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“New-born Survival Nursery” Daydream Project

Posted on: July 22, 2015

“Beehive Survival Nursery” Daydream Project

Mankind doesn’t have to behave like cats and dogs: If the mother is unable to feed or care for her puppies, they all die.

Billions of families live in crowded, tiny and unhealthy shelters.

No wonder the infantile mortality is high in many countries.

Mothers and new-born babies should have the human rights of having access to special centers until the mother and baby are well-trained, rested and in healthy environment.

1. All the mothers in a neighbourhood who gave birth should be allowed to join a special nursery center until the babies and the mothers are ready to fly on their own

2. The Hives of 5 cells are for 4 mothers and their new-born babies and for the attending nurse or helper. 2 nurses aid the Hive, day and night.

3. The 4 mothers share a special facility for changing and bathing the babies.

4. The Hive  will have a kitchen for the mothers to cook and share dishes

5. The Hives will have a laundry so that to encourage mothers using traditional old fashion diapers that can be re-used

6. The mothers and nurses will schedule their own time sheet to share the burden and to attend to part time jobs and events

7. The laundry or kitchen facilities could be used for continuing education sessions on what to expect in difficulties with babies and how to remedy.

8. The Hive will be opened days and nights and the mothers and babies can spend days and nights in the center, especially during critical periods

9. It is preferable that a mother who had given birth previously to join the Hive for emotional support


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