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There are thinkers who say that out of the three monotheist religions (fact is, mono-idolatery religions) only the Jewish religion escaped being State religion since 70 AC; thus, these thinkers would like you to believe that Jews acquired collective spirituality far advanced than the other two religions. What are these scams of “collective something?”

Every new empire and modern State fabricate a “national” collective mythology under the pretense of unifying its “citizens” against neighboring enemies.  Modern civilization has witnessed the demise of many religious and monarchic empires;  many communist, capitalist, and socialist powerful States that adopted national ideologies and impressed them on their people had gone to history waste bins.

As Israel was recognized a State by a simple majority of one vote by the UN in 1948 then, within the next month, Israel executed its plan D (daleth) and 800,000 Palestinians were evacuated from their lands and villages; many families in entire villages were machine-gunned.  At that time, there were no TV, cables, or internet to witness the atrocities.  Adding to this lack of media coverage, Europe was engulfed in problems of its own with thousands of refugees converging from around the world.  What, a few hundred thousands Palestinians ending up refugees was not such a big deal.  For over 50 years, Europe, Russia, and the US managed to cover up this genocide by simply extending a few million dollars to caring for the Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt.

Advanced collective spirituality you said?  Before the preemptive war of 1967, Israel resumed several times its mass reprisals against Palestinian civilians in villages under the administration of Jordan and Egypt.  After 1967, Israel acquired more lands than it could chew on and dusted off a mythical religious ideology claiming that the Jewish Homeland extended from the Euphrates River to the Nile!

Advanced collective spirituality you said? So Protestant USA lacked collective spirituality and exterminated the original Indians; Protestant England lacked spirituality and exterminated aborigines Australians and tried to decimate by famine the Christian Irish; Turkey’s nationalist movements committed genocides against Armenians; so did Nazi Germany with the Jews and many minorities; so did France in the region of Vendee and in Algeria. All these so-called advanced civilizations (in our modern time) have been trying to wash off their crimes against humanity by writing their own history for their school children and making a big deal of their imaginary martyrs.  During independence days the advanced States throw lavish ceremonies and invite their ex-colonies to celebrate their joy.

Moral values should not apply to superpower States by “The force of things”!  Genocide can and should be heaped on Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Somalia, apartheid South Africa, Yugoslavia in its ethnic cleansing schemes… But you should “wash” your mouth when speaking about Israel’s daily genocides activities on occupied Palestinians or stating your opinion on the US battles in Iraq, and Russia in Chechnya, and China in the Islamic regions, and India against its Moslems…

Advanced collective spirituality you said? Israel built a dome of steel over its sky; it has the most sophisticated fighter jets from the US (free of charge with 4 $billion each year with no pre-attached conditions while every million in aids to any poor Arab States comes with a long list of conditions); it has 200 atomic bombs (free of charge from France); it has over 10 modern submarines and two dozens modern navy pieces (free of charge from Germany; I read lately that Germany denied Israel grants for building a few more submarines).

And yet, Israel would like the entire world community to feel that Israel in totally insecure and needs the “exclusive rights” to State planned assassinations every day (and claiming it is a European democracy in abolishing execution of criminal prisoners); to killing one hundred Palestinian civilians for every Israeli (exactly as Nazi germany behaved); to incarcerate 11,000 Palestinians (among them 200 Palestinians under age) with no due legal process; to destroying 18,000 Palestinian homes under all kinds of lame excuses (leaving entire family members to sleeping under the sky).

Advanced collective spirituality you said? Israel build a Wall (800 km long and growing) and claims that it is for security reasons when 600 military check points are harassing Palestinian life, every day for over 20 years; when four fifth of the land granted by the UN to the Palestinians in 1948 has been occupied by Israel; when 45% of Palestinians live under the standard of poverty because Israel refuses to encourage internal trades among the Palestinians; when the people in Gaza are forced to undergo special dieting because of world sanctions against a legitimately voted in Hamas.

Advanced collective spirituality you said? Now you have these “illuminate” Israelis wondering why Israel is being criticized so vehemently and being the most isolated State.  They tell you that they are pro-Palestinians, meaning that they favor a two State decision.  They never tell you what kind of Zionism they are supporting and yet, they want to lambast anyone who criticize Israel and the Zionist ideology as anti-semite.

Why Hebrew had to be selected as Israel’s State language.  Many Zionist leaders warned Israel to desist imposing hebrew as state language:  They said that Hebrew is a religious language and very soon Israel would turn a religious State.  Hebrew has heavy connotation for many words that civil writers find hard to convey proper meaning appropriate to modern times.  Hebrew forces Israeli to think in mythological perspectives describing antique state of minds.

