Adonis Diaries

Proofs of love?

Posted on: June 27, 2016


Proofs of love (2002)

How do you want me to prove to you

That I’m in love with you?


You are not going to tell me, are you?


Admit that you don’t know.

Admit that you have no clue.

Say you need to be surprised

Of the many ways love is shown.


You say that you have no comments?


Say that you need to be in love.

I’ll make a deal with you.

I’ll stop all the trivial activities of living.

I’ll concentrate on thinking of you.

I’ll share with you my feelings.

I’ll share with you what I learned from being in love with you.

We’ll discover together the many ways love can be expressed.


Is it a deal?

Say you need to be in love and you need to start this adventure with me

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