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Tidbits #80

I don’t believe in luck: good fortune isn’t always an accident. It is when you are prepared when the right opportunity knocks, and you feel it is what fits you.

Chileans, in a landslide 78% of voters in the referendum agreed to rewrite their constitution. They scrapped the country’s dictatorship-era 1980 constitution after mass protests last year over inequality.

A few sentences from the Memoirs of Jean Jacques Rousseau:

Je sens tout et je ne vois rien. Je suis emporte’, mais stupid: mes idees sont lentes a naitre. Il faut que je sois de sang-froid pour penser. Je manque d’apropos dans mes conversations. Mes idées sont sont excellentes en écrit.

The democratic process, allowing the base to vote, has the advantage to open up freedom of opinions, debates and a wider communication among the members.

The trustee system (Senate, representative chambers, majles Oumanaa2) might look good logically because a gathering of educated and experienced members, and might be the best alternative at the beginning, but it usually becomes obsolete to the base and inevitably leads to dictatorship of a certain political class of elders with vested interests.

If there’s an electoral college tie, it goes to the House. At that point, according to the 12th amendment, the newly elected House chooses the president among the three leading candidates. The new Senate, meanwhile, gets to pick the vice-president from the same three candidates. My question is: how tie is being considered numerically?

Researchers say cortisol hormone levels in earwax can transform diagnostics for people with depression. Not an indicator for Stress too?

It is impossible to contemplate the Zionists and US extremist Protestants still living under this heap of crap of fake knowledge, myths and racist ideology. Israel is surviving under this mound of shit and the world community is forbidden to criticize its apartheid policies.

When those States drop “La Ilaha illa Allah” from their flags, when they drop from their Constitutions that Shari3at is the foundation of the laws, when they drop that a religious sect is the religion of the State, when they drop the concept that women’ brain is half that of men…Then, you may ask me “How do you foresee the future for these people?”

Desist from hiding your belonging off your sight: you end up acquiring the double of everything when the time for the great clean-up is ripe.

US having no central authority in charge of elections. No wonder the US citizens are always confused on “how to vote”




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