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Reciprocity means no visa: Yalla, Bala hal visa al maskhara (

Posted on: October 18, 2012

Reciprocity means no visa!

Are you one of these citizens around the world who have to submit to all kinds of indignities and humiliations to visit a foreign country? Like:

4 days of work to prepare the 100 papers (very personal) that European State embassies need…
2 weeks to get an appointment
2 other weeks to get the visa
total amount of over $400 dollars, not counting the extra expenses and time wasted…
I can say more…

Anne Kawala wrote: Bala visa: reciprocity means no visa

To the Schengen area States,

In virtue of the principle of reciprocity, we look forward that the same visa conditions be applied to nationals of the Schengen area as well as to those holding a Lebanese passport.

As European citizens are not required to have a visa to enter the Lebanese territories, we ask to apply the principle of reciprocity in this matter, and thus, allow Lebanese citizens to enter the Schengen area visa free.

The petition is meant to exempt Lebanses applying for short visits in the Schengen European States

For further information, please visit the Bala visa blog:

Note: For more details on how “underdeveloped State” citizens feel on the visa headache transaction:

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