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Cambodia Gracious kids after this mass genocide

Posted on: February 11, 2021

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Posted on May 26, 2012

I loved many pictures of kids in war-torn countries such as Cambodia and the Congo who exhibit the spirit of joy and hope in Mimo’s blog: 365.

I selected pictures of kids:

1. From Cambodia, a country that experienced three years of internal genocide by the radical Marxist Khmer Rouge power that killed 2 million and countless injured and handicapped people

2. From the vast Congo that experienced over 20 years of civil wars and fighting against neighboring countries, and had to deal with million of refugees flocking for “safety”

This set of pictures were taken in Cambodia after the genocide period: human eyes?

A tougher life than most (a picture from Congo, a preview of the set of the Congo)

moving away from the past, the little girl in Ta Prohm young girls in Phnom Penh. The post genocide generation, the boat lady with the straw hat

the joy of learning

Note 1: Mimo’s blog: 365 from the archive

Note 2: You can always give something: A little kindness

Note 3: I saw on the news this March 27, 2014, two little Syrian kids (barely 10) retrieving with their dirty hands bread crumbs amid the stones on the seashore.

The girl said: “By the time we satisfy some of our hunger, we feel already terribly famished”

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