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A plausible settlement for the “Deal of Century” to both Palestinians and Israelis

Note: The created State of Israel by the colonial powers has all the blueprints of a colonial occupation of a land by force. The State of Israel, with all the determination of the colonial powers to keep it alive and floating financially, politically and militarily, has gone way too far in its brutality, its calamitous myths, and unwavering decision to wipe out the culture and identity of the Palestinian people.

This article, (dated on November 13, 2008) is a temporary resolution until the far-right Israelis desist from their occupation mentality and reach a reasonable state of common status of living together with Palestinians on equal rights. Until then, Israel is our existential enemy.

There are reams and reams of plans and counter plans and resolution suggested to containing this everlasting unjust and uncalled for reality of the 20th century monstrosity that permitted the establishment of the State of Israel by displacing its original inhabitants (the Palestinians), as so many monstrosities in this century.

There are two viable solutions for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, short of exterminating one party or the other or most probably both, that has been spreading death, disabilities, miseries, indignities and humiliation since 1920.

The Israeli Olmert PM has lately declared that the time to facing truth has come.

Since the Madrid convention in 1990 among the “Arab States” (excluding Syria) and Israeli delegations and mediated by the US Administration, during the Bush Sr. tenure as President, for a resolution of this conflict, it was becoming evident that the “Biblical” strategy of Israel, for further expansion and pre-emptive wars, is no longer tenable, especially after its total failure in 2006 of invading Lebanon.

A resolution was contemplated but the US had an old battle plan to invade Iraq before resolving this conflict.

The Bush “Son” Jr. administration dusted off this war plan and invaded Iraq. This invasion has failed miserably but Israel is no longer necessary for the strategic interest of the US in the Middle East:  The US has military bases in the Arab Gulf States and Saudi Kingdom, and it has many heavy weight allies among the Arabic States.

And the price of oil on the market is far cheaper than physically securing its exploitation and distribution in Iraq or elsewhere or even resuming plans to intimidating China and blackmailing her by outdated military presence in Iraq.

The return of the heavy investments of the US in Israel has been reflecting sharp negative rates of return for decades, politically, economically, and socially within the US society and foreign policies.

My plan is of two phases:

The first phase is recognizing the State of Palestine by the United Nation, a State self-autonomous, independent and all.  It is of primordial interest by the world community and the Jewish State that the Palestinian people recover their dignity and rights as a full fledged State and be permitted to exercise the complex task of administering and governing a State.

At least from a psychological necessity, the Palestinian people should feel that persistent resistance and countless “martyrs” for re-establishing their rights as legitimate and independent people have brought fruits, as any genuine national resistance ultimately should.

The second phase is the merging of the two States of Palestine and Israel into a confederate State with a central government and several self-autonomous “cantons”.  I can envisage the following cantons: West Bank, Gaza (including Escalon), Galilee (including Haifa and Akka), Judea (around Jerusalem and Bethlehem), the “East Shore” (Tel Aviv, Yafa), and the Negev (including Akaba).

I have this impression that the tight religious extremists on both sides would opt to move to Gaza and Judea, and the very secular citizens would move to the East Shore or Galilee, and the economically minded people might reside in the Negev backed by strong financial incentives.

The second phase will witness the return of the Palestinian refugees as ordered by the UN resolution of 193 in 1948 and the refugees would have the right to select the canton of their preferences.

I can foresee that the key offices in the central government would be equally, including genders, shared by the Palestinians and Israelis on a rotation imposed law.

The representation in the cantons would be proportional to the general census of the period (at 5 years intervals).  The representation among sects, factions, or other types of social divisions within each “people” would also follow the proportions in the census.

I suggest to the interest of the future “Palesrael” State that Israel let Lebanon structure and experience, without foreign interventions, study the pitfalls and strength of such a system of co-existence and avoid the unnecessary miseries of minor civil wars and countless frustrations in its future unfolding.

It would be inevitable that the State of “Palesreal” be guaranteed a neutrality status (No pre-emptive wars within and outside its borders) by the world community and the regional powers.  It is evident that this could be plausible after Syria recover all its lands and settles on a political constitution that safeguard its autonomous decisions.

Then, it is hoped and strongly desired that the State of Lebanon would secure this neutrally status.  Amen.


Note: Late Egypt president Mohamed Morsi died last week at 67 while in court. He supposedly was elected and lasted a single year before a military coup led by Sisi “deposed” him. Morsi had no official burying: just attended by his close family members. The State had declared a national curfew and emergency level. Morsi was mourned by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders such as Erdogan of Turkey, Qatar, Hamas Mich3al… Morsi’s wife died also the next day of heart failure: she was his close cousin too.

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the actions of President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters who deliberately fired on journalists and attacked them as they were covering last night’s clashes outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

Al-Hosseiny Abu Deif, an experienced newspaper reporter, was rushed to hospital after being hit in the head by a rubber bullet fired at close range at around 1 a.m. today and is said to be in a critical condition.

A witness told Reporters Without Borders that Morsi supporters deliberately targeted Deif, who works for the newspaper Al-Fagr.

Five minutes before Abu Deif was shot from a distance of just two metres, he showed colleagues photos of the president’s supporters with sophisticated weapons.

Abu Deif camera was stolen after he was shot, as colleagues went to his aid.

“Witnesses say the president’s supporters deliberately targeted and attacked journalists. We call on President Morsi to order an investigation into the circumstances of these attacks and to punish those responsible.

As president, he must ensure the safety of all of his fellow citizens, including journalists.

“We also call on the president to rescind the 22 November decree granting himself extraordinary powers, and not hold a referendum on the draft constitution in its current form.

The Constituent Commission must amend the draft in order to provide more protection for freedom of expression and information.”

