhere that people can take for granted the idea that we’re all in this together

The third big media change: Audience can be producers and not just  consumers.

Tout cela c’ etait l’experience…l’amour, les lettres, de dire “je t’aime”…Ca ne faisait pas tellement mal: je pouvais le supporter en secret. Seulement, la honte de tous ces faiblesses peut consumer une vie.

Elle avait un temps d’avance sur les sentiments des autres: Ils n’ont pu ratrraper avec sa volonte’ ces retardataires.

En travaillant sur vos propres valeurs, comme une habitude pour devenir meilleur, tu te rend compte que tu t’es eloigne’ de celui qui etait votre Maitre

Mais je ne cherche pas un dernier amour, un dernier printemps, un dernier anniversaire, un dernier livre, une derniere vacance… Je cherche de commencer une de tous ces “derniers”

“Une femme Libre est le contraire d’une femme legere”? Et un homme libre, comment doit-il se comporter?

Les Intouchables de l’Inde, comme dans plusieurs pays qui croulent sous les myths ancestral, hors caste, hors systeme, hors system scholaire, jugee “impure” et relegues a la peripherie de l’humanite’. 

Dans beaucoup de village du Rajastan (Inde), les filles, nouveau ne’,  sont enterres vivantes, dans un boite. Elles mettent une nuit entiere a mourir.

I conducted an experiment walking 2 miles in the rain: from the hundred cars that passed me by, No one stopped to give me a lift. My hypothesis was correct since it was a repeat experiment. The people in the environs of Beit-Chabab, 3ain 3aar and Cornet Chehwan ma fi anyak mennon. They even speed up at my level 7atta ye rankhouni aktar ma mrannakh

Un Dieu au bout de son doight: incarne’ dans une fourmi, araigne’, une tortue, un poissson, un sanglier…

Le rat des champs attrape’ dans les champs des riches est le privileges des pauvres Dalits Indien: Grille’, le rat est le poulet des pauvres

The tunnels that Israel is claiming to discover on the northern borders with Lebanon were tunnels that Israel bore before 1982 to infiltrate and ex-filtrate agents on both sides and commit assassinations. The sea operations were meant for quick exit of the Israeli commandos in operations by the seashore. Israel is trying to close its own tunnels.  

Before Macron was elected, I warned the French that Macron is a Rothschild’s family protege’ and that he is ignorant of the French history


Attitude matters far more than skills, talents and knowledge?
In politics, Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” In leadership it’s the attitude, stupid.
By Dan Rockwell?

Top Ten Marks of Lousy Leaders


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David Lewis, co-author of The Pin Drop Principle, told me he was exposed to poor leadership when he was in his early twenties.

“Back then everything was a race and all that mattered was the numbers. In that context customers are statistics.” Lewis explained.

It’s been over a month since our conversation and I’m still thinking about the damage poor leaders wreak on others. David said, “They didn’t teach me the importance of working together.”

It’s about attitude:

Lousy leadership begins with self-protective attitudes not lack of skills, intelligence, or talent.

Lousy leaders:

  1. Need to know more than others.
  2. Can’t explore for fear of being wrong.
  3. Won’t ask obvious questions for fear of looking dumb.
  4. Need their egos stroked.
  5. Wonder who’s out to get them.
  6. Fear high performers; they need the spotlight.
  7. Struggle to collaborate.
  8. Won’t change their minds.
  9. Feel isolated and alone.
  10. Sacrifice long-term success for short-term profits.

Lousy leaders can’t serve others because they serve themselves.


All leaders screw up. But great leaders possess right attitudes even when they fall short.

  1. Humility.
  2. Optimism.
  3. Curiosity.
  4. Endurance.
  5. Tenacity.
  6. Compassion.
  7. Responsibility.

Leaders matter most when they help others learn to help others.

Lewis said he’d learned that “success is not just about the numbers.” It’s a challenging statement because numbers matter. Skill, talent, and intelligence also matter. Attitude matters most.

What bad attitudes do bad leaders possess?

How the Syrian traitors were executed after delivering Leader Antoun Saadi for mock trial execution?

How Syrian President Hosni Za3eem (after a military coup) and the Prime minister Mo7sen Barazi were executed after handing Antoun Saadi over to the Lebanese authority.

نهاية الخائن حسني الزعيم

يروي الرفيق فضل الله أبو منصور في مؤلفه أعاصير دمشق كيف عُقد اجتماع في الحادية عشرة ليل 13 آب 1949 لعدد من الضباط في الجيش الشامي تقرر فيه القيام بالإنقلاب فوراً.

” كتبنا المهمات على أوراق صغيرة وتركنا للضباط حرية اختيار العمل الذي يريدون القيام به، ولما طرحت مهمة احتلال قصر الرئاسة واعتقال حسني الزعيم، ساد صمت ثقيل وعلا الاصفرار بعض الوجوه. فمددت يدي الى الورقة وأخذتها قائلاً: ” هذه مهمتي والله لو أخذها غيري لما رضيت”.

ويشرح الرفيق فضل الله أبو منصور كيف تم اعتقال حسني الزعيم، يقول:

” ولما تمت عملية التطويق مشيت الى باب القصر يرافقني أدهم شركسي والرقيب فايز عدوان، وقرعت الباب بقوة… فلم أسمع جواباً … وكررت قرع الباب ثانية وثالثة والليل ساج، والهدوء شامل، والصمت تام … حتى خيّل الى الجنود المتربصين انهم يسمعون نبض قلوبهم!..

