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How a steady, sustained resistance kicked Israel out of Lebanon (1982-2000)

Journalist British correspondent Robert Fisk wrote a book “Affliction of Nation” and I have been summarizing chapters of the Arabic version.

Fisk covered the civil war in Lebanon for 9 years and investigated on the ground.   Fisk wrote:

“As the invasion of Israel to Lebanon in June 1982 progressed, fear and apprehension of Israel military vanished.

Israel might was not in its soldiers, but its destructive fire power and air superiority. In this invasion, Israel emptied its last shot at scaring its neighboring States:  Israeli soldiers were hunkering down in their bunkers.

An Israeli war analysts wrote: “Illusion was the basis of this preemptive war and its motivation was concealed. This war was doomed to end in catastrophe”

I met the Israeli reservist soldier Dany (18 of age) on the Awwali River Bridge on Aug. 16, 1984.  Dany was born in Washington and is currently living in the kibbutz Ain Smorian. He was to serve for 9 months and resume his education in political sciences. Dany pointed to a Lebanese peasant in Saida and said: “He sees everything around him.  Soon, they will ambush us again. I understand their reactions: our antagonistic activities are not to be peaceful.  They have the right to hate us.  I wish I could speak Arabic and say: “Please, I am sorry…” All that I was taught of Arabic is “Do that, Go there, Hurry up…”

A beautiful girl waved to an Israeli soldier at a check-point in the town of Kfarfalous on Aug. 17, 1984.  The soldier said “Hi”. The girl smiled and cursed in Arabic: “Are you still alive? Curse of God on your people…”

Apparently, Israel failed to spread anything civilized in this region, much less democracy: Israel has succumbed to the mentality and customs of the Near-East.

Note: The Lebanese resistance started as Israel troops entered Beirut. Many Kamikaze suicide attacks on Israel headquarters, center of commands and gathering of soldiers increased between in 1983-1986, until Syria gave Hezbollah the exclusive “resistance right” against Israel occupation that lasted till May 24, 2000

Excuses of this Zionist  Roger Cohen  for Israel’s successive preemptive wars on Gaza

Glenn Greenwald posted this news:

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen  is explaining why he has always been and still is “a Zionist”.

He wrote the crucial paragraph that gives the vital context for the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Any discussion that excludes these facts is inherently unreliable:

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen - explaining why he has always been and still is "a Zionist" - writes the crucial paragraph that gives the vital context for the Israeli attack on Gaza. Any discussion that excludes these facts is inherently unreliable:
Note: And that generated a counter reaction of a Messianic Islamic fundamentalist movements in Daesh, Nusra, Qaeda… claiming the same land area as Israel, a land we call it “Greater Syria” or the Levant and Iraq.

Bi-Weekly Report (#20) on Lebanon and the Middle East (May 3, 2009)

Israel would like to play games with the US Administration in order to delay tough decisions for the establishment of a Palestinian State that everyone has been yearning for.

Israel is trying to focus the attention on Iran but there are no takers. 

The US Administration knows that there are No peace treaties with the Palestinians or Syria unless the regional powers are satisfied and consenting; mainly Iran, Egypt, Saudi Kingdom, and Turkey.

Iran is the easiest of the roadblocks among the four major regional powers because Iran would rather focus its investment on the social and economical issues in Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

The most difficult power to satisfy would be Egypt because it lost all credibilities for making any difference in the Arab World and in Africa after Gamal Abdel Nasser: Egypt is holding staunchly to its last Palestinian cards, since the huge weight in the Arab World that Gamal Abdel Nasser created for Egypt was dilapidated and used up since Sadate in 1970.

In fact, if a Palestinian State is voted on in the UN, then Egypt would have to turn to its main responsibility that is Sudan. Sudan is a real hot potato and an international focus: Egypt has neglected Sudan for so long that it has no real leverage over there.

Saudi Kingdom comprehends that exporting and proselytizing its Wahhabi sect will come to an abrupt stop if peace and stability reign in the States of the Sunni Muslims:  The Wahhabi salafist sect relies mainly on religious extremism in the Arab World which is fueled by considering Israel and Iran as nemesis to the Muslims.

Turkey is enjoying its new found role of mediator and would rather that this exercise last longer to convince France that Turkey is a critical factor for the European Union political effectiveness in the Middle East.

The triangle of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan is a very hot potato for Turkey to focus its attention on: Turkey would rather not alienate Russia at this junction before it secures a place in the EU.

Israel has been trying since the coming of Barack Obama to immerse the new US Administration in the recurring troubles between India and Pakistan and comploting terrorists attack in both States: the purpose was to divert the US from pressuring Israel to deliver on its promises for facilitating the establishment of a recognized Palestinian State.

With spring season, the Pakistani Army is making good progress inside the rebellious extremist Taliban type districts within Pakistan such as the Valley of Sawat and with the support of US military shipments.

I was having a nap around 4 p.m. this Wednesday when I overheard that the four military officers, Jamil Al Sayyed (former Security Director), Raymond Azar (military intelligence), Mustafa Hamdan (Presidential guard), and Ali Haj (director of the internal forces) will be released this afternoon after the special International Court of Justice for former late Rafic Hariri realized that it had no legal indictments on any one of the Generals.

There will be strong pressures for four judges to resign because they covered up information and detained the officers for 44 months without any kinds of indictments for political reasons; mainly the focus will be on the judges Said Mirza and Sakr Sakr.