Other journalists were injured during the night as they covered the clashes.They included :

Mohamed Azouz of the government newspaper Al-Gomhuria,

Osama Al-Shazly of the daily Al-Badil,

Islam Abdel Tawab of Al-Alam Al-Yawm,

Sahar Talaat, a correspondent for Radio France Internationale’s Spanish service and

Ahmed Khair Eldeen, a ON-TV journalist.

Two journalists with Turkey’s TRT television, reporter Mehmet Akif Ersoy and cameraman Adil Ahmet, were attacked earlier yesterday in Tahrir Square and their equipment was damaged.

Read the letter about the Egyptian constitution that was sent to President Morsi yesterday.

Note: Morsi was a strong supporter of Israel, as USA wanted him to be in order to be elected, a farcical election since actually he didn’t get the majority of the votes against his challenger of the former political system. Morsi was supported by Turkey and Qatar and he sided with the exclusion of Syria from the Arab Summits. Morsi was a bad omen for many countries.

Again, what is Trump/Kushner infamous “Deal of century”?

The Trump administration will unveil the first phase of its long-awaited blueprint for Middle East peace next month at a conference in the region designed to highlight economic benefits that could be reaped if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved, the White House said on Sunday.  (The political terms are Not yet exposed)

The plan, which has been two years in the making, envisions large-scale investment and infrastructure work in the Palestinian territories but the central political elements remain mostly unknown.

However, the Palestinian leadership said they weren’t consulted about the US-led economic conference.


Israel “Root Cause for World Instability”? Mahathir Mohammad, PM of Malaysia


Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamed has described Israel as a terrorist nation and the root cause of instability in the world.

Addressing youths at Al Sharq Annual Conference 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian leader stressed that the time had come for the international community to stand together and end Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

“Apartheid, genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression and all the evil that mankind can inflict on others can be compiled in Palestine — courtesy of the barbaric, arrogant, terrorist nation called Israel.”

“Until and unless the international community is committed to finding a solution to bring an end to the occupation of the land belonging to the Palestinians, the region and the rest of the world will not have much of a chance for stability and order,” he said in his keynote address before opening the conference, held the first time in Malaysia.

His remarks received overwhelming applause from the participants.

Mahathir also said the senseless murder of innocent people continued in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US-led coalition in 2001 and 2003 which had seen more tumult than stability in the region before the Arab Spring came about.

“Nations like Syria, Libya and Yemen today provide images of a human tragedy while the rest of the world watch helplessly.”

“Their sufferings did not originate from internal strife but rather interference and interventions from external powers which obviously were doing it out of self-interest, disguised under the veil of democracy and human rights,” he said.

The premier underlined that ancient civilizations or rather these cradles of civilization were pummeled to pulp by present day powers that have styled themselves as the leaders of modern-day civilization.

“There is nothing civilized in their actions or behavior. The only thing they can showcase is technology capable of producing weaponry that are extremely efficient in maiming, killing and murdering people by the thousands,” he stressed.

Note: The root of evils started with the colonial powers which spread to the USA and are continued to be applied in this Zionist State.

@Copyright The Palestinian Information Center

What made violent crime drop sharply in the last two decades?

Is Legalized abortion law the main factor in the decline in violent crimes?

In the first half of the century, incidence of violent crimes in the USA was fairly steady. Why?

Infantile mortality was very high due to lack of vaccination and treatments for curable diseases.  All those unwanted children from single parent families died prematurely. and the pool of potential criminals, living in poor and uneducated families and in poor neighborhoods was manageable.

By 1960, violent crime rate increased steadily, so did the economy and the employment rates.

During the period of the civil rights movement, in the 60′s and early 70′s, conviction rates declined, as were sentences duration for most of the crimes committed. Why?

Judges and political climate didn’t want to be labelled racist or believing in apartheid (fear of being viewed as racist and backward) since more crimes, proportionally, were committed by Blacks and Hispanics living in poor neighborhoods.

Between 1980-2000, the period witnessed a 15-fold increase in the number of convicts on drug charges, and sentence duration increased accordingly.

By 2000, the US prison system had more than 2 million convicts, a 4-fold increase as of 1972.  Mind you that a prisoner costs $25,000 per year to keep him behind bars and away from the streets…

As of early 1990, crime rates of all categories, especially violent crimes, started to decline sharply and steadily. Criminology experts had warned that crime epidemics will get out of control, and they needed so time to realize that it was the opposite trend that was taking its steady course.

Between 1991 and 2001, crime experts extended many explanations for this aberrant trend of crime decline. Here are a few of the explanations with frequency of citations in the media:

1. Innovative policing strategies:  52 citations

2. Increased reliance on prison: 47

3. Changes in crack and other drug markets: 33

4. Aging population: 32

5. Tougher gun-control laws: 32

6. Strong economy: 28

7. Increased number of police force: 26

8. Increase use of capital punishment: 24

9. Concealed-weapon laws

10. Gun buybacks policies…

Only 3 of the above 10 explanations had significant effects on crime decline, mainly factors 2, 3, and 7.

There are strong correlation, if not causative explanation, among the trends of increased reliance on prison, prison duration, increase conviction rates and the number of law and order effective in order to round-up, capture, process, and prosecute criminals.

Consequently, it can be said that the increase in police forces was associated with a political policy of increasing conviction rates and expanding the prison system. These factors accounted for almost one-third of the crime drop.

In that period, cocaine and heroine prices dropped, and it was no longer worth sacrificing years in prison for small returns on crimes…

The main factor that was behind the decline and accounted for two-third was never mentioned or even contemplated.

This factor needed about 17 years of incubation (gestation) before it generated its powerful effect, and it is the legalized abortion law that took effect in 1973 in all US States.

