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Rhythm of your conscious

Posted on: December 29, 2009

Rhythm of your conscious; (Dec. 28, 2009)

I have a few questions that might aid in describing changes in the state of your conscious:

1)      Do you have any fundamental principles on which your conscious is based on?

2)      Do you still believe that mankind is the only species capable of reflecting on the sense of life and that he knows he is doomed to die?

3)      Do you think that earth will never disappear with time?

4)      Do you think that the sun is eternal?

5)      Do you believe that animals have no souls?

6)      Do you think man has the power to predict cataclisms?

7)      Do you think technology can resolve earth natural problems?

8)      Are you yearning to belong to a cult that would promise you to be among the only survivers when humanity vanishes?

9)      Do you believe in an apocalypse with a specific date?

10)   Suppose the date of an apocalypse has come and gone and nothing happened, then, would you

continue to stick with the cult by inventing “reasonable” explanations; would you desist joining any cult, or would you desist joining any “formal” religion?

11)  Do you believe past customs and traditions are gone to never return?

12)  Give a probability that human kind will live in 2100; is it less or greater than 50%?

13)  Do you think that if 25% of all animals and plants disappear in 2030 that human kind will be able to survive without them?

14)  Do you think the quality of your conscious changed in the last decade?

15)  Do you think the United Nations was established based on an undercurrent ideological foundations (political, economical, religious, mythical…)?

16)  Do you think the UN might acquire any executive power to regulate and control global resolutions?

17)  Is our awareness of climatic changes serious?

18)   Are the results of the conference of Copenhagen encouraging?

19)  Are the damages to earth and the environment reversible?

20)  Is there a universal humankind conscious?

21)  Is historical process linear or sort of cyclical?

22)  Do you care for your cat or dog more than members of your close family?

23)  Are you acquainted with your next door neighbor?

24)  Do you think animals have intelligence if we could learn their languages?

25)  Do you have a conscious irrespective of your belief in what happens after death?

Would you feel it is unjust if a few animal species will survive but man not?

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