Ben Gurion admitted that he is “Bibletheist” but tactically extended vast rights to religious hierarchy to dominating civil rights  from birth, wedding, divorce, and death.  This is the same social structure in Lebanon: a caste social and political structure.  Ben Gurion forgot that the archaic and poor religious language such as Hebrew is too powerful a medium, fraught with mystic notions and that secular Israel will be vanquished.  How can a State unable to institute a Constitution may ever be able to overcome religious laws?

Liova or Lev Nussimbaum (1905-1942), also known as Leo, or Kurban Said, or Essad Bey,wrote in German over 15 books and over 200 articles in several dailies and periodicals within 12 years.  He died in Italy at the age of 36 but he looked as old as a 70 years old man.

Among his books are “Blood and oil in the Orient”, “Ali and Nino”,  “The daughter of the Golden Horn”, “Twelve secrets of the Caucasus”, “Muhammad”, “History of Guepeou”,  “Soviet Union secret police”, “Stalin”, “Lenin”, “Tsar Nicholas II”, “Allah is Great”, “Epic of oil”, “White Russia: People without a land”, “Russia at a crossroad”, “The Caucasus: Mountains, people, and history”, “Reda Shah” and many other books.  He mostly signed his books under Kurban Said. Lev’s agent, Werner Schendell, asked Lev to ease up on publishing so often and to focus on publishing one book a year, at no avail.

Kurban Said was known in Germany of the 1920′s as Essad Bey (Assad is Lion in Arabic, just as Leo refers to Lion) after he converted to Islam by the Imam of the Ottoman Embassy in 1923.  He was the first to describe Stalin and Lenin in details and accounted for the tormenting period of Baku (Capital of Azerbaijan on the Black Sea or the “Zarathustra” land).

Lev was a Jew born in Baku of a rich oil baron living in Baku (Abraham was born in Tbilisi in Georgia) and a mother (Berta Sluzk, originally from Kiev).   Berta had left Zürich, headquarters of Russia revolutionaries, and ended up in a Baku prison.  Lev’s father noticed Berta who was serving a prison sentence at the Baku prison and arranged for her to be set free and married her. Berta resumed her “revolutionary” activities and extended money to the revolutionary groups (that will later be called Bolshevik) between 1905 and 1912.  Berta committed suicide by poison after she was found out of communicating with the revolutionary gangs and then, she became an embarrassment to her family.  Lev was then 9 years old. 

Lev was mostly forced to be secluded in his home and his large library because of the dangerous conditions outside.  In the rare outings, Lev was surrounded with body guards and a nurse: He was considered of fragile health. Lev and his father fled Baku in 1917 during the First World War: the armies of Tsar Nicholas II were defeated by Germany and Baku was becoming a hotbed for instability and chaos.  They crossed Turkmenistan and then Iran and had many adventures. 

Father and son returned to Baku as the Turks and Germans occupied it briefly before the English returned.  Azerbaijan experienced independence for less than a year before the Bolshevik returned in 1920 and Azerbaijan became part of the Soviet Union. Father and son managed to flee Baku, separately, in order to avoid close surveillance.

Lev spent some time in Tbilisi (Capital of Georgia) and then, boarded an Italian boat with his father in 1920 to Constantinople( Istanbul).  Istanbul was big and cosmopolitan and Lev fell in love with this city.  The French, English, Italian, and Japanese troops had headquarters in different quarters of Constantinople.  Father and son boarded an Italian boat and wandered a few months in Italy before landing in Paris.  A year later, Lev was sent to a boarding school on an island in Northern Germany and then they settled in Berlin by 1922.

Lev was attending university courses on the orient history, geography and literature while finishing his high school in a Russian school in Berlin.  Berlin was nicknamed the second Russian Capital because most Russian refugees ended up in that city after Lenin and Bolsheviks took over power. Willy Haas of the famous magazine “Literarische Welt” hired Lev as an expert of the Oriental matters at the age of 24.  Lev also published articles in the dailies and magazines of  “Deutsche Allgemeine”, “Prager Tageblatt”, “Asia”, “The living age”, and “Saturday Review of literature”.  Lev wrote about most monarchs and princes who visited Germany between the two wars, and the history , geography, and literature of the Oriental countries.  He wrote articles about Resa Shah (father of Shah of Iran), Ibn Saud and the Wahhabi sect, on Egypt, on Afghanistan, and mostly on Russia and the Caucasus region. You may have more details on Lev’s life in my post:

Note: This biography is extracted from “The Orientalist” by Tom Reiss.




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