A few large cities in States such as New York, Illinois, California… that had legal abortion laws before 1973, all had witnessed decline in crime rates before all other States.

All those unwanted children, born from single mothers or living in single families in poor neighborhoods and uneducated parents, were not born and had not to be raised to emulate their predecessors, as highly potential criminals in the waiting and the making.

That is what the analysis of Steven Levitt showed from torturing huge data-bases on the subject. Read Freakonomics.

U.S. Special Operations: The New Face of America’s War Machine

The U.S. military industrial complex does not desire large winnable wars, but “low-intensity” conflicts that last as long as possible. That is how the system retains power, maintains profits, and remains relevant.

With the possible U.S. military withdrawal from Syria in the news on a daily basis, the mainstream media has been quick to parrot the DOD’s claim that 2,000 troops, mostly special operations forces, are to be withdrawn from the country.

Although the total number of U.S. special operators deployed to Syria may have approached as many as 5,000, the current headlines have not mentioned that the United States has special operations units deployed not just in Syria, but in a majority of the nations of the world.

Over the past 17 years, the forces at the disposal of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) have grown exponentially, more than doubling in size in numbers, with a budget that has also expanded four-fold in that same period of time.

If U.S. SOF troops do pull out of Syria, they will still have a physical presence in over 70 nations on any given day. Although the public has an often vague and incomplete, unofficial explanation of the reasons behind these deployments, the Pentagon seems totally unwilling to explain the national defense rational or legality of these missions to anyone, including the U.S. Congress or the White House.

Not only has SOCOM expanded in numbers, funding and weaponry since 2001 and the advent of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), but has acquired no small amount of political influence as well.

The U.S. special operations forces have become the darling of the military, praised by Congress, the White House, and the Media.

They have willingly adopted a mythos that has been formulated and propagated by Hollywood on many levels. The U.S. public seems to worship this new class of soldier, while having little to no understanding of exactly what they do, nor any concept of how their actions might aid or hinder national security.

An act has even been proposed by one state Representative to afford special income tax breaks to all SOF members.

Amidst all the praise about their prowess and successes on the battlefield, the media purposefully steers clear of reporting on their many failures. Although the U.S. has built the largest force of special operations in the world, this very fact has arguably proven to have only weakened the U.S. military as a whole.

The White House, State Department and Pentagon have increasingly relied on special operations forces to bear the brunt of any and all military operations or covert actions in both acknowledged and secret areas of conflict across the globe. This over-emphasis on special operations as a military solution to all challenges has only weakened traditional, conventional forces.

While most of the public assumes that these new Spartans act to protect U.S. interests and “freedom and democracy” whenever and wherever it is deemed necessary, they have little to no understanding of how the SOF have changed since 2001, nor the increasing military and political influence that they now hold.

Even fewer Americans have stopped to ponder the illegality of much of what this expanding military force is doing on a global scale, not to mention the constitutional implications of a new Praetorian class in its midst that is growing in power and influence. If history teaches us anything, it is that shadowy and unaccountable paramilitary forces do not strengthen societies that embrace democratic or constitutional governments.

The Expansion of SOF and Rise of SOCOM

Since the inception of the “Global War on Terror” shortly following September 11, 2001, U.S. SOF have more than doubled from approximately 33,000 to almost 70,000 today. Today, Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has roughly twice the personnel at its disposal, but also four times the budget as it did in 2001. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), comprising perhaps the most elite and specialized of the SOF forces, numbered some 1,800 in 2001.

Although quite secretive in nature, it is surmised by many analysts that JSOC may have grown to the size of SOCOM circa 2001, over the same 18 year period. If realistic, this estimation means that JSOC added its original number of 1,800 men each year, for eighteen years.

What reason was given by the U.S. DOD to justify such an expansion in a traditionally small and highly selective sub-set of conventional military forces? Special operations forces have existed since at least the Second World War.

All major military powers and even smaller nations that have not historically prioritized robust national defense postures have invested in special operations forces to complement conventional military establishments.

Special operations units are useful as a significant force multiplier in any conventional conflict, and are vital in responding to special circumstances such as anti-terrorism, hostage rescue, reconnaissance deep behind enemy lines, sabotage, and kill or capture missions.

Malian special forces listen to instructions from a US Special Forces soldier in Kita, Mali. Alfred de Montesquiou | AP

Malian special forces listen to instructions from a US Special Forces soldier in Kita, Mali. Alfred de Montesquiou | AP

The Pentagon has argued that terrorism has grown, with the number of internationally recognized terrorist organizations roughly doubling from 2001 to today, mostly due to the explosion of both al Qaeda and ISIS. (The creations of USA in Afghanistan and Iraq)

Regardless of the facts that point to the CIA origins of al Qaeda, there is little argument that the organization has grown in concert with U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and Africa.

The same can be said for the origin and spread of ISIS. There is also ample circumstantial evidence to support the theory that the CIA and SOCOM have both, directly and indirectly, supported both of these terrorist organizations in Syria.

Regardless of whether SOCOM is directly or indirectly complicit in aiding the Islamic terrorist organizations it declares it is defending the nation against, there is a clear correlation between the growths of both, and surely SOCOM has benefitted on many levels from this relationship.

The annual declared budget for SOCOM is in the range of $12.3 billion today, up from just $3.1 billion in 2001. There is little doubt that a healthy slice of the annual Overseas Contingency Operations and Support (OCO) budget is consumed by SOCOM, as the organization is the most heavily engaged in operations on foreign soil.

In 2018, U.S. Congress approved $67 billion USD for OCO, and a further $7 billion USD in mandatory appropriations.

It is unclear how much funding SOCOM receives on an annual basis, as the Pentagon has proven to be largely beyond financial questioning or audit by any office of the civilian government. After failing its first audit in decades in 2018, the Pentagon shrugged off the event with humor, and no one seemed to notice.

