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So many unknown who lived in fear. And died in Fear

Posted on: June 11, 2020

So many unknown who lived in fear. And died in Fear

He lived in fear. He died in Fear...

Is feeling Cold, an idea first?

Before we shiver

Before we feel our bones brittle

Before we feel our inside going to mush


Is feeling scared, an idea first?

Before our palms drip sweat

Before our deafening pounding heart drive us crazy

Before our lungs aches for holding breath…


Is mental turmoil, an idea first?

Before our dreams turn an unending nightmare

Before our days rush amid hallucinating monsters

Before we scream in horror …


Is physical pain, also an idea first?

Another one of the string of illusions?


Hardly, hardly, hardly

Pain is more powerful than death


And empathy is irrelevant in this case

Only active remedies to alleviate pain count

And bring back Death

To the forefront…

Note 2: Millions upon millions died of famine, of  thirst, of persecution, of slavery… under all kinds of controlled governments, civil wars, pre-emptive wars for exploitation of resources… of colonial domination, of forced labor…Is it about time that humanity regain a few compassionate emotions, of the concept of fairness and equitabily to all, regardless of race, genders, class divide…?

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