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Why I didn’t join the protests against gender violence in Israel

‘My identity as a woman is not detached from my identity as a Palestinian, so I can only rally behind a movement that calls to free women from all systems of oppression.’

By Maryam Hawari, Dec. 5, 2018

A protester takes part in a mass rally against government inaction toward gender violence, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, December 4, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

A protester takes part in a mass rally against government inaction toward gender violence, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, December 4, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

I can only relate to an act of protest that undoes the privileges that other women enjoy as a result of my oppression

I first encountered Alice Miller v. Minister of Defense in my first year of law school.

In 1994, Miller took the Israeli army to the High Court of Justice in a sex discrimination case, challenging its policy banning women from combat roles. The court found the ban to be unconstitutional, and the case was a significant development for gender equity in the Israeli army.

Jewish Israeli feminists still considers it a defining moment for the movement, but even then, I could feel that this “revolution” did not represent me.

On Tuesday, a coalition of women’s organizations declared a general strike to protest the government’s inaction toward violence against women in Israel. The strike came a week after the murders of 16-year-old Yara Ayoub from the village of Jish, and 13-year-old Silvana Tsegai from Tel Aviv.

It garnered the support of hundreds of organizations and institutions, including municipalities, unions, and corporations. To this day, I don’t feel that this revolution represents me.

It’s important for me to note that violence against women and girls, including domestic abuse and femicide, is a problem that crosses nations, socio-economic backgrounds and age, and must be denounced from its root. I have no doubt that the organizers of the strike had good intentions.

They protested under the seemingly-inclusive banner of “Stop the murder of women in Israel” in the hopes that anyone would feel welcome to participate, regardless of their religion, race, gender, or ideology.

But this oversimplified slogan is at the heart of the problem.

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I believe that the personal is political.

As a Palestinian woman who is inseparable from the rest of the Palestinian people, I can’t isolate the murders of Palestinian women in Israel from the context of the imbalance of power that Israel created and has been consolidating since 1948.

I can’t express solidarity with Israeli women as they stand in solidarity with me, I can’t subscribe to a slogan as abstract as “stop the murder of women in Israel” because I can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that the murder of women here is not only a criminal offense, it is also politically motivated.

Palestinian women are not only murdered at the hands of Palestinian men. Women and girls in Gaza and the West Bank are also killed by Israeli soldiers — both male and female.

They are sexually harassed Not only by Palestinian men but by soldiers at checkpoints. They are Not only discriminated against in Palestinian society, but are invisible to Israeli decision-makers.

Tens of thousands take part takes part in a mass rally against government inaction toward gender violence, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, December 4, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

Tens of thousands take part takes part in a mass rally against government inaction toward gender violence, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, December 4, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

The protest on Tuesday culminated in a mass rally in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square. Some of the activists who attended spoke against the occupation, and included Palestinian women in the occupied territories when they spoke against violence toward women.

They mentioned how discrimination, the Gaza blockade, and Israel’s military rule over millions of Palestinians are inherent to the problem of gender violence.

But they stood side by side with female soldiers, police officers, and politicians who support racist laws, and who endorse the occupation and the siege of Gaza — the very women who view me, a Palestinian, as an existential threat.

This is why the nature of the current wave of protests indirectly — if not purposefully — excludes me.

It only wants to save Palestinian women from the injustices and patriarchy of Palestinian society, while totally disregarding state-sponsored segregation and discrimination in education, the allocation of resources, health care, land expropriation, police brutality, silencing dissent, unrecognized villages, and the lack of access that Palestinian women have to public transportation, in case, say, they would have liked to join the rally in Tel Aviv.

This protest dehumanized Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and pushed Palestinian women in Israel into the shadow of Jewish Israeli women.

I’m not arguing that Palestinian women are not in need of protection — it’s our right to receive the protections we deserve. But my identity as a woman is not detached from my identity as a Palestinian, so I can only rally behind a movement that calls to free women from all systems of oppression.

I can only relate to an act of protest that undoes the privileges that other women enjoy as a result of my oppression.

It begins with a recognition of the ongoing injustice and “state of emergency” that we, Palestinian women, have been enduring for 70 years.

Maryam Hawari is a lawyer and a political and social activist. A version of this article was first published in Hebrew on Local Call. Read it here.


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A few funny stories by Jean-Charles

3 categories de marriages: une, le mari doit la femme a sa fortune, une autre, le mari doit sa fortune a la femme, (et toutes les autres qui sont totalement fous).