Many heads will fall and the government is in hot water, especially Seniora PM, Saad Hariri, Walid Jumblatt, Samir Geagea, and particularly deputy Marwan Hamady for fabricating false testimonies by false witnesses.

After four years of investigation into the assassination of Rafic Hariri the International Court has nothing in its file for indicting anyone. 

Nasr Allah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah has suggested that a new venue be focused on; mainly the Israeli connection because they had the interest and the means for this major upheaval in Lebanon.  Nasr Allah proclaimed that no more indictments or imprisonment would be facilitated before thorough analysis of the proofs with the UN Court.

Jamil Al Sayyed had explained that their political indictment was a routine behavior of every government since the Independence of Lebanon.

The security responsibility of any government starts with the president of the Republic, then the Prime Minister, then the Head of the Parliament, then the ministers, then the deputies and lastly the security forces. 

All the massacres, treasury stealing, financial black boxes, and insecurity of the State are done by the politicians and based on their policies. 

Once the politicians find it convenient to reconcile their differences it is the officers of the security and military forces that are targeted as scapegoats.

Next Tuesday the highest court of judges of Lebanon will meet and come up with a credible explanation for shirking its independence as the third authority and hopefully major heads should pay the price for ruining the credibility of our justice system.

Diary of a war in 2006 

Posted on October 21, 2008

My niece Joanna returned home around 11 p.m. and I will tell her a piece of my thoughts since she considers herself a sensible and an intelligent creature.  

 She has to drive at least 40 minutes on a deserted road and with one million refugees, people hungry and out of jobs and in dire need of gas, the possibilities for unusual behaviors might be understandable in this frustrating time.

Israel did a major incursion toward the town of Marjehyoun with a long file of tanks early this morning; two of its top commanders were killed.  By 10:30 the Israeli armed forces were retreating from the town.  There are indications that Israel is no longer serious about reaching the Litany River but it is attempting a few scary tactics for the last minutes political gains at the UN.  There are also indications that the Lebanese government has no other choices but to hold on to its program agreed at by consensus.

Israel targeted the Lebanese TV antenna in Amchit, near Byblos, and the old lighthouse near Koraytem, Al Manara, in Beirut and we should expect rockets raining on Tel Aviv if Nasr Allah decides to confirm his promises according to Hezbollah’s rules of the war.

Around noon, there was breaking news of an attempted attack on the London airport of Heathrow.  Britain and the USA are under Red Alert or the danger of imminent “terrorist” attacks.  No liquids of any kind are permitted on flights within the respective countries. The US minister of the interior is connecting these attacks to the “Al Qaeda” of Bin Laden.  Israel PM   Olmert has suspended the major land incursion pending the so called diplomatic outcomes.

In the afternoon, I dressed up and drove my mother to the funeral of one of our local poet Khalil Rasheed Fakhoury who composed the anthem of our internal security forces.  My plan was to offer my condolence to the bereaved family members of the poet but I could not find a place to park along the road for half a mile.  So I turned back, deposited my mom by the church and then resumed my trip to the gym.

While at the gym I have been hearing the Israeli jets flying over Beirut and suspected that they might target the suburbs of Shiyah and Burj Barajni as their flyers were warning the citizens.  This time the jets did not hurl their bombs on the suburb of Beirut but they targeted many more bridges and roads in the south and the Bekaa Valley.

Hezbollah launched more than 150 rockets on northern Israel and targeted Haifa as well.  Israel continued to evacuate the town of Kiryat Shemouna.

I came back home late after 9:45 p.m. on account that Joanna has the habit of not abiding by any closing time. I found my mother furious.  She claimed that I said that I will be back soon, which I didn’t, and she had to wait at my aunt Montaha’s home. 

Montaha was getting sleepy and my mom had to visit a neighbor’s of Montaha to give her a lift.  After super I intended to join my nephews and Michael (don’t recall who is this Michael) for a game of poker but the electricity went off, public and private.  I lighted a few candles and went to bed.  It appears that the public electricity came back soon while asleep and my nephews played different games and some of them went to bed at 6.

Note: A couple of days before the certain cease fire by the UN, Israel committed 2 major crimes against humanity.

First, Israel spread over a million cluster bombs in the south (received from Scotland on order of Britain PM Blair. Lebanon and teams of the UN peacekeeping contingents are still demining this large region in 2020 that harvested dozens of citizens and maimed scores of them.

Second, totally destroyed a half-mile radius of very dense Dahiyat in Beirut, using depleted uranium

Power: Not a Point of View. Power is the level and quality of education, an education targeting the needs of the population and neighboring markets.

Posted on March 10, 2009

Iran is planning to build 20 atomic power sites to generate electricity.  Russia has aided finish the first power station for a cost exceeding one $ billion dollars.

Iran is not only the fourth exporter of oil but has also huge reserves in oil and gas. And yet, Iran spends enormous amount of hard cash money to import oil products and gasoline from overseas refineries.

The Iranians are building a second atomic power generator, almost alone and strong with the expertise they acquired.  The Iranian officials said that oil is a precious commodity that should not be wasted to generate dirty power

The developed nations have oil reserves but prefer to purchase oil at a reduced price in order to save their oil resources for their chemical and pharmaceutical industries for later generations. (Actually, chemical industries, the most dirty for earth and the climate, rely almost exclusively on oil products.)