SOCOM numbers roughly 70,000 soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors and has a declared budget of at least $12.3 billion USD. To put these numbers in perspective, SOCOM has more personnel than the entire national militaries of 120 of the 193 UN member states. Only 20 nations (including the U.S.) have a greater total defense budget than that of SOCOM.

A simple cost-benefit analysis would reveal that the U.S. is not making much headway in “winning” the GWOT militarily. The growth of SOCOM has done little to reduce the prevalence of terrorism in the world. It begs the question, is there any correlation at all, or is there another agenda afoot entirely?

Global Reach and Integration

The expansion in numbers and funding of America’s special operations forces is alarming in its own right, but their growing international footprint may be even more alarming. Not only were U.S. SOF deployed to at least 150 nations last year, but they have established professional alliances with national military in a majority of those nations.

Nick Turse has documented and reported on the growing influence of SOCOM over the past few years, with his articles being widely published in major mainstream periodicals as well as online alternative media. He has established many reliable sources within the SOF community. In regular articles posted on Tom’s Dispatch, Nick has documented the growing influence of SOCOM, its expanding power, and it’s establishing of close ties to the special operations forces of nations across the globe.

It seems quite logical that the main area of focus for these forces immediately prior to the declaration of GWOT in 2001 would be in the Middle East; however, since as early as 2014 the United States began refocusing its deployment of special operations personnel to the African continent.

More recently, since the coup in Ukraine and the civil war that erupted as a result, SOCOM has shifted much of its efforts to Europe. Although the DOD and State Department have stated that such deployments are directly connected to terrorist activities in Africa, in Europe the goal is confronting an “increasingly aggressive and assertive” Russia.

In reality, deployments to Africa are largely responsive to an increased Chinese presence on the continent. Not publicly acknowledged until the official publication of the National Defense Strategy of the United States for 2018, the U.S. establishment had already come to view both Russia and China as the major threats to U.S. global hegemony.

In 2006, deployments to Africa accounted for a mere 1% of U.S. special operations foreign deployments.

By the end of 2017 this number had jumped to almost 17%. What could account for such an increase?

Spokesmen for the DOD have sighted the increased threat of Islamic militant groups such as Boko Haram and al Shabaab and their capability to disrupt and weaken local governments; however, SOCOM has not just deployed forces to Somalia, Libya, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Cameroon, the traditional territories of operation of Boko Haram and African offshoots of al Qaeda.

U.S. commandos deployed to 33 African countries in 2017. 61% of the nations of Africa hosted a U.S. special operations military presence to some degree. (But it is China reaping the fruit of investing in Africa)

There is little doubt that terrorist groups such as Boko Haram present a destabilizing threat to African governments whom are hanging on by a threat in their efforts to govern in the best of times, yet there is little evidence to support the idea that the U.S. military is in Africa for altruistic purposes.

The U.S. military, just like the French Military, is increasing its activities in Africa to protect their respective financial interests and maintain influence over African nations, and to increasingly confront the growing influence of China in the region.

Between the years 2009 and 2012, Chinese overseas foreign direct investment (OFDI) grew at an annual rate of 20.5%.

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged $60 billion USD in investments in Africa at the 4th Annual Investing in China Forum held in Beijing last September.

The United States has often claimed that Chinese financial practices in Africa are predatory in nature. This is quite ironic coming from the country that has a controlling influence over the IMF and World Bank, two financial entities that have been responsible for indebting most of the developing world for the past half century.

Neither nation is in Africa to help poor Africans, but to enrich themselves.

The African continent is rich in rare earth minerals and metals used in the manufacture of modern electronics, batteries, cell phones and computers. China opened its first and largest overseas military base in Djibouti in August of 2017, located in the strategic Horn of Africa.

It is just a stones throw from Camp Lemonnier, the largest U.S. military base on the continent.

In a similar move, China is seeking to build a military base in Afghanistan, another nation rich in rare earth minerals where the U.S. military has struggled to maintain a viable presence for over 18 years.

China plans to base at least one battalion of troops at a newly constructed facility in the northeastern province of Badakhshan, ostensibly to train Afghan security forces.

Located close to the Wakhan Corridor, the base will help provide security to the One Belt One Road trade corridor through the region, and help solidify growing economic and security ties with the Central Asian nation.

Coupled with the base in Djibouti and a planned PLAN naval base at Gwadar, Pakistan, China is establishing a viable defense infrastructure in the region. This directly undercuts long established U.S. interests in the region.

Wakhan Corridor

The Wakhan Corridor is a strategically important mountain pass, the control of which is of utmost importance to the Chinese government in securing the One Belt One Road logistics network

While SOCOM has maintained a sizeable presence in Afghanistan and Africa to confront a growing Chinese presence in Central Asia and Africa, it has also increased operations in the European theatre as well.

In 2006 only 3% of all SOF units were deployed to nations in Europe. By 2018 that percentage had grown to almost 17%. According to a statement made to Tom’s Dispatch, a spokesman for SOCEUR, Major Michael Weisman stated,

Outside of Russia and Belarus we train with virtually every country in Europe either bilaterally of through various multinational events. The persistent presence of U.S. SOF alongside our allies sends a clear message of U.S. commitment to our allies and the defense of our NATO alliance.”

Since the disastrous failure of Petro Poroshenko’s Anti-terrorism Operation (ATO) to subdue the breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine, SOF deployments to nations bordering the Russian Federation have increased notably. As it was detailed in a previous article, SOCOM has established very close ties with Ukrainian special operations forces.

Over the past four years SOCOM has repeatedly deployed forces to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, and even Finland.

In 2016 alone, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) conducted no less than 37 Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) exercises on the European continent, with 18 such exercises in nations bordering Russia.

