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Black and White

Posted on: April 11, 2009

Black and White (April 11, 2009)


            Human nature has been indoctrinated through religious ideologies that permeate daily living to view contentious events in black and white; you are either totally with us or you are an enemy and spy to our foes.  This is true regardless of cultural differences, western or oriental, rich or poor.  The only difference is that you have got States that managed to institute private or semi-private social and political facilities to function almost independently of the power to be; even within the political structures and constitutions there are alternatives for check and balance among the executive, legislative, legal, and the press.  These modern States enjoy possibilities for change, critical thinking, rules and regulation to evaluate, recomand, and change policies and programs.  Thus, regardless of human tendencies institutions come in place to rectify and reform any one sided views and policies.

            In the Middle East, people cannot hope for better rational future; not because of religions but because we failed to erect autonomous institutions backed by appropriate funding and constitutional laws that preserve the continuity and development of institutions that could be taken seriously.  When we say that everything is politized we don’t mean it in a positive understanding of reality but as an extremely bad negative connotation of very restricted and short term policies of individual or sectarian interests.  Even medium-term policies do not fly off and are killed before taking off and we have ready made excuses that foreign meddling in our affairs were the main causes for any failure.  We always want to fool the citizens that our shortcoming is not an inherent failure of institutions but because of outsider causes that hate us to develop and progress.  The truth is every political party or coalition that comes to power target institutions that were established by the previous political power because black and white atitudes have be transferred to institutions as well.

            For example, International Zionism had plans for a State; within Palestine, Zionism had a balck and white attitudes to any British policies and reacted violently accordingly through terrorist attacks; but its foreign policy could sustain many shades of gray requiring taking into account joint interests.  Ironicaly, after Israel secured its State internal policies accept wide arrays of gray but its foreign policies are completely balck and white; either a government is pro Israel or against and in such case hell fires are launched by the Zionists lobbies and anti-semitic labels are thrown right and left.

            It is redundant to confirm that the Bush Junior Administration was a cult and that its policies were in black and white; either you are with the Bush Administration or you are a debil and archaic State.

            On the Palestinian side is almost the reverse. Sure, before the recognition of Israel in 1948 the majority of Palestinians could not see but black and white, except Ragheb Nashashibi who wanted to negotiate with the British on step by step resolutions for future stronger positions. As the State of Israel got established the internal policies within the Palestinian factions remained black and white but their foreign policies was too gray and lenient with no substantive power to back any comprehensive policy.  The policies of the Arab States were no different than the Palestinian attitude and the failures are succeeding at great speed. There are no sustainable institutions that proceed regarless of political changes.  There is no sense of institutional continuity with autonomous status. It is fundamentally always sort of a one-man show of dictators, oligarchs, monarchs, and one party rule.

            For example, the Communist parties in the Middle East had black and white directions; what Stalin wanted was good and what Satlin refused was wrong regardless of the effects of the Soviet policies to our region.  Even today, communists could not change their language to ease off the apprehension of people in a highly religious region. It is as if “scientific materialism” is necessarily an atheistic ideology because it is in struggle with sacerdotal ideologies.

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