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With a rational mind…it does Not hurt to read: Networks of organized child trafficking…

Posted on: August 1, 2022

The Elite groups that control world financial and political structure.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

There are FIVE networks of organized child trafficking and abuse run by the Departmental Branches of the ill-uminati. Illuminati Structure Explained

Each network is trained differently and run separately as a failsafe to ensure ongoing child trafficking actions, should one part be taken down.

They do however cooperate.

The organisations that Jane (Jessie Czebotar) says run child trafficking networks are

  • Masons – Priory of Sion, Templars, Grand High Lodge Leaders
  • Catholic Church  – Pope then Catholic Church hierarchy
  • Mormons
  • Cabal – Jewish mysticism sect aka Kabballah, mixed with New Age philosophies and satanistic practices it morphed into the Cabal sect.
  • Satanists

This is of course not to say that all people in these organisations are abusers, or even know of the abuse.

For instance it is doubtful whether 3rd Degree Blue Lodge, “ordinary” Master Masons know anything about it.  They are the useful cover for those high level masons.

In the UK, the Blue Lodge masons even have different headquarters to higher degree masons Freemasonry, 10 Duke Street and MI6 [34]

In this following video Jane describes aspects of her personal story, and also descriptions of the ill-uminati structure. There is no transcript AFAIK, but I have summarised, below the video, the parts as best I understand them of the Illuminati structure.

Illuminati Structure Explained by One Chosen as a Mother of Darkness

or watch on Invidious 2019 BRIDE Ministries International Illuminati Structure Explained by One Chosen as a Mother of Darkness [1] 

Dan Duval interviews Jane for the first time on the subject of the structure of the Illuminati.

The following are my notes from that video. They are not necessarily in illuminati hierarchy order, nor 100% correct as it relies on my imperfect understanding.

Mothers of  Darkness  (MOD)

There are five MOD’s and they are essentially the CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers) of the Illuminati “business”.


  • Know how the System / Company structure works
  • Choose people by the gifts they have – gift tests, to do various jobs, roles
  • Oversee their quadrants in the US and internationally
  • Talk to Satan as they can see and hear in the Spiritual world

Mothers of Darkness decide whether bloodline people are Hierarchy or Expendables depending on the gifts they have.

Expendables are judged not to have the spiritual gifts to link to various demonic spirits to fulfil the needs of the company.

The ones with gifts assessed to be useful in the hierarchy are put into the Monarch mind control program.

There are three mothers of Darkness regarded as higher position than the others. Crone, Mother and Maid, and the Crone is the Queen Mother of Darkness. (Jane was to be the successor to the Queen Mother of Darkness)

Protectors and Assassins

Protectors are “security”. Each Mother has one. The head protector runs training for the others –

  • 5 Adult protectors which guard the Mothers of Darkness
  • 5 Junior aged 12-18 which are not assigned, kept in reserve and protect who needs protecting.
  • 5 Children who are protectors assigned to protect the Successors of the Mothers of Darkness ie the people who will eventually be the successors, which I think they are chosen early in their lives.

They battle amongst themselves for superiority by physical and astral means.

Grand High Priestesses

These are also called Mothers, and they are in charge of Quadrants.

Gloria Van der Bilt was Grand High Priestess for the East. She is the mother of Anderson Cooper CNN and Carter Cooper who died supposedly by jumping out of a window 

When one dies as Van der Bilt did recently (2019 Jun 17), there is a witches battle for the recently vacated position, under the Mothers of Darkness Castle in Belgium.

This happens in the physical and astral or spiritual realm with physical weapons and the use of spells and summoning of demons. They fight for each others power and demons.

Gloria Van Der Bilt with CNN Anchor /Host Anderson Cooper and Carter Cooper, who later was said to have jumped out of a window whilst his mother was present.

High Priest or Priestesses

The top 8 highest ranking (Not yet sure on the number) in the class of high priestess are able to compete for Grand High Priestess position.

Brides of Satan

The Brides ensure Satan is happy, and what he desires happens, Satans “candy wife”.

They can lure a person into the system if he wants someone. They look good, and represent him but do not have many duties or functions. Sometimes they battle, but it is rigged, they win.

Sisters of Light

13 for each quadrant, in US and Internationally.