Is SOCOM sending a reassuring message to allies, or an ominous message to Russia, the holder of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal? Is it wise defense policy to increasingly surround Russia, and back it into an increasingly tight corner? If Russian political and military leaders have learned one lesson throughout the centuries, it is that the concentration of foreign belligerent military forces on their national borders eventually leads to conflict and invasion.

US Special Forces Map

Not only has SOCOM positioned itself in a majority of the nations across the globe, but increasingly along the borders of the Russian Federation and China

The United States has become deeply entrenched in the conflict in Ukraine, having increased military aid to the ruling regime incrementally from 2014 to the present. After the disastrous Ukrainian Armed Forces winter offensive of 2015, culminating in the encirclement battle of Debaltseve, U.S. military aid kicked into high gear.

Regular rotations of U.S. Army trainers teach UAF troops at the Yavoriv International Peace Keeping and Security Center modern combat skills with an increased emphasis on making the force more NATO interoperable. Ukrainian Special Forces have undergone a clear and striking transformation, and are now nearly indistinguishable from their U.S. and NATO counterparts.

They are now wearing U.S. military issue Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) “multicam” battle dress uniforms and gear, and are increasingly using western manufactured firearm accessories, optics, and night vision equipment.

More notably, the UAF special operations units have adopted a number of small arms and sniper weapons systems that utilize NATO standard ammunition such as the 5.56×45 mm intermediate rifle round and the 7.62×51 mm rifle round. Sniper rifles chambered in .308 Winchester and .338 Lapua have also been adopted in limited numbers.

U.S. Navy SEALs | Crimea

U.S. Navy SEALs conduct exercises with the Bulgarian military in the Black Sea in 2018, a clear message to Russia that the U.S. was prepared to escalate asymmetrical warfare targeting the Crimea

Speaking at a GEOInt (Geospatial Intelligence) annual symposium in 2014, former head of SOCOM, General Joseph Votel opined that “We want to be everywhere, know everything.” Clearly, SOCOM has increasingly pushed for the first part of his stated goal in the intervening years; however, the increased focus and funding of special operations over the past 18 years has left the U.S. military’s conventional forces in a state of atrophy and decline.

The U.S. political establishment and military leadership have come to see SOCOM as the go-to solution provider for just about any scenario where military force is seen as an option. This has increased the reputation and clout of SOCOM, but this has increasingly come at the expense and detriment to more traditional conventional forces that chiefly serve the national interests of deterrence and defense.

Conventional Warfare Atrophy

In a detailed analysis posted late last year, “Why the U.S. Military is Woefully Unprepared for a Major Conventional Conflict”, I outlined the causes and effects of the decline in U.S. conventional warfare capabilities. There is undoubtedly a direct correlation between the reliance upon and exponential growth of U.S. special operations forces, and the decline in conventional force readiness and capability.

This is evident in all service branches and has had a negative effect on the ability of the U.S. Armed Forces to carry out future offensive and defensive combat operations against peer adversaries. The U.S. military will have very little hope of achieving decisive military victories in either Russia’s or China’s backyard. Any assertion to the contrary is delusory.

The U.S. military obsession with counterinsurgency and occupation stemming from one U.S. invasion or regime change operation after another, has left a once cutting edge, combined-arms conventional force gutted materially and low in morale. Special operations forces were leveraged in a fight against popular uprisings, Islamic terrorist organizations, and often an alliance between the two.

The overwhelming majority of the growing names on the U.S. enemies list found their genesis as a result of U.S. military adventurism.

These various insurgencies were a direct reaction to heavy-handed U.S. “foreign policy” delivered at the barrel of a gun. The resulting struggles in the so called GWOT depended greatly on an ever expanding pool of special operations forces. SOF were prioritized over other traditional, conventional forces not meant for occupation and not skilled in counterinsurgency.

While the troops at the disposal of SOCOM ballooned to almost 70,000, the U.S. Army has struggled to replace armored vehicles first fielded in the 1960’s, the Navy witnessed the utter deterioration and exhaustion of its carrier air wings, and the Air Force struggled to retain pilots to fly aircraft that fell deeper into a state of disrepair.

Although achieving battlefield successes, the Armed Forces of the United States have yet to decisively win any of the numerous conflicts embarked upon since 2001. The intervening years have revealed the U.S. military of today to be an organization riddled with major material shortcomings and inferiority, while plagued with a leadership lacking sound judgement and brimming with both hubris and an unfounded superiority complex.

This leadership has repeatedly decided to invest in special operations forces that are unable to win wars on their own, at the expense of conventional forces designed solely for that purpose.

Growing Political Power

SOCOM has not restricted its influence to the many battlefields across the globe, or the forging of ties with foreign militaries through training and advisory programs. Just as the CIA has stationed personnel at most U.S. embassies overseas, SOCOM has followed suit.

Special Operations Liaison Officers (SOLO) are stationed at a growing number of embassies, including the NATO member countries the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Italy, Turkey and Canada. SOLOS can also be found in U.S. embassies in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru, Israel, Jordan, and Kenya. SOCOM’s former head, General Joseph Votel, had announced the intention of putting a SOLO is at least forty U.S. embassies around the globe by 2019.

This statement should be viewed with some skepticism, as SOCOM rarely speaks publicly about the extent of their operations and planning, so it is likely that SOLOs are already serving in many more U.S. embassies, especially those located in flash points or trouble spots in Africa, the Middle East, South America, and nations bordering the Russian Federation and China.

Not only should this development be worrying to host nations who may not be inclined to look at a foreign military presence on their soil as acceptable, but it also clearly exhibits closer ties between SOCOM and the Department of State.

Not only has SOCOM fostered closer ties with the Department of State, but with the monolithic U.S. security apparatus as a whole.