Vous etes la femme de Ray Roger? Non, vous retardez de 3 maris

Apres 3 ans de fiancialle, le jeune homme demande: “Est’ il temps de nous marrier?” Oui, mais qui voudra de nous?

A une femme pas si jeune: Vous ferez un riche marriage, quand vous paraitrez avoir 30 ans.

A star was to select an item in the form: Single, married, divorced… “You mean just for today?”

Touchez mon index and regardez moi dans les yeux. “Tres bien. Je suis Martien. Mon sex est au bout de mon index

Un parfum “Espoir” coute cher. “A ce prix, vous n’auriez pas “Certitude”?

Apres la 4 ieme dance, la demoiselle demande a son partenaire “Vous aimez dancer”? J’adore dancer. “Alors, apprenez”

Entre Oui et Non d’une femme, il n’ ya pas de place pour une epingle (Cervantes). (He must have meant a questionnaire with binary answers Like/Dislike.)

Elle m’ a divorce’. Maintenant c’est moi qu’elle cache dans le placard

Dans un petit hotel. “Votre femme a-elle besoin de quelque chose?” “Pour ma femme apporte moi une carte postale

Les femmes, pas si bete, se montrent aussi gentilles que si elles trompaient  leurs maris

Un reve, un reve? Quand je pense a ce que tu fait dans mes reves, je me demande ce que tu peux bien faire dans tes reves.

A cause de toi, je suis a present la femme d’un cocu

Saint Pierre a beaucoup de travail a faire, mais il est coherent. Cinq femmes sont devant lui: “Les quelles d’entre vous a trompe’ son mari?”. 4 levent leurs mains. “Bon, au purgatoire. Atttendez un instant, ammenez avec vous la cinquieme qui est sourde”

“Pour se faire avaler to histoire a dormir debout, tu aurais du epouser une plus bete que moi”. ” Mais c’est que j’ai cherche’ ”

Note 1: This quip is mine.J e veux une fille completement folle: Je ne suis ni beau, ni riche, ni jeune. La fille qui m’ecoutait me presenta a son amie: folle aussi. J’ai le choix entre deux folles, trop jolie. Il fallait que j’ajoute une autre condition: que la folle soit un chef de cuisine.

Note 2: This quip is also mine. Quatre adolescents sont alignes pour leur tour. Le femme dit au premier qui vient de finir: “Faite que les autre ne me touche pas. J’ai senti que je suis deja enceinte de toi


Is that report Not fake news? Females more than twice the number of males?

I asked the one who posted this on FB to double check. It makes no sense that females are more than double the number of males in the world, 5.6 to 2,2 billions.
Just in China and India, and Islamic countries, with very patriarchal structured societies and where families do their best to have males and abort female, should make males numbers more than females.
In many countries experiencing civil wars and climate change mass transfer, females outnumber residing males, and it is possible that females numbers be twice that of males, but it does Not stand to reason this wide disparity worldwide, unless the UN is too scared to publish accurate statistics or census.
This report insinuate that only one billion males are married and the remaining ones are either in prisons or out of jobs.
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Prepare my official suit for tonight. And what the wife said?

My friend is getting wed. Prepare my best suit.

What suit? What friends?

After her long litany, the wife said: say something to my recrimination.
The husband replied: The gray suit.

الزوج 👨 : حضريلي البدلة
لأن الليلة عرس صاحبي ..

الزوجة 👩 : أي بدلة فيهن بالله ؟

الزوجة 👩 : قال عرس قال …

الزوجة 👩 : و ليش صاحبك مش عامله مختلط لتاخذني معك ؟

الزوجة 👩 : عرس صاحبك ولا رايح تقابلك وحدة ؟

الزوجة 👩 : أصلاً مين اللي بدا تتطلع فيك غير الخايبة اللي متلي ؟؟

الزوجة 👩 : دايماً دافّني بهالبيت ومابتطلعني ..
و لا بتسهر معي و دايماً تعبان،
يا عالكمبيوتر،
يا عالتلفون
يا قاعد عم تشوف التلفزيون ..

الزوجة 👩 : لأ وقال تلفونه حاطتله رقم سري…..
ليش مين مهتم يعرف أسرارك….

الزوجة 👩 : أنا أصلاً كان لازم اشتغل،
كنت كونت شخصيتي و صرت أحسن من غيري.

الزوجة 👩 : شو مفكر حالك رح تضحك علي بالمصاري اللي بتعطيني ياها ؟
لتكون مفكر حالك اشتريتني ؟؟

الزوجة 👩 : بس شاطر تسأل شو طابخة عالغدا، و شو عاملة للعشا….

