Adonis Diaries

Tidbits and notes #511

Posted on: October 10, 2021

Are you still waiting for a wish for your life to take a life of its own, without you trying to cause it to happen?

No need to get older to learn a new set of behaviors, like observing intently and asking plenty of nonsense questions

Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar sacrificed millions of Rohingya out of the country for a faked return to “civilian democratic” system: She is Not the proper symbol of “freedom” to die for.

The Second Cold War is in full swing between China and the USA: US out of South-East Asia. Myanmar is the first stage in that war.

Till we have faces? What if we were denied eyes? Wouldn’t we be fitter for survival? Would have we been able to invent racism and hatred?

And you start reading biographies of these old crooks (Old Money) who “whitened their highway-robbery schemes” decades ago, and how their inheritors legitimately resumed the same crooked behavior? They were elected to political offices and they finance election campaigns, and fund lobbies for special interest laws.

Both Putin and Biden will settle on a neutral Iran in the grand strategy to tamper China trade expansion. A neutral position at the cost what Iran ideology? Ideology, and a theocratic ideology to boot it, is hard to reach a compromise with it. Another decade of calamities and suffering is waiting for us

The current Biden confronting position on Russia is meant to dangle the carrot of a neutral Russia policy and Not totally siding with China’s long-term policies. Giving in on Stream 2 to feed Germany with Russia gas might open the door for serious negotiation

Nous ne sommes pas des personnages, ou des characteres… nous sommes des histoires. Un paysage, une certaine lumiere, un crepuscule, un aube, une rencontre, un au revoir, un entretien, un malentendu, un moment d’amour fou… On se reconnaît dans une de ses histoires qui nous décrit.

“It’s not true that more feedback is better. It’s also not true that coaches provide the best feedback. There are two main types of feedback. There is feedback that’s internally generated and feedback that’s externally generated.” This binary choice is Not feasible: I lean toward the intersection of the 2 kinds of feedback that construct your character, depending on how steadfast and confident you are with your capabilities.

You are invisible to me, until you engage in confronting corruption of people and in institutions

Good procrastination? Working on something you think is more important than what you are supposed to finish? Like deciding to sit down and read a hard-covered book? Kind of avoiding different kinds of tangent works, such as doing errands for people and family member?.

It is Good in a sense that the people who want you to do the errands won’t think it’s as good as giving them some help in their daily chores and maintenance tasks . But you probably have to annoy them if you want to get anything done.”

The US governments and European governments have spent lavishly to boost the “economy” (extending free money to the poorer classes) during the pandemic, and if history is any guide it’s likely to keep it up.

The school of economic theory associated with British economist John Maynard Keynes recommends governments spend freely during recessions, then tighten their belts during booms. But historically that’s not always what happens. The question is :”How booms will ever come when the world trade is being closed and restricted? And how much the economy should grow to cover that huge printing of worthless money?

” The difference lies in how well you’ve been prepared. If you make an effort in training when you don’t especially feel like making it, the payoff is that you will win games when you are not feeling your best. That is how you win championships, that is what separates the great player from the merely good player.” Rafael Nadal in Rafa (p. 287)

The wrong and quickly fixed solution costs a fortune as in redesign, reparation for court trials for safety and health. Invest largely on the proper solutions and design for the users and clients

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