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Why Blue-Eyed people are generally attractive?

Posted on: May 16, 2013

Why Blue-Eyed people are generally attractive?

The color of the hair doesn’t count.

The color of the skin doesn’t count

The softness of the skin does count

The shape of the visage, and form of the body count very much

The odor of the body counts humongously

The friendly felt smile is always welcomed

Why Blue-Eyed people are generally attractive?

Not the very light blue-eyes specimen: I shiver and feel stuck smack in the Arctic…

Why regular blue-eyed individuals are attractive?

These eyes reflect the beauty of nature, the natural environment… And nature is fundamentally lovely, no matter how green, gray, arid, equatorial or desert-like it is…

Regular blue eyes reflect the nice, stylish and well-designed interiors…

Dark eyes have advantages in gloomy, ugly, dirty man-made environment: They don’t reflect the nasty surrounding

You can focus on the dark wide eyes and forget how ugly the places are

You can concentrate on the smiles in the eyes, the soft voices, the intelligent and compassionate dialogue…

Regular blue eyes distract from the person-to person conversation and communication…

Eyes requiring corrective contact lenses are flexible: You select the color pairs of lenses to match the nature of the meeting, and your personal mood…

Warning: Never look straight at a bonfire or any hot flame for more than seconds. Your lenses will melt and you go blind…

I wish that I didn’t need corrective glasses in my childhood, and the hell which ever color my eyes are.

At least I could enjoy team physical games and all kinds of non-limiting outside exercises and excursions…

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