The Emirate Gulf States have established “sovereign funds” for the next generations, but they all have vanished during the latest economic and financial recession.  What is left are highways and built stones.

I am exaggerating on purpose.

This piece is meant to be a wake-up call. It is time to invest on the human potentials, social institutions, and political reforms.

Lebanon used to export electricity to Syria and Jordan in the 30’s during the French mandate. Presently, and 80 years later, and 65 years after its “independence”, Lebanon import electricity from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

The populations of all these States have quadrupled in 80 years while Lebanon barely doubled, due to massive immigration, and we could not even double our power production. 

Our neighboring States have reached sort of power sufficiency and exporting surplus electricity to Lebanon. Lebanon has plenty of water and rivers but we failed to invest properly on our natural resources and hydraulic potentials. 

Not only we have not enough electricity, and none of it is hydraulically generated, but we have no running water.  We receive water twice a week for a few hours and we have to filtrate and purify what we receive.

The Lebanese family has to pay twice for electrical power and for water by supplementing their needs from the scalpers of private providers.

The main culprits are those “Christian” Maronite political parties who claimed that the power of Lebanon resides in its military weakness.  Implicitly, those sectarian political parties meant that Lebanon should not challenge the dicta of Israel regarding our planning of our water resources.

Mind you that Israel purpose is to divert all our rivers toward its own Zionist State.

Electricity is a kind of power and oil and gas are essentials for locomotion and mechanization and industries.  Nevertheless, nations are judged developed according to the level of their research institutions. 

You might start the “egg or chicken” priority of security and stability first, but this is not the case.  When States invest on almost everything except knowledge base and research institutions, then you should not hope for stability and security. 

Developed nations respect States that focus their energies and resources on knowledge, literacy, and technologies and are willing to protect them from neighboring bullies.

Developed nations respect States that generate highly educated and well trained citizens regardless of size, origin, and natural resources.

Power is the level and quality of education, an education targeting the needs of the population and neighboring markets.

Power is no longer a point of view.

Is it true that Islam claims that Jerusalem and Palestine belong to the sons of Israel?

Note: I don’t personally give a hoot about all religions and their violent mythological stories. More so because their stories have no sense of humor, but rankle the reflective mind of humans. What can I do if I feel submerged with mounds of craps from all these thousands of religious sects “heretical” pronouncement of the other sects.

I have occasionally to react and comments in order to liberate my suffocating body and breath some fresh air of freedom of rational and reflective opinions.

I will post many footnotes at the end of the article.

Now, in content and context, the author Muhammad Mazoughi, wrote that (current) Koran distributed around the Islamic world is basically edited and transformed by (learned Jews who pretended to convert to Islam at the beginning of the earliest caliphs).

It is evident from his research that the (current) Koran can be read as basically a Jewish Bible since all its stories are copied from the Jewish book/Talmud and pleases the Jewish messages.

In many verses, if you change Koran by the “Jewish Bible” you’ ll be reading a carbon copy sentences.

The author is faced with two choices: Either the Koran is trying to correct the “heretical Jews” who became Hellenistic in their culture, or the Koran is trying to “educate” the bedouin “Arabs” to the Jewish messages.

The author sides with the first option since Muhammad was a member of a “Christian-Jewish” sect labeled “heretical” by the Byzantine empire.

The current Koran has but despise and harsh pejorative qualifications for the “Arabs” and regards the Jewish Prophets as his guiding rod, especially Moses who vanquished the Egyptians.

The Koran never mentioned a single prominent “Arab”, poet, scholar…Just eyes and admiration for countless mythological Jewish characters

Jesus, his message, Not a single parable stories of Christ (the best teaching method in the Syrian culture), his life, his miracles… are Not included in the Koran.

The only character that the Koran admire is the “Virgin” Mary. Kind of adopting the tradition that mothers are the only source for Jewishness and Jewish identity.

The author says that the Muslims have two choices:

  1. Either drop the current versions of the Koran and re-edited it according to researched studies that accommodate to the bedouin customs and traditions in the Arabian Peninsula at the period of the Prophet, or
  2. Just idiotly take the easy way out by being subjugated to the Zionist/Israeli dictat and religious ideology.

(Although Muhammad lead many caravans to Damascus and must have been impregnated by the customs and traditions of the people in the Syrian Land, the Koran never mentioned the Palestinians or any other civilization of the period)

سالني احد متابعي في الفيسبوك
لماذا القرآن يتكلم عن اعطاء الأرض المقدسة لبني إسرائيل؟
وكان جوابي: مؤلف القرآن حاخام يهودي ويتجاهل تماما سكان تلك المنطقة الأصليين

وقد تكلمت عن هذا الموضوع مع صديقي محمد المزوغي، أستاذ الفلسفة في روما ومؤلف عدد من الكتب قدمت بعضها في الحوار المتمدن
فتكرم بإرسال النص التالي مقتبس من كتاب له سوف يصدرا لاحقا، انقله لكم بكل أمانة بعد اذنه، دون الهوامش
عنوان نصه
يهودية الإسلام ووعوده الإسرائيلية
يهودية الإسلام
ووعوده الإسرائيلية

تماهى كاتب القرآن مع اليهود إلى درجة أنه اعتبر نفسه مِنهم وأن رسالته جاءت خصّيصا إليهم، والقولة الغريبة التي سنستشهد بها لاحقا قادرة أن تَقْطَع نهائيا شكوك مُرَتّلي القرآن المُصابين بأفيون الإيمان، وأن تَفتح أعينهم على حقيقة صادمة لكنها مُحرّرة،

وهي أن كاتب القرآن يهودي وحامل رسالة إصلاح يهودية. ولقد تفطّن بعض المؤرخين واللاهوتيّين اليهود، منذ وقت بعيد إلى هذا الأمر، ولم يُخفوا حتى امْتنانهم لما فعله نبيّ الإسلام في سبيل نشر التوحيد اليهودي وبَثّه في أرجاء العالم.

