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Peter Higgs got it wrong: The field is Adonis and the particle is Foson…

Posted on: July 16, 2012

Peter Higgs got it wrong: The field is Adonis and the particle is Foson…

Etienne Klein, a 54 years old particle physicist, working at the Commissariat of atomic energy, is explaining what is the function and properties of this boson of Higgs…

The consensus among particle and nuclear physicists is that there was not a single shadow of a doubt in their “standard model”, a theory that was predicted in 1964 by Robert Brout, Francois Englert, and Peter Higgs

The theory says that the tiny subatomic particles ave no mass of their own: What is being measured is the resistance of friction of the particle as they navigate within the field of bosons, called Higgs Field.

Thus, it is this “void” of bosons that is attaching weight to the particles: the tinier the particle, the less resistance it experience, the less mass is attached to it… And I like this interpretation, with a twist:

1. Why the boson must exist  just after any kinds of Big Bang?  Why not postulate: There was boson first, then all kinds of Big Bangs, and darkness, and light, and water and…? Otherwise, we are back to square zero in the interpretation of the existence of the universe, with or without boson

2. I am a walking person, and I walk slowly, and yet I have mass. Should the boson have any significant interaction with my walking resistance? But that’s another story…

In the 80’s, the US launched a vast program to detect the boson and other particles. The project was to construct an 80 kilometer collider in circumference…the program was dropped because it turned out too expensive to just detecting lousy bosons…

The European decided to take the baton and invested about $5 bn on their hadron LHC, a collider of 27 kilometers in circumference on the borders of France and Switzerland.

Over 1,252 supermagnets of 15 meters in length each, and cooled by liquid helium, are to guide the two waves of protons injected in the collider and running “against traffic”. Cavities in these magnets are to boost the protons with the equivalent energy of a single flying mosquito so that their speed reach the speed of light…The protons travel in the collider and tour it 11,245 times per second.

I think that Higgs didn’t get it quite right: The field is Adonis and what will be detected as the tiniest particle is the Foson…Why? How?

By the end of 2012, the CERN (European organization for nuclear research) is going to maintain the collider and will need to invest many $bn in order to add 10,000 welding points on the supermagnets so that the protons will enjoy an energy boost of Two flying mosquitoes

With such an energy boost, the foson will be detected…Mind you that fos in Arabic means a fart…

Note: More on this God Boson

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