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Only in the USA: You can be pro-all-kinds of deaths, and claim to be pro-life…

Posted on: September 25, 2012

Only in the USA: Can be pro-all-kinds of deaths, and claim to be pro-life.
Mind you that the US global market share of weapon export is two-third ($65 bn).
In the last decades, 60,000 Mexican civilians were the victims of gang related wars, and almost all the weapons of these drug gangs are imported from the USA.
And the drones attacks, signed by Obama, are killing far more civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen…than “potential Qaeda leaders”
And there are over 200 million pieces of weapons in the hands of the US citizens…
And in the last decades, over 12,000 citizens in the US were killed from bullet wounds, compared to just 2 Japanese
And the Constitution allowed owning guns for defending the new Republic from outside interference. Who is invading the USA?
And the gun lobby is the largest organization in the US, and pouring money to every political candidate willing to play the passive part in restricting gun ownership and gun control laws.

John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln, wrote in his prison diary:

“Not that I wouldn’t kill a man if I had to. For the right reasons, of course. It would have to be for the right reasons.

So what is it, that would or should or could be considered Just Cause to kill a man?

What if he threatened the welfare of a Nation, the Common Weal, as it were. What if his actions were so bold and so lecherous as to change the future course of a great Country for the worse? Endanger its citizenry. Destroy the marketplace and our ability to function at the top of the bill on the world’s stage.

What if one man — or a small handful of men – put a Country at such risk?…”

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