فهذا المؤرخ الألماني هاينريش غرايتس (Graetz) في كتابه تاريخ اليهود (Geschichte der Juden)، يقول إن الدعوة اليهودية التي حصلت بين القبائل العربية قد كَسبت لِصفّها رجلا كان تأثيره عميقا على مسار تاريخ الشعوب، ويستمر في التأثير إلى يومنا هذا على العديد من الأمم.

ثم يضيف «إن التعاليم الأولى لمحمد تحمل الصّبغة اليهودية بالكامل (ganz und gar eine jüdische Färbung) … لقد وضع كقاعدة لدِينِه المبدأ الأساسي لليهودية: “لا إله إلا الله” … أن يصرّح شخص كما فعل محمد بأن الاله الذي يُبشّر به ليس له شريك (ضد عقيدة التثليث “Antitrinität”)، وأنه لا يريد أن يُعبَد على أي صورة مادية …

ثم الاعتراف بأن هذه التعاليم ليست جديدة لكنها تنتمي إلى ديانة إبراهيم القديمة، فهذا يعني التأكيد العَلَنِي لانتصار اليهودية وتحقيق هذه النبوءة “سيأتي اليوم الذي تَنْثَني فيه كل رُكْبة أمام الله الواحد، وكل فم سيشهد له” …

إن أفضل جزء من القرآن هو ذاك المنقول عن التوراة والتلمود”.

هذا ما فهمه اليهود من الإسلام، وما أدركوه من مهمّة رسول الإسلام، وهم مُحقّون في ذلك لأن كل المعطيات المُتَوَفِّرة، وكل الخطابات المتضمَّنة في هذا الدين وفي كتابه نابعة من ذهنية يهودية، متشبّعة بالتلمود ومُعادية للمسيحية بشراسة.
ماذا تقولون في شخص يُصرّح لكم بهذه الجملة التّقريريّة: (إنّ هذا “الكتاب” يَقُصّ على بني إسرائيل أكثر الذي هم فيه يختلفون)؟ أوّلُ ما

يتبادر إلى الذّهن هو أن هذا الكلام مُوجّه إلى مجموعة خاصة (بني اسرائيل)، وأنه يقصد من ورائه فضّ مشاكل عقائدية تتعلّق بهذه المجموعة المضيّقة دون غيرها (فيه مختلفون).

الآن ضعوا مكان كلمة “كتاب” في الجملة أعلاه، كلمة “القرآن” فستُصْدَمون حينما تعلمون أنكم أمام جملة تقريرية من سورة النمل: (إنّ هذا القرآن يَقصّ على بني إسرائيل أكثر الذي هم فيه يختلفون).

السؤال: أين هم العرب من هذه الرسالة؟ إلى من بُعِث هذا الرجل تحديدا؟ ومَن قائل هذا الكلام وإلى أي مِلّة ينتمي؟

ولماذا حصر مُهمّته في هذه المجموعة بالذات؟

أسئلة عديدة ومُحْرجة، لن تجدوا أجوبتها في تواريخ السيرة التي كتبها المسلمون، ثم قاموا بتنقيحها وفسخ ارتباطاته باليهود، لكنها تجد الأجوبة الشافية الحقيقية من خلال القرآن والقرآن فقط.

قلت إن مرجعه الأكبر والمفضّل حتى على صدق نُبوّته لم يجده إلا عند اليهود، وبالتالي فالمسألة تدور بين يهود/يهود، ومن هنا نفهم هذه القولة المُربكة جدا والتي مغزاها أن ما يقوله مُستمدّ من كتب اليهود بشهادة يهودي: (وشهد شاهد من بني إسرائيل على مثله).

فالرّجل مفتون بشخصيات التوراة ويرى أنهم النموذج الأمثل الذي يجب الالتحاق به والسّيْر على هديه. فهو لا يعرف سواهم من الرجال، وكأن الشعوب العربيّة عاقر لم تلد أي قائد كبير مثل حنبعل، أو ملكة عظيمة مثل زنوبيا، أو شاعر كبير مثل امرئ القيْس؛

العرب لا وجود لهم في ذاكرة محمد ولا ذكر لهم في قِصَصه، بل هم محلّ كراهية وازدراء: يسمّيهم الأعراب ويصفهم بصفات مشينة: (أشد كفرا ونفاقا … الخ)،

ويسخر منهم ومن معالمهم الدينية، ويتهجّم على آلهتهم: (ولا تذرنّ ودّاً ولا سواعاً ولا يغوث ويعوق ونسرا)، لكن وَيْحَهم لو شكّوا في وجود إلوهيم التوراة أو استهانوا بتعاليم التلمود.