الزوجة 👩 : بعدين إيمتا آخر مرة قلتلي بحبك؟؟ …..
قال عرس قال !!

الزوجة 👩 : و بعدين صاحبك وين رايح شهر عسل من غير شر ؟؟
و الا بده يضحك عليها متل أغلب الرجال و ياخذها كم يوم على فندق ؟؟

الزوجة 👩 : عن جد انت ما عندك رومانسية
و ظالمني معك
و ما ساويتللي و لا شي بدّي ياه بهالحياة !!

الزوجة 👩 : أنا أصلاً كل مشاكلي الصحية من وراك ….
اخدتني مافيني شي و لا بشتكي من شي،
شوف حالتي هلأ….
بس الله كبير …..

الزوجة 👩 : و شو يعني اذا كنت بتجبلي كم شغلة بدّي ياها !!!

الزوجة 👩 : انا بدي حنان بدي رومانسية بدي اهتمام …
قال عرس قال !!

الزوجة 👩 : ما عمري رحت معك ع طلعة إلا و هلكتني ….
يلا يلا يلا ما بدنا نتأخر عالناس ….
و بس نوصل بقعد مصمودة جنبك و كل النسوان عم تروح و تيجي قدامك

الزوجة 👩 : اصلاً انا غلطانة اللي برد عليك و بروح معك !!!

الزوجة 👩 : جد بطّل إلي نفس احكي

الزوجة 👩 : خلليني ساكته أحسن

الزوجة 👩 : ليش ما بترد؟ رد؟
الزوج 👨 : البدلة الرمادية…

Enough of these popular sayings that degrade the value of girls in families

Note: this article could be the foundation for writing equitable laws between genders to all States, if we edit out the term Allah or any similar religious “wisdom” or sentence.

وقت تشوفيني أنا وبناتي مافي داعي تقولي انشالله_بتزينيهن_بصبي …
لأن بعمرو الصبي ماكان زينة بالعكس تماما البنت هي يلي بتزين البيت والدنيا وحياة امها وابوها

وقت تشوفي بناتي لاتقولي الله يبعتلهن اخ_يكون_سند
رب العالمين هو سند لبناتي من بعد سنده مافي سند 
انا بدي ربي بنتي وعلمها تكون قوية وماتعتاز حدا بهالدنيا غير رب العالمين لانه الله وحده بس يلي بيعلم شو مخبية الايام ….
وقت ربك يكتب عليكي ظرف صعب متل الغربة
ماحيكون الهن سند لا اخ ولا اب ولاعم
سندهن رب العالمين وبس

وقت تشوفيني حامل لاتدعي الله_يجبر_خاطرك_بصبي ….
حدا قلك انو انا مكسور خاطري مثلا؟؟؟؟؟
حدا قلك انو البنت كسران للخاطر ؟؟؟؟؟؟
بالعكس تماما بنتي هيه يلي بتجبر بخاطري وقت كون مريضة وشوف حنيتها علي بعيونها
وقت اجي من مشواري ولاقي بيتي مرتب وريحة النضافة فايحة وتقلي تأخرتي يا امي غلي قلبي عليكي هاد هو جبران الخاطر
وقت تعرفي اني حامل ببنت وتتغير ملامحك وتسأليني جووزك_ماحكى_شي لانو بنت ؟؟ …
بدي قلك انتي خليكي بحالك ولاتاكلي هم جوزي ..
كلي هم حالك وهم تخلفك وجهلك
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ..
(48) لِّلَّهِ مُلْكُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ ۚ يَخْلُقُ مَا يَشَاءُ ۚ يَهَبُ لِمَن يَشَاءُ إِنَاثًا وَيَهَبُ لِمَن يَشَاءُ الذُّكُورَ (49)

وقت تسأليني وانا حامل (صبي ولا بنت ) وقلك بنت
مافي داعي تقليلي ( يلا_المهم_الخلقة_التامة )
وانا واثقة لو قلتلك صبي كنتي قلتي
(يييي الف الحمد لله الله يقومك بالسلامة )…
رأيك وردة فعلك مابيهموني ياريت تريحيلي اعصابك
لأنه بالنهاية البنت الي والصبي الي ….

ياريت بس لو نحسب حساب لكلمتنا قبل مانقولها
وياريت نترك الناس بحالها ونلتهي بحالنا بس ..

