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“The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown

Posted on: October 24, 2008

“The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown, (March 12, 2008)

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I just finished reading this interesting book and I learned that Lebanon had banned the movie and the book.  The Vatican and the Church have enormous power, as well as any religious institution anywhere on Earth.

The story of “The Da Vinci code” is that Godefroy de Bouillon, the first King of Jerusalem who led the second Crusader’s campaign, discovered documents in the ruin of Herod Temple that prove that he descends from Jesus and Marie Magdalena.  Magdalena was also a descendent from Salomon’s royal blood of the Benjamin tribe and she had married Jesus and was a very influential woman among the Jews, and she was the favorite of Jesus among his disciples.

Jesus gave Marie Magdalena instructions to lead and administer the first Christian communities after his death.  Joseph d’Arimacy whisked Magdalena to France to save her from persecution after Jesus death and she gave birth to Sara.  The Jewish community in France adopted her and Sara and the Merovingian dynasty of France, which built Paris, were descendants of Sara.

For the first three centuries, the early Christians knew all these facts and considered Jesus to be their eminent mortal prophet and who resurrected on the third day.

Now, Helene, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine of Constantinople, became Christian and encouraged her son to change from paganism and adopt Christianity.  Constantine remained a pagan for most of his life, but for State reasons he decided to make peace with the overwhelming Christians in his kingdom and encouraged his people to adopt the new religion.

The price was that, since no two kings were to govern, then the Christian Bishops had to transform Jesus to a divine entity so that his descendents do not claim any rights to the Roman Kingdom.  The conclave of Nicee in the year 325 admitted the divine nature of Jesus and also that he remained a celibate. The vote was infavor by a small margin. Marie Magdalena was labeled a prostitute and the female were to be relegated to a second rank without any rights to the clerical order.

Furthermore, the hundreds of written biographies, chronicles, and religious books about Jesus were destroyed. The believers in particular “bibles” were hunted down as heretics and only four books were retained as representative of the New Testament after the council of Nicee.

Many violent persecutions followed, and those Christian sects labeled heretics were put to death. Many pagans’ symbols were included into the Christian religion, as well as the date of their festivities, in order to satisfy the pagans and enhance their indoctrination into the new religion.

During the Spanish Inquisition and over three centuries, more than 5 million females were estimated to have been burned on the stakes on account of witchcraft or worshiping the Devil or a Mother Goddess or belonging to sects that the Church did not approve of.  This witch-hunting frenzy was transferred by the Pilgrims to the New World of America.

King Godefroy instituted the Knights of the Temple to safeguard the documents and also to protect the descendents of Jesus and the sarcophagus of Magdalena, the Sacred Feminine. The mystery of the “Sang real” (real blood), transformed to Saint Grail throughout history, is specifically the attempts of the Vatican to get hold of these documents and the extermination of any descendents to Jesus and Magdalena.

The Templar Knights, (Les Templiers), became very powerful and the King of France Philip IV le Bel borrowed a lot of money from them.  In 1307, Pope Clement V coordinated with King Philip a vast clandestine operation that exterminated the leading Knights of the Temple on an October Friday 13.  The Knights of the Temple took the name of the Fraternity of “le Prieure de Sion”. Thus, Friday 13 became a symbol for the underground secretive sects.

According to the book, the sarcophagus of Maria Magdalena, the documents, and whatever is kept secretly, four large trunks in all, have been moved several times during 8 centuries. England was a location of choice for many centuries and the leading members of this secret sect learned English and wrote in English because it was a language not directly derived from Latin and thus, avoided the Vatican and French spies.  The Roslyn Chapel in Edinburgh, in Scotland, built in 1446 by the “Templiers” on the ruins of an ancient pagan temple dedicated to Mithra the Sun God, harbored for a while the Saint Graal.  It was recently moved to the Louvre and is under the miniature pyramid, two third of it buried underground.

Apparently, the rumors that this secret sect was planning to divulge the secrets to the public by the turn of this millennia, the End of Time, was a good motif for the Vatican to act feverishly to recapture the indicting documents.   Everything ends well and the documents would not be revealed to the public because people crave secrecy and myths.

(I have no problem with Jesus to have married and procreated, simply because the customs of the time required adults to marry, and Jesus would have been unable to carry out his mission and his teachings if he were celibate at the age of thirty.  I do have a problem with forcing Saint Marie to be a virgin, and consequently, spreading the notion that sexual relations are fundamentally sinful and creating the myth that Eve had destroyed the balance of peaceful coexistence between the sexes and shown man the route to dangerous knowledge, tendencies and behavior.)

That the Vatican and the successive Popes used violence to establish their earthly power is also understandable, but to eradicate facts and eliminate the liberty of free thinking and reason, and forcing the Christians to ignorance and lack of compassion is a sin that no rhetoric can absolve this absolute power. 

I do have problems with these secretive Fraternities that refrain from aerating their system of beliefs because they are tantamount to exercising exclusive power over their members and generating act of terrorisms.  Somehow, most of these Fraternities adopt Jewish symbols publicly, but they are mute about their pagan symbols which are legitimate when their meanings are explained to express a form of continuity among all religions: a continuity of human knowledge, moral and cultural development, and spiritual transcendence.

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