وعلى العكس من ذلك فهو يُغدِق المدائح لبني إسرائيل، ويَجْزل التقدير والاجلال لأحبار اليهود والحاخامات وصولا إلى الكَتَبة وهي أدنى مرتبة في المدراش. ثمة فقط في ذهنه إسرائيل وأنبياء إسرائيل وشعب إسرائيل، فهم القدوة والصّروح الكبرى والرموز العليا التي يجب أن يَلتَحق بها هو وأتباعه.

فكاتب القرآن لا يعرف إلاّ بني اسرائيل ولا يبجّل إلاّ العائلة المقدسة، إبراهيم وبَنِيه، وليس لديه من قِبْلَة مُقدّسة غير أورشليم التي لا يذكرها بالاسم لأنها واضحة بذاتها لمُستمعيه، يكتفي بتسميتها “البيت” كما يسميها اليهود.

ولكن لا يقل افتتانا بموسى وإنجازاته الأسطورية لصالح بني إسرائيل، وأعماله العدوانية ضد المصريين، وللاطلاع على ذلك فما عليكم إلاّ أن تقرؤوا سورة البقرة، فهي تروي بالتفصيل، مع تلوينات تلمودية، قصة موسى، والملفت أنه انضم إلى اليهود، وابتلع عداءهم الدائم للمصريّين، وصادَقَ على سحق الفلسطينيين.

ما لنا وما لإبراهيم؟ مَن هو إسحاق ومن هو يعقوب؟ ما لنا وما لهذا القوم؟ ما دخْلنا بهم؟ من سَمعَ بهم؟ من يعرفهم؟ ثم مَن أنت الذي تُحدّثنا عن هذه الأصنام؟

ربما هذا هو رد المُخاطَبين في عصره، ثمة ما يؤيده في القرآن نفسه. لكننا هنا أمام سّر غامض: من هو المتكلّم؟ ومَع مَن يتحدّث؟

حلّان لا ثالث لهما: إمّا أنه يهودي يخاطب يهودا، ضَعُف إيمانهم وتخلّوا عن يهوديتهم وأصبحوا هيلينستيّين مُلحدين، أو أنه يهودي يخاطب عرباً ويحاول أن يُلقّنهم تاريخ اليهود المقدس، يريد أن يحوّلهم إلى اليهودية ويبث فيهم مآثرها وتعاليمها المقدسة.

لهذيْن الخيارين ثمة مؤيّدات في القرآن ذاته،

لكن أحيانا الأولى تتغلب على الثانية، ودليلنا هو أنه من عظماء العرب لم يذكر اسما واحدا، ولا أشار إليهم ولا حتى فكّر فيهم، همّه مُرَكّز فقط على مآثر أنبياء بني إسرائيل. أمّا صِلَتُه بالعرب فهي تتلخص في شيء واحد: اللّغة (نسبيّا وباحتراز لأنه لا يُتقنها جيدا، اسْتنجد بمُترجم هو نفسه لا يُتقنها فسقط في أخطاء فظيعة)؛

وما عدا ذلك فهو يحتقرهم، يسمّيهم الأعراب، ويقول إنهم كفار ومنافقين. لماذا إذن يَتمزّى عليهم باللغة؟ ما الشيء الذي يَطلبُه منهم؟ مَطلبه العاجل هو تجْنيد مرتزقة لغزو فلسطين والاستحواذ على القدس، وإعادة بناء الهيكل.

(تماماً كما تُجنّد اسرائيل الآن مرتزقة لمحاربة سوريا ومصر).

وإذا كنتم في ريب من يهودية كاتب القرآن ويهودية دعوته فإليكم هذه المعطيات الدامغة من صلب القرآن ذاته. لقد بلغ به التمجيد لقومه الإسرائيليين مَبلغا لا نَجِدُه إلاّ في الأدبيات التّلمودية المعاصرة له: فهو يرى أن بني إسرائيل يملكون إرثا تاريخيا عظيما، لا يملكه أي شعب آخر في العالم، ذلك أن الله جازاهم عن صبرهم بتوريثهم أرض الشرق الأوسط كلّها، بل وأبعد منها. وهذه شهادة ملكيّة أصليّة ومَجانيّة نازلة عليهم من إله القرآن نفسه: “وأورثنا القوم الذين كانوا يُستضعفون مشرق الأرض ومغربها التي باركنا فيها وتمّت كلمة ربّك الحُسنى على بني إسرائيل بما صبروا”.

لاحظوا كيف يزوّر التاريخ ويستعطف القلوب متحدّثا عن استضعافهم وعن صبرهم دون أن يذكر ما فعله بنو إسرائيل في الكنعانيين، ويصمت على المجازر التي اقترفوها ضد الفلسطينيين.

إذن إيلوهيم التوراة ـ القرآن وَرّثَ اليهود أراضٍ شاسعة، ليس من النّيل إلى الفرات كما يُقال، وإنما أوسع من ذلك بحيث أصبحت تقريبا تمتدّ من جنوب إيران إلى شمال إفريقيا كلها، وهذه الرقعة تنطبق بالضبط على خريطة توسّعات الفتوحات الإسلامية التي لم تفعل سوى تحقيق هذا الحلم اليهودي.