منقول ****

Campaign against swimming suit “Burkini” wore by Muslim women

The Burkini is swimming suit designed specifically for Muslim women who don’t care showing their nude body.
Many municipalities in France and many private beaches in Lebanon make it an excuse for a greater risk of getting drowned  in order to refuse the wear of the burkini.
Actually, the serious swimmers won’t wear burkini, and those who wear it just want to get in the water, close to shore, and play with their children.
Most of the time, they don’t even approach the water and stay under the umbrella watching their kids playing and running.
It is this idiosyncrasy that the beach won’t be acceptable to the middle class people that pressured many owner to strictly forbid the burkini, especially if they come in black color.
The article went into a tangent and questioned the validity of “welcoming countries” forcing new immigrants to change quickly their traditions and customs, particularly if they are fleeing wars, and they didn’t opt to leave their country on their own volition.

Ghada El Yafi updated her status. August 27, 2016 at 3:26 PM

Je sais que ceux qui me connaissent savent à quel point je suis pour la laïcité, la sécularité.

Mais j’estime que cette campagne contre ce qu’ils ont appelé le “burkini” est une campagne inspirée par le sentiment de suprématie, de domination, de supériorité, de racisme.

Certes je défend le port du bikini à la plage, certes je défend la liberté des femmes dans les milieux islamistes fermés qui, sous prétexte de religion, se permettent d’abuser de leurs droits envers leurs épouse, soeur, fille et même mère.

Le problème des femmes arrivées en Occident est dramatique. Elles ne l’ont jamais choisi. Elles arrivent dans un monde dans lequel on leur demande subitement de changer leurs habitudes, leurs croyances, leur manière de vivre!

Ont-elles choisi de quitter leurs pays ou sont-ce les circonstances qui les y ont forcées?

Dans le cas de la Syrie par exemple, auraient-elles subi de leur plein gré ces voyages de la désolation avec la traversée de mers en y laissant leurs proches enfants, parents, personnes aimées, ou est-ce la guerre qui les y a forcées?

Une guerre entièrement organisée par l’Occident à des fins politiques que je ne veux pas évoquer ici.
La terre ou qu’elle soit est la terre de Dieu. Les hommes qui se l’ont appropriée ne l’ont fait que par le fruit de hasard et ensuite en raison de la rapacité, de l’avidité et du fait d’une priorité arbitraire.

Pour ce qui est de la guerre, que ces combattants étrangers se retirent des pays où ils prétendent combattre pour l’Islam. Que les occidentaux, français inclus, cessent de leur prêter main forte.

Que les grandes puissances respectent les lois de Nations-Unies, et ces femmes avec leurs familles seraient les premières à vouloir rentrer chez elles.

Assez de “polémiquer” autour du “Burkini” qui n’est qu’une manière d’exprimer un racisme, un chauvinisme, ou simplement un ressentiment de ce qui ne nous ressemble pas.

Imaginez un peu un monde monomorphe, qui aimerait y vivre? Il serait des plus plats, des plus ennuyeux et les gens y inventeraient des zizanies pour se distraire.

Mais soyons sérieux. Dans un pays qui sacralise l’égalité et la liberté, le voilà qui commence à les restreindre.

Pourquoi? Parce que la propagande anti-Islam ainsi que le terrorisme -entretenu, bien-entendu- de Al-Qaida et succursales, a fait long feu?

Gardons à l’esprit qu’il a été utilisé par les USA pour servir ses causes mais a dérivé par la suite et n’est plus l’enfant obéissant qu’il était.

Pourquoi l’accoutrement de ces femmes qui déplaît (aux libanais, encore plus qu’aux français, toujours plus royalistes que le roi!) les dérange-t-il, au point de vouloir faire des lois à leur encontre?!

Laissez donc la liberté vestimentaire à chacun dans l’espace public. Mais vous, européens, aidez donc vos dirigeants à arrêter leur ingérence dans les guerres si loin de chez vous, que la paix s’installe enfin, et toutes ces femmes “ridicules” seraient les premières à vouloir rentrer chez elles.

En attendant, il n’est pas inutile d’avoir un peu de compassion.


“The most beautiful History of Man”

Apparently, we are not permitted to look at our ancestors, 100,000 years ago, with condescendence:

we are the same in nature, in heredity, in intelligence, in behavior, in mode of life, in our imaginary,…

We have the same identity and we didn’t change much from prehistorical mankind, before he moved up one step in the ladder toward settling down in urban centers (the neolitic phase, 10,000 years ago)

Note: “The most beautiful History of Man” is a French book, a collection of three interviews with Andre Langaney, Jean Clottes, Jean Guilaine, and Dominique Simonnet…

Note 2:




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