Adonis Diaries

A Grain of Hope

Posted on: June 25, 2016

A Grain of Hope (1999)

1.   I am tired and I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow is different.


I find the most beautiful girlfriend,

The sweetest honey on Earth.


I come clean and clear.

I quit smoking,

I stop boozing.

Tomorrow, I am free and rich:

Just wait.


2.   Hate me, hurt me, and humiliate me;

I still won’t kill your grain of hope.

Some Gods like to give hope,

Some Gods deny it completely.

Who is the more compassionate?

Who is the wiser?

I know this grain of hope is oiling my wheels.

I know I can still move mountains, divert rivers.

I can still fall in love, be rude, and forgive.

I won’t kill your grain of hope;

Your grain of faith!


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