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A dream about cultural differences?

Posted on: October 25, 2008

A dream about cultural differences?   (May 6, 2005)


Tonight is Martyrs’ Day in Lebanon. 

The Ottoman General Jamal Pasha hanged a dozen Lebanese and Syrian nationalists in 1916 and so we gained a free day from work and schooling.

Tomorrow, the exiled General Michel Aoun and former Prime Minister in the years 1988-90 is coming back after the Syrian forces have definitely withdrew from Lebanon soil along with all their intelligence and security forces.

General Aoun is coming back to be welcomed by a million citizen in the Martyrs’ Square in Beirut.

I am dreaming that I rented a room in a University dormitory room number 217.

My roommate is probably from Pakistan.

The next day I discovered that the door is blocked by thick natural snow to the ceiling of the corridor. Don’t ask me how snow could have entered and accumulated.

I frantically shovel the snow with my bare hands and relocate that mass in the middle of the corridor.

I enter the room and lo and behold I stumble on three other Pakistani students. 

I initially assumed that the students were visiting then I noticed three additional thin mattresses on the floor.

I asks my roommate about the meaning of the extra mattresses and he replies that rent would be reduced for him if additional roommates join him.

I am sleeping and feel a body lying close to mine.

I wake up feeling hot and the students have changed of nationality; they are probably from Thailand or East Asians

Now the beds are arranged in four decks on top of one another. Each deck is high enough to slide in lying down and huge green tree leaves are used for covers.

Then the décor changes and the room experienced a substantial expansion. 

In the back of the room a whole Japanese family is sleeping in four wholesome beds.

My Asian roommate whispers to me not to shout:  I guessed that it would not be in the Asian regulation of hospitality to start a commotion.  

The family was invited to stay for a month and free of charge.  

The tall elder son is effeminate and trying to explain to me his philosophy and how depressed and frustrated he is feeling at this junction of his life.

Then the family wakes up their elder grand father and they gather around a bed holding a small shoe like in prayer.

I thought may be the family has lost recently a new born baby and it is praying for its soul.

The rooms of the Japanese family are furnished with authentic Japanese gadgets. 

The girls are wearing silk robes and sleeping on comfortable silk beds and their pillows are in the shape of huge and large flower vases where they lay their heads to sleep.

Usually the last phase of my horrific dreams suggests that I should wake up to visit the john:  I am searching for the bathroom and find none or the bathroom is too filthy to use.

Instead of a bathroom I pee on a plastic chair and people are knocking on the door.

I want to shut the door close but two students enter and do not exhibit any reaction to my peeing behavior.

I woke up for real and hurried to a real bathroom.

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