لقد كان إله القرآن سخيّا للغاية مع هذا الشعب الغازي، ولكنه نسي السكان الأصليين، ولم يتفوّه في حق الفلسطينيين، أصحاب الأرض، ولو بكلمة واحدة أو إشارة من قريب أو بعيد: الفلسطينيون، بالنسبة إليه، غير موجودين بتاتا، فهو يترفّع عليهم ترفّعاً، ولا يرى أيّ دافع لأن يُلطّخ فاه حتى بتسميتهم.

لكن مع الإسرائيليين فالأمر مختلف: إن اهتمامات إله القرآن وخَيْراته كلها سَكَبها على شعب بني إسرائيل، وقد فكّر حتى في تظليله لحمايته من حرارة الشمس، ثم توفير المياه الصالحة للشراب بتفجير العيون لأجله ومضاعفة الخيرات وملذّات الأكل بما لا يتصوّره العقل: “وظلّلنا عليهم الغَمام وأنزلنا عليهم المنّ والسلوى كلوا من طيّبات ما رزقكم”.

أكلٌ وشربٌ ورَغدُ عيشٍ وتوريثُ أرض شاسعة جدّا، يعني إشباعا تاما للجانب المادي من الحياة الحاضرة، بقيت الوعود المستقبلية، وحتى في هذا الشأن فهو لم يبخل عليهم بكَرَمه. لقد وعدهم إله القرآن وعدا صادقا بإرجاعهم إلى فلسطين، الأرض المقدسة، وبناء الهيكل من جديد.

أرجوكم تمعّنوا في هذه الجملة: “فإذا جاء وعد الأَخَرَة [يعني الوعد الثاني] ليَسوؤوا وجوهكم ولِيَدخلوا المسجد كما دخلوه أوّل مرة”. لاحظوا أنّ كَلِمة “أخَرَة” التي استعملها كاتب القرآن هي كلمة عِبْرية وتعني الثاني في الترتيب، ولها مدلول لاهوتي معروف في الأدبيات المِسْيانية اليهودية.

إن هذا الكلام يستحق وقفة تأمل جدّية من طرف المسلمين قاطبة، فهو كلام خطير للغاية على الواقع الراهن لأنه يقتلع من الجذور القضية الفلسطينية ويُضفي مشروعية على دعاوى الصهاينة الاسرائيليين والانجيليّين الأمريكان من ضرورة بناء الهيكل الثاني في انتظار قدوم المُخلّص.

لم تُثر مثل هذه الأفكار الصهيونية في المسلمين أي تساؤل، لم يَتعمّقوا فيها ولا حدسوا استتباعاتها، ولا حتى أدركوا مدى تغلغل الروح الصهيونية في مَن دوّنها وروّج لها في كتابه. لكن كل من له دراية باللاهوت التوراتي والتاريخ الصهيوني يستطيع بيُسْرٍ أن يضع هذا الخطاب في إطاره المناسب.

نصيحتي للمسلمين: إذا أردتم أن تتحدثوا عن القضية الفلسطينية فتَخَلّوا عن هذا القرآن، اخرجوا من هذا الإسلام، اكفروا بهذا الدين لأنه سبب نَكْبتكم وعلّة بلاءكم.

وإن أبَيْتم إلاّ المكوث فيه فاستسلموا لتعاليمه، وقدّموا مفاتيح بلدانكم الواحدة تلو الأخرى لبني إسرائيل وقولوا لهم كما قال القرآن: “يا قوم ادخلوا الأرض المقدسة التي كتب الله لكم”.

د. محمد المزوغي
أستاذ الفلسفة. روما

مدير مركز القانون العربي والإسلامي
طبعتي العربية وترجمتي الفرنسية والإنكليزية والإيطالية للقرآن بالتسلسل التاريخي وكتابي الأخطاء اللغوية في القرآن وكتبي الأخرى:

Note 1: The initial parchemins discovered of the Quran had No punctuations whatsoever and none of the zillion accents and embellishment later used to write the Koran. In that case, the Koran was opened to all kinds of interpretation, except if it is compared to the meaning of the Bible.

Note 2: The Quran was edited several times, and especially during the third Caliph Uthman Bin Affan, and many verses and parchemens were discarded and burned to satisfy the new purpose of aggrandizing, expanding the empire. and reaping all the available taxes. My conjecture, it is in that period that a few “learned Jews” who had “converted” to Islam were in charge of collecting, categorizing and editing the verses

Note 3: Aicha, the youngest wife of the Prophet was the most educated and versed in the message. Actually, she could be practically considered the First Imam, since people flocked to listen to her versions of the many falsehoods spreading like wildfire. Aicha responded to questions and rectified the opinions related to women rights that paternalistic leaders were trying to usurp.

Note 4: Abolishing pictures, icons and music in Islam is a reaction to the “heretical” adoption of the central version of Christianity by the the Byzantine empire. Actually, reading the Quran you feel that No abstract concepts are accepted such as the Virginity of Marie, the trinity gods of God/Jesus/ Holy Spirit…. You think that the Quran was meaning to grab the pragmatic mentality of the bedouin tribes so that they can assimilate the New Message (a copycat of the Jewish conservative Bible).

It is this absolute abstract concept of “One God and only God” that was the reason for so many internal wars to subjugate the tribes. The bedouin was used to discard and destroy one of the idols when the idol failed to satisfies his wishes and desires.