In an attempt to “be everywhere and know everything”, SOCOM has moved further away from its subordinate position in the Department of Defense, and pursued a more independent and unaccountable path, similar to that of the CIA or NSA, two organizations that it has increasingly worked closely with. SOCOM has even forged close ties with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose prevue is supposed to be limited to U.S. domestic crime investigations and the enforcement of federal laws.

There should be some apprehension at both the Pentagon and in the halls of Congress, of the growing power of this new military within the military. In a constitutional republic that clearly delineates, compartmentalizes, and limits government power, the growth of a largely unaccountable, secretive and influential new military organization should be viewed as a threat to the very foundations of political and social order.

A number of former special operations members have run for political office in recent years and won. While electing retired soldiers into Congress and gubernatorial office will most likely bring a level of restraint to government military adventurism, with those individuals having seen and paid the price for war, there is also a chance that they will steer policy to aid the military industrial complex. The cautionary tale of Governor Eric Greitens is one such example that also signals another problem effecting the special operations community as a whole.

Scandals Tarnish the Mythology

A number of scandals involving U.S. special operations soldiers have hit the headlines in recent years, corresponding with the exponential growth of the force. In an attempt to expand the SOF, the Pentagon seems to have lowered physical, cognitive and moral standards in order to fill the ranks.

The Hollywood-Pentagon alliance that has worked tirelessly to create and perpetuate the image of the invincibility of the Navy Seals, presenting them as modern day Spartans or Praetorians, has run into a minor set-back in recent years. The criminal conduct of the elite of the elite has recently tarnished a once proud and silent fraternity of soldiers.

On June 4, 2017 an Army Special Forces NCO was murdered by two Navy SEALs and two Marines “Raiders” in Mali. The original story put forward was that the soldiers accidentally killed their compatriot in an attempt to scare him into silence. The Green Beret, Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar, had uncovered gross criminal conduct by Chief Petty Officer Adam Matthews and Petty Officer Anthony DeDolph.

The two SEALs had been embezzling money meant to pay off local informants, and had also been bringing local prostitutes back to the small unit’s “secret” safe house . Staff Sergeant Melgar was ambushed in the safe house, beaten and choked to death. It took military investigators roughly a year and a half to finally charge all four perpetrators with felony murder, involuntary manslaughter, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, hazing and burglary.

The investigation found that the men killed Staff Sergeant Melgar while engaged in an act of burglary; however, it is not known if they were attempting to steal back or destroy evidence that the Army Staff Sergeant had collected against them.

Perhaps no better example of the meteoric rise and fall of a former Navy SEAL exists as a greater cautionary tale than that of disgraced former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

Greitens had ridden the reputation of the SEALs into fame and political office, only to fall victim to his own despicable criminal mind. Greitens never served in combat and was not highly regarded by most rank and file SEAL members with combat experience.

Many such members speaking off the record, regarded him as an overly ambitious ladder climber that intended to ride the SEAL reputation as far as it would take him. It was largely theorized that before accusations of criminal conduct started coming to the fore, that he fully intended to launch a U.S. presidential campaign. Thankfully, investigations revealed gross corruption in his political dealings and his personal life.

Geitens had been listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine in 2013, and made the list of Fortune Magazine’s 50 greatest leaders in 2014. By May 29, 2017 he had resigned from political office in disgrace.

Eric Greitens

A still shot from a gubernatorial commercial promoting Eric Greitens in 2016. Greitens ran on the collective reputation of the SEAL teams, much to the chagrin of many rank and file members

A vocal critic of the new trend in special operations personnel seeking the spotlight and financial gain is Navy SEAL Lieutenant Forrest Crowell, who even wrote his post graduate thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School regarding the issue. While writing a detailed story on Governor Greitens in The New Yorker, Phil Klay summarized Lt. Crowell’s opinion put forward in his thesis:

In it, he argued that the SEALs’ celebrity status had diverted their culture “away from the traditional SEAL Ethos of quiet professionalism to a Market Ethos of commercialization and self-promotion.” Crowell warned that the new approach incentivized “narcissistic and profit-oriented behavior” and undermined healthy civil-military relations by using “the credibility of special operations to push partisan politics. “The people of this nation should be suspicious of SEALs who speak too loudly about themselves,” Crowell wrote.”

Reversing the Trend

Although it remains to be seen whether or not U.S. special operations troops will be withdrawn from Syria or not, it is highly unlikely. The timetable for withdrawal continues to stretch into the future. It is also highly unlikely that SOCOM will reduce its global footprint, slow the tempo of joint military training with foreign military, or request a smaller budget for 2020. Like all U.S. federal government entities, it will promote itself at the expense of all others, and will resist any demands to lessen its power and influence.

President Trump has proven himself either incapable of challenging the military industrial complex, or totally complicit in the aim of that complex to perpetuate endless military conflict. There is very little sign that anyone in either the civilian government or the military leadership of the United States has the integrity or is willing to make the political sacrifice to alter the current course that the U.S. Armed Forces are embarked upon.

The U.S. military has mis-allocated funds and priorities for the past two decades, engaged in misguided and disastrous regime change operations that have cost the nation trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. These military adventures have gutted the armed forces materially and morally.

A generation of Americans have been left scarred physically and mentally. Hundreds of thousands of combatants and civilians in countries across the Middle East and Africa have lost their lives, while millions of refugees have fled the resultant chaos.

By 2019, SOCOM has reached a pinnacle in power and influence within the military industrial complex. It has garnered and fostered an almost mythical status in U.S. society. Yet it has not won and is incapable of winning any conflict that the government of the United States has seen fit to employ it in.

Perhaps that is the very point. Special operations forces deployed across the globe, in almost every country you can imagine can help initiate, maintain and perpetuate conflict as long as the United States stays in a position of relatively unrivaled power in the world.