واصلت قرع الباب بشدة، فإذا بالأنوار الكهربائية تشعّ، وإذا بحسني الزعيم يطل من الشرفة صائحاً: ” ما هذا؟ ما هذا؟ من هنا … ماذا جرى؟ ”

أجبته بلهجة الأمر الصارم:

– استسلم حالاً، فكل شيء قد انتهى، وإلا دمرت هذا القصر على رأسك!

فانتفض حسني الزعيم، وتراجع مذعوراً!

عاجلته بوابل من بندقيتي إلا أنه دخل القصر وتوارى فيه.

ولما مزقت طلقات الرصاص سكون الليل، حدثت في الحي رجة رعب.

فتحت نوافذ، وأغلقت أبواب، وسرى في العتمة ما يشبه الهمس والتساؤل، ثم سيطر كابوس الخوف فعاد كل شيء الى الصمت الشامل التام.

ورأيت أن الانتظار مضيعة للوقت، فأطلقت رصاص بندقيتي على باب القصر حتى حطمته ودخلت …

واذا بحسني الزعيم ينزل من الدور الثاني وهو يرتدي بنطلونه فوق ثياب النوم – البيجاما- وزوجته وراءه تصيح:

– حسني، حسني الى أين يا حسني؟

وقبل أن يتمكن حسني من الرد على زوجته، دنوت منه واعتقلته ثم صفعته صفعة كان لها في أرجاء القصر دوي..

قال حسني محتجاً:

– لا تضربني، يا رجل، هذا لا يجوز، احترم كرامتي العسكرية !

أجبته بقسوة نمّ عنها صوتي المتهدّج:

أنا أول من يحترم الكرامة العسكرية، لأني أشعر بها وأقدّسها وأبذل دمي في سبيلها، أما من كان مثلك فلا كرامة له ولا شرف … أما أقسمت للزعيم سعاده يمين الولاء وقدمت له مسدسك عربوناً لتلك اليمين ثم خنته وأرسلته الى الموت حانثاً بقسمك، ناكثاً بعهدك؟

قال حسني: والله يا بابا أنا بريء … اتهموني بذلك ولكني بريء.

فانتهرته قائلاً:

– هيا بنا، اخرج، لا مجال لكثرة الكلام !

ومشى حسني الى الخارج صاغراً وهو يحاول أن يكبت الخوف الذي أخذ يبدو بوضوح في قسمات وجهه وحركاته المرتبكة.

وكنت في ثياب الميدان، وقد أرخيت لحيتي السوداء الكثة فبدوت أشعث رهيباً.

لم يعرفني حسني في بادئ الأمر، وحسبني شركسياً، فأخذ يخاطبني باللغة التركية، ولكني أمرته بالصمت، ثم أدخلته الى المصفحة التي كانت تنتظر على الباب الخارجي وسرت به صوب المزة…

كان حسني في المصفحة ساهماً تائه النظرات، كأنه لا يصدق ما يرى ويسمع… كأنه يحسب نفسه في منام مخيف… ثم تحرك محاولاً انقاذ نفسه وتفرّس بوجهي فعرفني، وتظاهر بشيء من الارتياح ثم قال لي:

يا فضل الله، أنا بين يديك، معي ثمانون ألف ليرة، خذ منها ستين ألفاً ووزع عشرين ألفاً على جنودك وأطلق سراحي، دعني أهرب الى خارج البلاد.

أجبته سائلاً:

– من أين لك هذه الثروة؟ ألست أنت القائل انك دخلت الحكم فقيراً وستخرج منه فقيراً ؟ كيف انقلب فقرك ثراء؟

فأخذ يتمتم:

– والله يا بابا أنا بريء … هذه مؤامرة عليّ دبرها الانكليز لتقويض استقلال البلاد.

وفجر 14 آب 1949 كان حسني الزعيم ورئيس وزرائه محسن البرازي يساقان الى حيث تمّ إنزال حكم الإعدام بهما، ليدفعا ثمن جريمتهما بحق زعيم هذه الأمّة.

” فأمسكت حسني الزعيم بيدي اليسرى ومحسن البرازي بيدي اليمنى وسرت بهما الى المكان الذي تقرر أن يلاقيا فيه حتفهما، هو يقع على مقربة من مقبرة كانت للفرنسيين في مكان منخفض، وقد أدرت وجهيهما صوب الشرق، صوب دمشق، وكان الجنود في موقف التأهب لإطلاق النار .

أوقفتهما جنباً الى جنب، وتراجعت مفسحاً للجنود مجال التنفيذ، فإذا بمحسن البرازي يصيح: “ دخيلكم ارحموني، أطفالي .. أنا بريء”.

وما كاد محسن يصل الى هذا الحد من كلامه، حتى انطلق الرصاص يمزق الرجلين ويمزق أزيزه سكون الليل “.

هذا ما يرويه الرفيق الملازم أول فضل الله أبو منصور في مؤلفه “اعاصير دمشق” عن لحظة تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بمن غدر بسعاده .

Note: The following president Adib Shayshakli told another version when he claims that he was the one who captured Hosni Za3eem and forced him to descend the stairs on his knees.




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