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Tidbits #96

Posted on: February 9, 2021

Tidbits #96

If you agree with the notion that input will eventually equal output, then when you do more than you are paid for, eventually you’ll be paid for more than you do. The universal law: we reap what we sow and we get what we give.

The Agro food industries add around 30 kinds of additives. most of them are poisonous in high doses. A few of them contains nanoparticles, which means they can cross the intestines and flow with the blood and degrade many organs ( cancers). Eventually, these nano-ingredients will be banned and the multinational will be unable to contest the electronic microscopes (the power of technology). For example, the dioxyde of Titanium or additive E71, just to “whiten” the product. Several ingredients are mainly used to retain water, thus adding half of the weight in the sold products

Most of these chemical additives in food are pure poisons and supposedly are just used to satisfy the idiosyncrasies of clients in the look, the color and consistency of the food. I doubt the multinational food industries experiment on the specific idiosyncrasies of clients around the globe, just imposing the “palate”/taste and smell of the colonial powers idiosyncrasies. Obesity, diabetes and cancer causing ingredients… are Not labeled “Can kill you” as in cigarette boxes.

Lately, pressured by “Green Food” campaigns and alternative food preparations, many agro-businesses substitute a few ingredients with “Auxiliary technology” ingredient/products, which are Not required to be listed as ingredients, because these ingredients disappear after the food is cooked. Many of these Auxiliary technology ingredients are enzymes types and proteins, even those extracted from cow bloods.

Lately, the best way that I “know” that I did fall asleep is that I could recall “I had a dream”. Most of the dreams I cannot stand: I am being humiliated and cannot react accordingly. I respond with a half-waking sleep to cope with my lethargy to react, and then I force myself to wake up. And I spend a few hours watching lousy movies, feeling in a wretched diminished state.

In a lengthy documentary on Agro industries. the business could eliminate 20 out of the 30 ingredients for a healthy product and substitute many with “natural” ingredients.

Don’t dwell on this irrational harang: “Resist to your famine in the name of Nationalism“. At least 3 billion people are degraded to accept the misery of their “destiny” in order to satisfy imperialistic economy.

Mammalian scientists claim that it is the females that start the process of mating season. I cannot buy these one-way cause and effects. I conjecture that the males vastly contribute to this process with their cry of “distress” to mate. And the female respond by increasing the level of their pheromone , a catalyst to entice the mating.

I think many would like to die in their sleep, preferable while dreaming of a hot Sexy story in order to go straight to heaven and compare with the Houris

After 53 years, the verdict from The Hague Friday: The International Criminal Court has jurisdiction to investigate alleged war crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. How many Israelis are feeling the heat?

The U.S is the only advanced nation that doesn’t guarantee paid vacation time to workersaccording to the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

The US has the highest number of hospitalizations from preventable causes of illnesses and the highest rate of avoidable deaths relative to other wealthy nations, according to the Commonwealth Fund.

It is Not worth it to give your opinions on social medias if you are Not ready to open up your deep emotions and personal experiences. Better make sure you are at least paid for your faked opinions

If paying attention to your breathing for a couple of minutes is so hard, how getting curious of the level of addiction to smoking and consuming alcohol is a simple task? How the tastes and feels of addictive substances is tagged as a simpler task?

Many people climbed the highest mountains in their profession, only to discover they were climbing the wrong mountain that didn’t deliver on the proper emotions and desires.

If the schooling system denies you to learn patience, focus and comprehension, you’ll have to learn on your own these hardest attitudes.

Any which way you think of it, Life has no meaning in the end. The best way to sustain this foolish reality is to learn to be confident in the passion of the talent you are endowed with.

Most financial bubbles are often engineered by governments, especially powerful Nations that has the right to print money at wish. With plenty of cash money in the market, the government increase the interest rate for stocks that are issued, until the economic reality blow the faked wealth.

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