Elite Security team –  They are just spiritual protectors, demonic possession, and spiritual warfare – disease and causing money problems. Different to Protectors and Assassins which are spiritual and physical plane.

Druidic Council / Satanic Council

This is akin to the Satanic Board of Directors, usually men who deal with the financial decisions, and company decisions for their territory.

The Positions are called Seats and they are divided into Quadrants. A cover for them is the Bilderberg conference.

There are a wide range of individuals in each quadrant. The Council receive instruction from mothers and give instructions to the High Priestesses in the quadrant they oversee.

They are in positions of power in cover lives eg business, bankers, political positions, UN or European Councils, in charge of trillion dollar Companies.

Each quadrant has bloodline family representation, eg Head of Van Duyn family [10] and Head of Rothschild family [16] .

The members  of the Council are the Lords of territories and each individual has territory within that quadrant as well.

Department Branches

There are 5 Department Branches in each territory, below the satanic council.

  • Masons
  • Catholics
  • Cabal
  • Satanists
  • Mormons

The Nazi connections are woven all throughout the branches. Many of the Jesuit priests are hidden Nazis.

The departments use their own structural hierarchies  eg

  • Masons – Priory of Sion, Templars, Grand High Lodge Leaders and down hierarchy
  • Catholics – Pope, Cardinals and down hierarchy
  • Cabal – Jewish mysticism sect also aka Kabballah, mixed with New Age philosophies and satanistic practices it morphed into the Cabal sect.
  • Satanists
  • Mormons –  Heads, Bishops and down hierarchy

The Bloodline families [ie the satanic ill-uminati families see Bloodlines of the Illuminati [14] ] are like board members, and oversee the departments in their territory, get messages to them, and ensure the heads of the businesses, eg drug trafficking programme or child trafficking programme are running well.

Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking training differs across the five departments, to ensure the robustness of  the business if one part is taken down. They can also work in conjunction.

The organisations that Jane says run child trafficking networks are the 5 departments.

Mind Control

Freemasons use the MK Ultra Programme, Delta, Epsilon, military based programming whilst the satanist and mormons tend to use Beta Kitten programming.

Mind controlled individuals are seen as file cabinets, with say 3 drawers and with each drawer having many files. Each drawer’s key is a demonic spirit guarding it.

Files are mostly memories with traumatic experiences, each file is guarded by a spirit, usually lower level spirit.

All the spirits and demons need to be accessed to get to the files, and individuals relive the traumatic memories when they access the file.

If an individual is not in line, or fighting the “company”, then the system considers them broken.  It is seen that there is not a correct connection between person and the spirit, that a childs gifts are not lining up with spirits.

The system will get them into fake counselling to ensure programming is continued or sometimes reprogrammed. This means higher level demons will be put in control of them or put fake memories in with different spirits in charge.

General higher level demons tear people apart mentally in 10 – 15 years. Other lower level demons, are more likely to coming in or out of people at will.

The above is my interpretation on what Jane is saying.

Below are some other aspects which are other peoples experiences or information that may fit within this overall occult hidden structure that Jane described.

Many people do not believe in the existence of either demons or spirits or magick.

That per se is not important, what is important is that the Illuminati, the people in power do. I will cover more on this in a future post.

Further Discussion

 Deprogramwiki [15] would perhaps be a resource that may be useful for deprogramming individuals, and is valuable for other information on the Illuminati.


The Illuminati is a group that practices a form of faith known as “enlightenment”.

It is Luciferian, and they teach their followers that their roots go back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic druidism.

They have taken what they consider the “best” of each, the foundational practices, and joined them together into a strongly occult discipline.

Many groups at the local level worship ancient deities such as “El”, “Baal”, and “Ashtarte”, as well as “Isis and Osiris” and “Set”.

This said, the leadership councils at times scoff at the more “primitive” practices of the anarchical, or lower levels.

I remember when I was on council in San Diego, they called the high priests and priestesses the “slicers and dicers”, who kept the “lower levels happy”.

This is not to offend anyone, it only shows that at the leadership levels, they often believe they are more scientifically and cognitively driven. But they still practice the principles of enlightenment.

There are 12 steps to this, also known as “the 12 steps of discipline’ and they also teach traveling astral planes, time travel, and other metaphysical phenomena.