Note 5: The Jews in the town of Yathreb, later becoming Al Madina or the first City-State of the Muslims, were very apprehensive of this new sect. Muhammad was lenient in their first defeat as they rallied with the tribes of Mecca, the Quraich clans. He allowed them to leave with all their wealth: a long column of camels and caravans vacated several hundred miles away. The second time around, Muhammad was cruel: he decapitated scores of the fighting Jews and captured all their wealth and properties. In the same time, Muhammad opted to re-direct the paying target toward Mecca instead of Jerusalem. For some reason, Muhammad ordered Ali and a second son-of-law to participate in the decapitation. Currently, the Jews regard Ali as a Demon and the sects that follow Ali as nemesis. Apparently, the Wahhabi sect in the Arabian Peninsula are the Jews who converted to Islam with latent hatred.

Note 6: The Egyptian Ibrahim Pasha conducted a protracted war on the Wahhabi in the 19th century and managed to erase their city headquarter around 1825. The British supported later the Wahhabis with money and weapons with the purpose of destabilized the Ottoman empire in Iraq with successive razzias on Basora and on Damascus too.

Note 7: The Muslims refugees were welcomed by the tribes in Yathrib and they were fed and they distributed lands for them to cultivate. These tribes were called Al Nusra, or the supporters of Islam. The women of these tribes didn’t wear the veil: they were working hard their land. The women refugees wore the veil, as a discriminating aristocratic act in their new environment. Unfortunately, all the successive Califs were from Mecca, and even from their arch enemies of the tribe of Quraish. They felt discriminated against for Not sharing in the power and loots of conquered empires.

Question: How do you connect the Muslim extremists in Idlib labeled Al Nusra and politically/ideologically linked to Al Qaeda with the Al Nusra in Yathrib?

This confusing business of spreading institutional propaganda?

Western media in the “confused business”: Writing Iran when meaning Saudi Kingdom?

Mind you that this article was posted in 2012

The Olympic game charter prohibits States to discriminate between genders  in at least two clauses. And yet, Saudi Arabia will not let women participate in sports, while Iran do send sport-women to games…

Suppose Iran was discriminating, wouldn’t international outcry be deafening us? But nobody is willing to make waves when Saudi Arabia is the culprit…

Saudi Arabia Wahhabi, theocratic and absolute monarchic State has executed 76 people in 2011, such as women condemned for witchcraft, non-noble class homosexuals, sodomizers, adulterous women, drug traffickers, apostasy…and cutting hands of robbers…But the UN is not interested in what’s going on in Saudi Arabia.

Except the UN High Commissariat for human rights, no international institutions bring up these violations in Saudi Kingdom…

Neither the UN Council, nor the G20 (that met this year in the Kingdom), nor the International Monetary Fund (IMF)…care of what’s going on in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Kingdom is practically untouched and never blamed (the same as this colonial apartheid implant of Israel)…

For example, in 2008, French Sarkozy declared: “Under the vigorous impulse of his Majesty Abdullah, Saudi Arabia is developing a civilized policy…” (Coming from Sarkozy under justice investigation in France and the instigator of the civil war in Libya)

Saudi Arabia impulse is still in funding and supporting the most obscurantist Islamic extremists in Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali…

They are funding TV cables channels dedicated to Islamic salafism, erecting Mosques in every street, sending free million of Korans (Wahhabi version), and million of books on “How to subjugate wives and daughters in obeying patriarchal systems…”

Saudi Arabia is lethally crushing youth demonstrations under the banner of “New form of terrorism”, killing peaceful Shia demonstrators in the Eastern region, jailing over 20,000 each year for freedom of expression charges, and has sent military reinforcement into Bahrain to crush the civil uprising, and is supporting the Al Qaeda in Yemen and Somalia…

The irony is that Saudi Arabia is the refuge for all dictators, Tunisia Ben Ali, Egypt, Uganda Idi Amin, many African dictators… And current Tunisia Hamadi Jebali PM visited Saudi Arabia and lauded the good deeds of this archaic monarchy, and refrained from demanding the extradition of Tunisia dictator, or the return of the stolen billion…

Saudi Kingdom would want everyone to believe that the main nemesis is Shia Iran, as Israel would want everyone to believe this strategy…

As  if peaceful nuclear energy program is the enemy to human rights, democracy, freedom of expression…

And it is the Iranian people who are to suffer from economic and financial sanctions, while Saudi Arabia fund and sustain terrorism everywhere in Islamic States

Western media are persisting in the “confused business” of not politically discussing the current US policies in the Arab World: Are they Writing Iran when meaning Saudi Arabia?

The big picture can be described as follows:

1. China keeps the US economy afloat with “fresh money” in buying government bonds

2. Saudi Kingdom keeps the US Federal budget afloat by cyclically infusing funds, particularly in crisis situations such as preemptive military operations, changing “rogue” regimes, enforcing oil embargoes…(And lately, succumbing to Trump blackmails to eliminate hundreds of $billion loans and buying useless weapons Not under the control of the Kingdom military…)

3. The US cyclically rectifies Israel endemic budget deficits, using Saudi Kingdom largess. Can’t we claim that Saudi Arabia is the main funder of the theocratic and apartheid Zionist State?

Is the US cowing to Saudi Arabia strategy of reducing all States in the Middle-East to theocratic Sunni Wahhabi salafism and archaic regimes and encouraging Israel to be a carbon copy of the surrounding States?