The U.S. military-industrial complex does not desire large winnable wars, but “low-intensity” conflicts that last as long as possible. That is how the system retains power, maintains profits, and remains relevant.

A strengthened SOCOM, deployed across the planet, establishing relationships with the foreign militaries of most of the world’s nations, and stationed in an ever-growing number of U.S. embassies is a dream come true for the Deep State. There is little chance that SOCOM will reverse its course of expansion and accumulation of power at the expense of U.S. national security anytime in the immediate future. J

ust as the FBI, NSA and CIA have grown in power, influence and unaccountability since their creation, SOCOM seems poised to follow the same model to the detriment of the Republic that it was created to serve.

Top photo | A U.S. operative prepares to load into a C-130J Hercules after the completion of a night mission rehearsal near Grand Bara, Djibouti, Dec. 4, 2018. Amy F. Picard | U.S. Air Force

Written and produced by Brian Kalman, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson

What you sow, you reap? Harvest of Syria war in slaughter-hood and trauma

Over 500,000 terrorist factions members were transferred to Syria in order to destabilize this State that managed to grow and prosper with Zero foreign loans.

ISIS and and Al Nusra were provided with more tanks that Nazi Germany deployed.

نارام سرجون

تدمير أكبر حشد ارهابي على الارض وأكبر ميزانية ارهاب في التاريخ .. سبب ركوع السفارات عند قدمي قاسيون

لن أكتفي بالمشي ميلين مع من يؤمن بأن ماحدث في سورية كان ثورة عفوية وأنها كانت سلمية وانها أجبرت على ان تحمل السلاح .. بل ساسير مع هؤلاء أميالا عديدة واصدقهم .. ولن أعاند من يصر على ان الدولة السورية استعملت البراميل المتفجرة كما يصر هؤلاء ويؤمنون بها وكأن البراميل المتفجرة وردت في القرآن الكريم ولاداعي لانكارها فهو الكفر الذي مابعده كفر ..

وساصغي لمن يغضب وهو يقول اننا اخترعنا حكاية المؤامرة الكونية وأننا اخترعنا داعش .. ساصغي .. وأصغي .. واصغي .. ولن أقاطع أحدا ..

ولكن عندما ينتهي البكاء والصراخ والعويل وشق الأثواب على الضحايا الابرياء وثورة الكرامة .. سأستأذن من هؤلاء جميعا واطلب منهم ان يصغوا كما أصغيت وماعليهم الا أن يقرؤوا تقرير وزارة الدفاع الروسية الذي صدر حديثا وقدم احصائية دقيقة على عدد العناصر الارهابية الذين تمت تصفيتهم خلال عام 2018 في سورية فقط .. قدر هذا الرقم بأنه يفوق 23 ألف مسلح .. من مختلف تشكيلات المجموعات المسلحة ..

وتم احصاء 159 دبابة مدمرة للارهابيين و57 عربة مدرعة واكثر من 900 مدفع و3000 سيارة مزودة بمدافع رشاشة من العيار الثقيل ..

ولكن الاحصائية تلفت النظر الى ان عدد قتلى المسلحين منذ عام 2015 فاق 87000 وان عدد الدبابات التي دمرت لهم فاق 650 دبابة وأكثر من 700 عربة قتالية وألف معسكر ميداني و10 ألاف مستودع للذخيرة والوقود ..

واذا أضفنا الى هؤلاء مثلهم من القتلى الذين تمت تصفيتهم أثناء المواجهات بينهم وبين الجيش السوري منذ نهاية عام 2011 وحتى نهاية عام 2015 سنجد ان الجيش الارهابي الذي تم تدميره فقد قرابة 200 ألف عنصر وسيكون عدد الجرحى عموما ضعفين او ثلاثة على الاقل ..

واذا اضفنا الى هؤلاء اعداد المقاتلين الذين تم تحميلهم بالباصات الخضراء الى ادلب التي تحوي الخزان الاكبر الباقي وعددهم يقدر ب 70 ألفا ويقال 100 ألف .. فاننا نجد ان عدد العناصر البشرية التي كانت تشكل جسم الارهاب والمؤامرة العسكرية يقارب نصف مليون مقاتل بين سوري واجنبي من مختلف الجنسيات ..

وانا لاأزال أقف مشدوها من صور الاسلحة المصادرة وكمياتها الهائلة التي يعرضها التلفزيون السوري حيث تيدو ارتال الدبابات والمدافع والرشاشات والذخيرة بلا نهاية ..

بل ان الجيش صادر كميات هائلة من المتفجرات التي لم يعد بالامكان استيعابها ويضطر لاتلافها بتفجيرات كبيرة شبه يومية ينبه اليها عبر وسائل الاعلام .. وكان الجيش امام مهمة صعبة أخرى هي التخلص من كميات هائلة جدا وآلاف الاطنان وجبال من المتفجرات التي كانت بيد الارهابيين .. وتعادل ماصارده الاميريكيون من الجيش العراقي عند سقوط بغداد ..

والرقم الصادم الاخر هو عدد الدبابات المدمرة منذ عام 2015 الذي تجاوز 650 دبابة ومئات المصفحات و10 ألاف مستودع للذخيرة والوقود مع العلم انه لاتزال في حوزة المسلحين اعداد كبيرة اخرى في ادلب .. وهذا يعني ان الجيش الارهابي بلغ في مجموعه نصف مليون ومعه على الاقل 1200 دبابة وآلاف المصفحات ..

وهو ضعف الجيش الالماني السادس الشهير (فيرماخت) الذي وصل عدديده الى 285000 وفتح اوروبة ووصل الى ستالينغراد بعد ان شارك في معارك بلجيكا وفرنسا وفنلندة ورومانيا واوكرانيا .. الا انه تحطم في ستالينغراد واستسلم منه 106 آلاف ولكن لم يعد منهم في نهاية الحرب الا 60 الفا ..

