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Barack Obama’s first year performance

Posted on: March 15, 2010

Barack Obama’s first year performance 

            Bill Adair (Pulitzer Prize) published the Obama program that included 510 promises. Promises being executed are 240 promises, 86 promises were kept, 26 were compromised, and 62 were blocked by the oppositions.

            First, let me present a rundown of the major promises according to the previous categories.

            For promises being executed we have the following:

Creating 5 million “green jobs”

Restraining eavesdropping without authorization

Shutting down Guantanamo prison center

Stopping the usage of torture

Creating CO2 emission market

Creating a universal health plan that added 30 million more citizen benefiting of coverage

Setting up new financial regulations

Repealing the tax cut for the higher incomes

Reducing nuclear arms reserves in a verifiable manner

Re-enforcing antitrust laws that favor consumers

Reducing oil consumption of 35% by 2030

Securing borders by increasing personnel

            For promises kept we may mention

Sending two supplementary brigades to Afghanistan (30,000 soldiers)

Creating a fund to prevent further Real Estates foreclosures

Reforming prison terms to clear prison overpopulation

            For promises compromised we have

Creating a tax credit of $500 for employees

Requiring transparency in the process of budgetary credit by Deputies

            For promises blocked

Extending citizenship to immigrant with no work permit

            For promises betrayed

Obama failed in his promise to hardening regulations in the Administration on conflict of interests between public carriers and private jobs.  The worst transgressors are members in the International Monatary Fund (IMF), which is a public institution but functioning as if a private enterprise.

Note: Every now and then I edit and re-publish articles that passed unnoticed.  Since I first posted this article in January Obama had decided to use his authority as President to improve on Health Care Reforms without the need of Republican support.  Obama policies in the Middle East is still undecided and agravating the situation for his lack of personal involvement.

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