Do people really do this, or is it a drug induced hallucination? I cannot judge.

I saw things that I believe cannot be rationally explained when in this group, things that frightened me, but I can only say that it could be a combination of cult mind control, drug inductions, hypnosis, and some true demonic activity.

How much of each, I cannot begin to guess. I do know that these people teach and practice evil.

At the higher levels, the group is no longer people in robes chanting in front of bonfires.

Leadership councils have administrators who handle finances (and trust me, this group makes money. That alone would keep it going even if the rest were just religious hog wash).

The leadership levels include businessmen, bankers, and local community leaders. They are intelligent, well educated, and active in their churches.

Above local leadership councils are the regional councils, who give dictates to the groups below them, help form the policies and agendas for each region, and who interact with the local leadership councils.

At the national level, there are extremely wealthy people who finance these goals and interact with the leaders of other countries.

The Illuminati are international. Secret? By all means.

The first thing a child learns from “family, or the Order” as they are called, is “The first rule of the Order is secrecy”. This is why you don’t hear from more survivors who get out. The lengths that this group goes to, to terrify its members into not disclosing, is unbelievable.

The Illuminati are present in every major metropolitan center in the United States. They have divided the United States up into 7 major regions, and each has a regional council over it, with the heads of the local councils reporting to them. They meet once every two months, and on special occasions.

A metropolitan region may have as many as 10 to 30 groups within it, and rural areas will often have meetings with other local groups, and report to the metro leadership council.

They almost NEVER recruit outsiders, although occasionally they will buy children or a family from Asia, for example, and keep them under constant surveillance in return for saving their life from the local Mafia.

They are threatened with being returned to this group if they ever disclose.

All the above is from DeprogramWiki –Who and What is the Illuminati? [40]

Illuminati Structure

In 1991 Fritz Springmaier revealed that the Mother of Darkness Castle was in Belgium.

“At 19 she did her 1,000 points of light ceremony in the Mother of Darkness castle that I exposed in 1991. It is the Chateau des Amerois near Muno, Belgium; from what I’m told they discontinued using it as their HQ due to the attention it had gained.”

It appears to have been blurred out on CIAGoogle Maps

                                                            Chateau des Amerois

                                                              Castle Amerois

The woman Fritz Springmaier is referring to that completed her 1,000 points of light ceremony is Hillary Clinton. The paragraph is repeated here.

As a teenager Hillary did the Illum.’s secret Cabalistic Tree of Life rituals, each of the 10 rooms has a separate ceremony. The pathworking rituals are done by deep Satanic alters (parts of the mind)

He states, in 2014 in the article Grande Dame Hillary our next Prez [37] , that Hillary has been a Mother of Darkness since aged 19. This would be approximately 1967 given that her birth date is given as October 26, 1947

At 19, as a new Mother of Darkness, she did a death, burial, & resurrection ceremony and was sealed. She has this parallel ritual life. When she grew up, her family’s cover religion was Methodist. The front of her mind knows she is part of the Illuminati, & this can be seen when Bill & her surprised staff in the White House with occult Christmas tree decorations.

Springmaier states in this video that there was 1000 points of light ceremony, which is a phrase that George Bush used several times. The video explains more on this and other aspects about the castle.

[Update 8th April – Jessie informs me that Hillary is in fact just a High Priestess, the confusion may arise as all are called mothers]

Due to Springmaier’s publicly identifying the Mothers of Darkness castle in Belgium it is not now thought to be used by Mothers of Darkness who actually use a castle in Germany. It is still used for Grand High Priestess Witch Battles and the like.

For more on the Castle, and the Bushes connections to it see Thieves of the Wood, Chateau Des Amerois and the Bush Family  [83]

Grande Dame appears to be a term used – Springmaier used it about Hillary Clinton and Fiona Barnett has used it I think about Meryl Streep  Revised Edition of ‘EYES WIDE OPEN’ by Fiona Barnett [49]. I am unsure of how Grande Dames fit into the structure as yet.

Fritz Springmaier explains about the Illuminati Structure

Councils (Illuminati)

The Illuminati has frequent meetings. Some of these meetings are organized to appear “acephalous” and “accidental” in their meetings, when in reality they are structured and planned.