وقد يقول قائل ان الارقام الروسية مبالغ بها .. واذا قبلنا ان نسير مع هذا الزعم وأصغينا من جديد لهؤلاء الزاعمين فان علينا ونحن نصغي ان نتذكر ان الروس اضطروا الى اطلاق 90 – 100 ألف غارة لايقاف التمدد الارهابي .. وهذا رقم كبير جدا مما يعني انهم كانوا يتعاملون مع جيش واسع وكبير وشديد التدريب والتسليح ومنتشر بكثافة لدرجة انه وزع مخازنه على 10 الاف نقطة ..

مما يعطي الارقام الروسية تطابقا منطقيا مع عدد الغارات التي احتاجها ايقاف التمدد الارهابي .. وكذلك علينا ان نتذكر ان التقديرات الامريكية لداعش فقط انها مسلحة جدا وان مشروع اقتلاعها قد يستمر 20 -30 سنة وربما أكثر .. وسبب التقديرات واضح وهو ان الامريكي كان يدرك ماذا يملك هذا الجيش وماهي امكاناته للصمود ..

كل هذا يقودنا تلقائيا الى السؤال عن هذا الكم الهائل من السلاح .. ولايكفي القول انه غنائم حرب .. فالجيش السوري لم يخسر 1200 دبابة من مستودعاته بل بضع عشرات من نقاط محيطة مبعثرة قليلة الحماية ..

كما ان داعش الذي استولى على بعض معدات الجيش العراقي في الموصل وغيرها لم يستول على 1200 دبابة وآلاف المدرعات بل كانت معظم غنائمه العسكرية سيارات همر ومدرعات لم تتجاوز 500 عربة ..

وهذا يضعنا اما حقيقة أخرى هي ان هذا الجيش الضخم والهائل للتنظيمات المسلحة من حلب الى الشرق والموصل الى الجنوب السوري كانت له مصادر تمويل وتذخير وامداد خارجية ..

وهناك ملفات ظهرت الآن عن صفقات اسلحة ودبابات من اوكرانيا ودول اوروبة الشرقية اشترتها دول خليجية وشحنتها الى تركيا والاردن ومن ثم الى الحدود السورية لتدخل المعارك .. وأحيانا كانت تصل المجنزرات والمدرعات وهي جديدة ..

وفي احدى المعارك كانت تنفذ رحلات متلاحقة لبناء جسر جوي لايشبهها الا رحلات الجسر الجوي الأمريكي الى اسرائيل اثناء حرب تشرين 1973 .. وهنا نصل الى رقم 137 مليار دولار وهو لايزال الرقم الوحيد الذي تم الكشف عنه في اعترافات هوميروس قطر حمد بن جبر آل ثاني في حديث (الصيدة) الشهير .. والذي اقر فيه ان قطر وتحالف أصدقاء سورية ضخوا 137 مليار دولار في جسم الارهاب المسلح (حتى عام 2015 تقريبا) ..

وهذا الرقم لم يكن لشراء اللافتات السلمية ولا لكتابة ورسم اعلام الثورة على الجدران وصور فيصل القاسم .. فهذا الرقم الهائل تقريبا هو ثلث المبلغ الذي ستدفعه السعودية الى مصانع السلاح الاميريكية لتشتري اسلحة من مختلف الانواع .. في أكبر صفقة عسكرية في التاريخ ..

لذلك يمكن القول ان أكبر تنظيم ارهابي مسلح في العالم كان يطلق عليه الثورة السورية ..

وان السلاح الذي قدم له جعله اول جيش ارهابي في العالم يحصل على هذا الكم الهائل من الدبابات والمدرعات والمخازن والذخيرة .. ناهيك عن السلاح الكيماوي ..

وان أكبر عملية تمويل لأكبر عصابات في العالم كانت للعصابات الخطيرة على الارض السورية .. وأن أكبر مواجهة في التاريخ بين جيش نظامي وجيش ارهابي هي المواجهة التي تمت على الارض السورية ..

وأن أعظم نصر في التاريخ هو الذي حققه الجيش السوري وحلفاؤه .. وطبعا يمكن لكتاب غينس الآن أن يضيف الى قائمته أن أكبر جيش ارهابي في العالم هو جيش مايسمى الثورة السورية بدليل وجود نصف مليون ارهابي من كل العالم ومعهم آلاف الدبابات والمدرعات .. وأن أكبر مؤامرة كونية في التاريخ البشري حدثت في سورية ..

وأن أعظم ميزانية لعصابة في التاريخ هي ميزانية مايسمى الثورة السورية ..

وهذه الارقام التي وردت أعلاه هي السبب الحقيقي لقرارات ترامب بالانسحاب بعد ان تمت ابادة أكبر جيش ارهابي في التاريخ بعد الجيشين الاسرائيلي والامريكي ولم يبق هناك مايستحق الخفاظ عليه .. فكما قال ترامب لم يبق الا الرمال .. وهذا الانجاز السوري هو أيضا سبب تواضع تركيا في طموحاتها وركوعها على الحدود ..

وهو سبب تدفق السفارات والسفراء الى دمشق التي كان طموحها ان يحكم قاسيون من تلك السفارات وأن يقبل قاسيون جلابيبها وعباءاتها ويكون ذلك القاسيون بوابا على ابواب السفارات..

ولكن لم يعد للسفارات اي وسيلة للعودة الا الطاعة والانصياع والانحناء عند أقدام قاسيون .. وتقبيل قدميه .. وحذائه .. وطلب المغفرة .. والبكاء والعويل ندما ..




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