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To the Graduates

Posted on: July 3, 2010

Graduate ceremonies?

My message is: “Defend mankind, any man regardless of gender, race, color, or social origin against sickness, illness, indignity, lack of human rights, and civil rights.  Learn to love your work or (quit to a job you could love): Love is the force that keeps you going and that transforms work into value that remains within you.  It does not matter what is your job as long as you can fill this job with love and compassion to your co-workers.

I learned that knowledge is power.  Thank your teachers who freed you from slavery, even if they didn’t care about you but were interested in the salary.  Only knowledge can break chains.  The deeper you investigate into knowledge the closer you are of God.  How can you believe in a God if you are ignorant of your own potentials and capabilities?

I learned that success is consequent to failures.  Nothing like failure to work as catalyst to achievement. Failure is the ultimate of teacher as long as you have the courage and steadfastness to resuming the fight.  You have got to dare confronting failure if you want success.

I learned that money can bring fame and power.  The real challenge is how to keep money, to retain power and fame.  Most people lost their money, power, and fame simply because they failed to invest time and determination for introspection activities and reflecting on the power of humility and compassion toward others.  Success is within your soul first of all.  Get rid of the redundant misleading facade and reach inside your own potentials for compassion and clemency.

O Graduates, move on to work, work the land, work the mind, never relinquish your right to individual reflection, freedom of opinion, and never forget your origin and how lucky you were to get an education.

Note: Adapted from a recent graduation speech (with a few alterations) by Dr. Philip Salem, chief cancer department at the Houston hospital

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