One group, MJ-12 has gone by the following names: the Group, the Special Study Group, the Wise Men, the Operations Coordinating Board (OCB), 5412 Committee, 303Committee, 40 Committee, PI-40 Committee, and Policy Planning Group (PCG).

Some of the formal policy and ritual groups have names that all Illuminati members who have gotten high enough to learn, will recognize:

The Council of 3, Council of 5, Council of 7, Council of 9, The Grand Druid Council, The  Committee of 300, and the Committee of 500 (known as Fortune 500).

Many of the meetings are conclaves without formal names. The Grand Druid Council is not something fictional, but an actual body of people who formally meet and whose membership, we have been trying to keep track of.

The groups which make decisions to control this planet are networked together. Each decision has its own origin and route that it takes. Fritz Springmaier Deeper Insights [38] 

Fritz further explains about the Illuminati in the US

The approx. 7,000 ruling elite in America are in key positions where they call the shots for all important decisions.

The world is like their private club.

The mass media is their mouthpiece manipulating public perceptions.

Lobbying groups like the Business Roundtable, the Committee for Economic Development, and the Conference Board insure that public officials realize the policies they should support.

Their elite schools like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and the University of Chicago play key roles in developing people to play key roles in the World system, & also help with policy research.

Their foundations (for instance, the 100’s of Rockefeller Foundations, Carnegie Endowment for Peace, & the Bradley Foundation) & think tanks (as I have previously described) play vital roles in getting events in line with their agendas.

Policy Planning Groups like the RAND corp. and the CFR plan for the future & provide a false model of the world…

I might describe it as the view of the world that the Matrix wants people to see.

Citigroup (Citibank), Morgan Bank and B of A is each granted about a dozen or more reps in the CFR. Illuminati banks, insurance companies, and other big corporations are insured representation in the Illuminati’s CFR.

These American elite spend their vacations in Europe and interact with global Illuminati organizations such WTO, World Bank, Davos World Eco. Forum & the IMF.

The European elite meet at places like the European Roundtable of Industrialists, and the Union of I&E Confederations of Europe, and have policy planning groups similar to our CFR for each nation.

While the European Illuminati elite are the top decision makers, America & Japanese elite still play a role in running things.

A great deal of time & effort are taken to build consensus among the various players.  The Illuminati and their control over Humanity [48]

A structure for male Illuminati positions has been given as

  • Rex
  • Magus
  • Regent 
  • Prince
  • Priest 
  • Presbyter

Examples given of the highest rank of Rex were given as –

  • David Rockefeller
  • Alfred Heinz Kissinger
  • GW Bush
  • George HW Bush
  • Bill Clinton
  • Malcolm Forbes
  • Walter Annenberg

Quite how this male structure fits with the structure outlined by Jane or Fritz is unclear. I will research more on this. Perhaps they could fit on the Satanic Council or a quadrant of that, I will try and clarify as I find out more.

The mainly male freemasons have their own structure as well, and each mason is connected to knighthoods or societies.

Societies like the Knights of Malta, Knights of Bath, Rosecrucians, Knights Templars, Skull and Bones etc are all “specialties” or group names given for each Mason’s chosen humanitarian focus. Once they take vows they declare by lineage also their society.

However Jane also said that the system of matriarchy was under change to one of patriarchy in preparation for the arrival of the antichrist, and that preparation for the antichrist was supposed to be her specific job, one she escaped!

Child Trafficking

The Child Trafficking serves several purposes. Children – depending on bloodline hierarchy or bloodline expendables, or non bloodline which make up the majority, can be used by the ill-uminati for the various following purposes and probably many more

  • Blackmail of people in power via child sexual abuse “brownstone” operations
  • Source of money via child prostitution
  • Child Sacrifice Rituals – Source of energy, spirits, demons
  • Cannibalism (canaan baal) children are eaten in rituals
  • Sexual Satisfaction by pedosadists
  • Organ trafficking, body parts and organ replacement for the ill-uminati
  • Source of stem cells, blood, adrenochome and any other useful items
  • Control of parents via their children
  • Mind Control works best in children under 3, so mind control individuals can be used for sex slaves, super soldiers, developing powers such as remote viewing, working on black /secret projects, work slaves, experimentation with zero recall
  • Causing chaos and disorder

So children are a valuable resource for the illuminati, especially if they are controlled.


Just like stolen or fake money has to be laundered to get it into legitimate circulation, then the Satanistic hierarchy has to be interfaced onto the democratic structure that people are led to believe is in control.

This means the unsuspecting public are duped into thinking that democracy is the system in use when it is merely the Wizards of Oz’s curtain.

Jane mentions the Bilderbergers are a cover for the Satanic Council.

Other bodies that fit in this role are often named as Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, The Royal Institute of International Affairs aka Chatham House [17]

As the diagram illustrates, the Club of Rome and the UN are all controlled via the Round Table [18] which may in turn be controlled by the Committee of 300 [19]

Organizations which implement policy of the controllers are such as the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the OECD.

The European Union started life as a trading body, like NAFTA and now is well advanced as a stepping stone to the one world government or New World Order of the globalists.

It is not hard to see now how all the above organizations are controlled by and subservient to the satanists and the Illuminati power structure.

Corporations controlled by the Illuminati are vast, having consolidated greatly in the last 50 years in line with globalist policies.

The corporations control almost every aspect of our lives – they bizarrely in law have acquired the rights of natural people, but much less liabilities.

Corporations are one of the cleverest devices is for the elite to pool their power & wealth in corporations.

Because America’s court system has tended to support what the elite want, they were able to get some key Supreme Court decisions to go their way:

In 1819, the Dartmouth decision protected corporations under the contracts clause of the Constitution;

In 1886, the Santa Clara decision made a corporation into a “natural” person(!) with the Constitutional rights of persons.

Unfortunately, they have not been held liable for killing people & other criminal acts, in the same fashion as the rest of us true natural persons have been.

The corporate structure creates a buffer zone between the elite who control them with interlocking directorates and the public.

The corporations take the heat, not the elite.

The larger multinational corporations are financially larger than most nations, and loyal to the ruling elite. The Illuminati and their control over humanity [39]

eg Agribusiness

The same companies own the seeds, the chemicals and the food distribution and have huge lobby power over governments and rule makers and so mostly controls

  • What seeds, plants and crops are grown eg genetically modified food
  • Where those seeds plants and crops are grown – favoured countries not locally
  • How those plants are grown eg high input with artificial fertilisers and poisonous herbicides, insecticides, fungicides not usually low input organically
  • The market and price for the crops
  • What, where and how animals are grown, ie what they are fed on, how long they live etc – bigger and bigger moves to massive industrial agricultural, mechanised with little people labour input
  • Control profitability and how big farms have to be to exist
  • Control what research goes on in Universities through paying for research

eg Big Pharma – Pharmaceutical industry

  • Control what research goes on by paying for research and development
  • Control what research is published as they own journals
  • Control peer review by paying researchers
  • Control that only beneficial results are published
  • Control what medical establishments there are
  • Control symptom based treatments ie allopathic system of treating symptoms not cures as cures will deprive them of patients and profit in this system
  • Control what chemicals are in “medicines”
  • Control what doctors read in journals
  • Control what doctors stock by incentives
  • Products are vaccine
  • Fluoride on teeth
  • Neutraceuticals

This leads to obtuse situations that Big Pharma in the US has no liability for damage their vaccinations caused, that cost is externalized onto the public sector.

It seems the corporations are good at getting free stuff but dogmatically and repetitively call it free trade.

Trade Laws and Rules

Policies for trade control are constantly brought forward, such as the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, (MAI) [20]North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP), Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and many others too numerous too remember in a relentless drive to push through the agenda for a one world government, and neoliberal economics.

These Policies / Agreements are shifted from one body to another eg OECD, World Trade Organisation, EU and others to suit the controllers and outwit any accountability, public resistance or even knowledge.

Trade rules favor huge western corporations and disadvantage developing countries, smaller companies and producers.


TV, Films, Newspapers, Games and Adverts

The “news” and media are dominated by a few corporations

This results in a monopoly “mockingbird” media which controls the information and hence the “truth” which gets through to people, altering peoples reality from the actual reality.

Operation Mockingbird was a CIA operation to control the media. 

CIA Director William Casey also said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”

Total Value of Media’s Big 6: $430 Billion [Figures vary on various graphics depending on area and time of production of graphic]

These people are at their heads

  • National Amusements – Sumner Redstone
  • Disney –                             Bob Iger
  • Time Warner –                 Jeff Bewkes
  • Comcast –                         Brian L. Roberts
  • News Corp –                     Rupert Murdoch
  • Sony –                                Kazuo Hirai

More media graphics are here [31]

Q is a psyop close to the US President, NSA and Military Intelligence which releases information to the public often in the form of questions, and there are hopeful signs that they taking down the criminal cabal /illuminati.

Who controls the Big [6]?

It would seem to be the ill-uminati, for want of a better name..

This video neatly demonstrates the power of those mega corporations, which they use to propagandise for their owners.

— Majestic 12 was Grand High Priestess for the East.⭐️⭐️ (@TS_SCI_MAJIC12) October 9, 2019

This though is just scraping the surface as the media corporations not only use the news to control but also

  • TV waves themselves are alpha waves, which put listener into receptive passive state.
  • Music – full of satanic messages and mind controlled, emotionally bond youngsters to “stars” and control them as they grow up
  • Games – Encourage violence, acceptability of killing via drones etc,  at a distance without morals using gamer handsets
  • 5G Dangerous microwave radiation which can be used a weapon and to bring about a huge Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to control us.
  • Alexa, Siri, Echo and similar devices listen and record data on how people live, and feed this data and private information into the AI data bank and system of control

Financial system

Money is a major means of control of the population.

Once money was a means to facilitate exchange of goods,  it is now a commodity for the rich to gamble on and a means to control people by via “fractional reserve banking”.

Unelected, undemocratic, untransparent and unaccountable bodies such as the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of International Settlements can cause booms and busts at will, thereby gaining real assets such as land, buildings for worthless confidence based paper not even backed by gold.

All rates such as LIBOR, exchange rates, base rates, interest rates, gold prices, commodities prices etc are fixed.

The whole system is rigged but pretends it is democratic and fair.


Illuminati want us fitted with microchips so they have total control as told by Aaron Russo, friend of Nelson Rockefeller whistleblower before he “died”.

Dissent will bring a switching off of access to services.

“Intelligence” Outfits

The CIA and other US intelligence operations and other outfits in “Five Eyes” (FVEY) such as UK’s GCHQ, MI5, MI6, and Australia, N Zealand and Canada as well as Israel Mossad masquerade as individual country’s  “intelligence” organisations or “security” organisations.

As such they are virtually impossible to hold to account, and are professional liars. Follow  @1vs5i for useful information on FVEY

In reality they work together as one of the biggest international criminal gangs known, controlling much of the drug trafficking, gun running, money laundering, terrorism and child trafficking, organ trafficking, sex trafficking and child sex blackmailing operations and will interface with much of the Illuminati hierarchy.

The “intelligence” agencies are virtually unaccountable to anyone or anything. RT License to kill: MI5 agents can commit serious crimes like murder and torture, tribunal rules [82] 

They may even fit at the bottom of this pyramid.

In actuality the “intelligence” outfits in each country are “better termed the NWO’s intelligence world-wide intelligence agency, of which MI5, MI6, CIA, NSA, FBI, NZSIS, RCMP, SIS, ASIO, GCHQ, NRO, DIA & the SASB are simply departments, have together at least 300,000 people employed full time.”  Whale [10]

Other Organizations

This article link Puppetmasters of Child Sexual Abuse – Le Cercle, Gladio, Knights of Malta and Opus Dei Networks [3] refers to Le Cercle and Operation Gladio a NATO run Strategy of Tension, essentially a false flag terrorist campaign to divide and rule to suit the purpose of the controllers.

The link also mentions two influential bodies Opus Dei and Knights of Malta which will also fit into this structure of control.

The Illuminati can also be referred to as the Circle, different but overlapping I think, as Le Cercle is more Catholic based [47]

  • [41] 2016 Apr 30 VISUP Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy Part I
  • [42] 2016 Apr 30 VISUP Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy Part II
  • [43] 2016 Apr 30 VISUP Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy Part III
  • [44] 2016 May 7 VISUP Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy Part IV
  • [45] 2016 May 13 VISUP Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy Part V
  • [46] 2016 May 21 VISUP Le Cercle: Fratelli Neri
  • [47] 2016 May 28 VISUP Le Cercle: Puppetmasters 

Another good article covering the Child Trafficking is  Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations – Joachim Hagopian [5]

Another classic article, well worth a read is The Pedophocracy by David McGowan [4]

Mind Control

Cisco Wheeler says she knew in 1968 that there were over 2 million American MKULTRA’s, because she was a programmer and saw the documented records on this. She guesses (by 2019) “I would say 10 million”  [71]. How many worldwide?

This it is a self replicating system, as mind controlled victims are controlled by handlers who are themselves mind controlled. Who are at the top of this nasty mind controlled slave pyramid? Henry Kissinger is one that comes to mind.

The collosal number of mind controlled slaves should be recognised because  the evidence is the sheer volume of illuminati symbolism in public ceremonies eg superbowl, olympics etc as well as music videos and Hollywood (Pedowood) films is immense.

American sport certainly contains mind controlled individuals as outlined by Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien. This will be detailed in a separate post.

Trigger warning – Here are some Illuminati symbols that are used 666, Devils horns, one eyed symbols, pyramid, shhh and monarch butterfly mind control

Its not hidden, we just  need to take notice and wake up.

Twitter Thread on Illuminati Symbols

1. Thread on Illuminati Symbols – for those not familiar with it, perhaps look on it as a pictorial language that when you learn it, reveals hidden messages. First post is the Illuminati Ball 2018 in New York #Illuminati #IlluminatiSymbols #Rothschild

— cathyfoxblog (@CathyCathyFox) September 23, 2019

Jane’s second video of testimony is below, upon which I will only comment briefly.

My Training to Become a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati featuring Jane

2019 BRIDE Ministries International My Training to Become a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati featuring Jane [2] 

Visit us at! Jane is back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval to go into further details on her story. She was chosen to replace her grandmother as a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati. In this shocking episode, she gets into details about what her training involved. She talks openly regarding the human sacrifice, trafficking, and deep darkness that she witnessed as part of that world. TRIGGER WARNING: This episode will contain a few graphic descriptions. It is an episode you will not forget

This covers

  • Ritual of beheading of Mother of Darkness by their successor
  • Change of power from women to men to prepare for the Rise of the Antichrist
  • Spirits that Jane was trained to hear were Satan, Moloch, Baal, Astra, Cimejes and Azazel. She has day training and night time training
  • Her Grandmother, Queen Mother of Darkness tried to kill her repeatedly
  • Description of some rituals
  • Food and Genetically Modified Food and the use of Magick


Through all their groups, organisations and influences, not least sexual blackmail, the illuminati are able to control key positions and places throughout society. eg police chiefs, judges, lawyers, Inquiry heads, government, privy council, Lords, Church, Bishops,  City Councils, County Councils, coroners, crematoriums, mortuaries, doctors, dentists, social workers, psychiatrists, banks, financial organisations, insurance companies, watchdog organisations.

Whatever eventuality, they now have them covered and so their position has been virtually impregnable.

So as many people have found, democracy, justice, accountability, health services do not really exist for many whistleblowers or victims of child abuse or criminal activity.

If they are up someone in a powerful club of which most of us are not even aware, the odds are stacked against them.

They are outmanouevred and often blamed and framed themselves, for examples see  Child Sexual Abuse Campaigners and Whistleblowers targeted by state organisations [80]

This article was getting too big so I have curtailed it and will continue aspects of it in another post as my research continues.

However as it is, I think it gives a fair idea of the structure of the system which explains why things in this world keep going wrong when the vast majority of people are overwhelmingly good.

The system is rigged by relatively small number of satanic / Luciferian “bloodline” families who think they are superior than the rest of us. They set the system to cause harm to us. They hide and scheme, they lie and lie and lie.

If their system, their god is so right, why can they not be open and honest?

Of course many are caught up into in from birth or infancy and have reduced choice. Many want out but dont know how.

We need to change the system, get rid of the evil doers and reveal the truths.

We need to find ways of releasing the slaves.

The process is underway but the more people who understand that this is the case the better.

The more people that help tell their truth the quicker and easier the process will be for everyone.

Apart from a few major players ( in the thousands) the best way is to move forward by truth and reconciliation.


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