Note: Since 2012, Qatar, Bahrain and Gulf Emirates have shared in US order to fund the terrorist movements participating in Syria “civil war”, destabilizing Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Somalia, and many African States.

Why Israel and the US consider Armenia as the enemy?

L’état hébreu dans les coulisses du conflit Azerbaïdjan-Arménie.

Since early October, Israel was shipping by air drones and missiles to Azerbaijan. Israel has been training this State security institution.

By Dominique Delawarde.

Les médias mainstream occidentaux ont beaucoup insisté sur le rôle majeur et indéniable de la Turquie dans la crise opposant l’Arménie à l’Azerbaïdjan, mais ils sont restés extrêmement et étonnamment discrets, voire silencieux sur le rôle tout aussi important, joué, en coulisse, par Israël, et sur son positionnement dans cette affaire.

Ce rôle n’a pourtant pas pu échapper à un géopoliticien ou à un observateur averti

Il y a les discrètes navettes aériennes entre Tel Aviv et Bakou qui, au début d’octobre transportaient de l’armement sophistiqué (notamment des drones et des missiles).

Une part non négligeable de l’armement azéri est d’origine israélienne.

Il faut rappeler que l’Azerbaïdjan est le premier pourvoyeur de pétrole d’Israël et lui fournit 40% de ses besoins.

Ceci suffirait presque à expliquer l’alliance de fait, entre les deux pays, alliance basée sur une sorte d’échange « pétrole contre armement ».

Il y a la relative discrétion des chancelleries et des médias occidentaux – dont on sait qui les contrôle – sur l’ingérence ouverte de la Turquie, pays membre de l’OTAN, contre l’Arménie, pays membre de l’OTSC (Organisation du Traité de Sécurité Collective) aux côtés de la Russie.

La coalition occidentale a bien protesté du bout des lèvres: elle a bien appelé « à la retenue » et au « cessez le feu », mais elle a laissé faire la Turquie sans vraiment dénoncer son impérialisme islamiste, désormais tous azimuts (Syrie, Irak, Libye, Méditerranée orientale, Caucase).

Il y a encore la prise de position officielle de Zelenski, premier président juif d’Ukraine, en faveur de l’Azerbaïdjan, et contre l’Arménie.

Il y a enfin cette déclaration de Georges Malbrunot, grand reporter au Figaro qui nous apprend dans un tweet :

Conflit au Nagorny-Karabakh : au-delà de la station du Mossad basée en Azerbaïdjan pour espionner l’Iran et de la livraison de matériels militaires à Bakou, Israël entraîne les forces de sécurité azéris, confie un diplomate européen, qui fut basé en Azerbaïdjan.

Mais pourquoi l’État hébreu se distingue-t-il aujourd’hui, par sa présence et son action dans cette région du monde aux côtés de la Turquie, de l’Azerbaïdjan et du djihadisme islamiste ?
Il faut se rappeler que l’activisme d’Israël sur la scène internationale n’est pas que régional, mais mondial. Il peut être direct ou indirect.
Son empreinte est souvent perceptible et parfaitement identifiable dans la politique étrangère des grands pays occidentaux (USA, UK, FR, Canada, Australie), mais elle l’est aussi dans presque tous les grands événements qui ont affecté l’évolution géopolitique mondiale des dernières décennies: (guerres au Proche et Moyen-Orient, révolutions colorées et/ou changement de pouvoir (ou tentatives) notamment en Amérique du Sud (Brésil, Bolivie, Venezuela, Colombie, Équateur) mais aussi en Europe (Maïdan …) et en Afrique du Nord (printemps arabes, hirak algérien).
À noter aussi l’ingérence plus ou moins ouverte dans les élections des grands pays de la coalition occidentale (USA, FR, UK, Canada, Australie) par des financements généreux de sa diaspora visant à promouvoir les candidats qui lui sont favorables et à détruire ceux qui ne le sont pas.

Cet activisme pro-israélien s’exerce par le biais d’une diaspora riche, puissante et organisée.

Cette diaspora  collectionne les postes d’influence et de pouvoir, plus ou moins « achetés » au fil du temps et des circonstances, au sein des appareils d’État, au sein des médias mainstream, au sein des institutions financières et des GAFAM qu’elle contrôle.

Le Mossad n’est pas en reste et fonde l’efficacité de son action sur le système des sayanims, parfaitement décrit par Jacob Cohen dans sa conférence de Lyon.

L’action de ces relais et soutiens vise à défendre et à promouvoir les intérêts directs et indirects de l’État hébreu sur la planète entière et à élargir le cercle des pays et des gouvernances qui le soutiennent.

Elle vise aussi à affaiblir celles et ceux qui lui sont opposés. Elle est tenace, efficace et s’inscrit dans la durée.

Pour gagner, l’État hébreu, comme le fait aussi très bien l’OTAN, n’hésite jamais à faire des alliances de circonstance, limitées dans l’espace et dans le temps, avec tel ou tel de ses adversaires (Turquie et djihadistes en Syrie par exemple).

Ses actions sont souvent « préméditées », « concoctées » et « coordonnées » avec ses correspondants « néoconservateurs » de Washington. Comme partout ailleurs le mensonge d’État et la duplicité sont monnaies courantes…

Pourquoi susciter et/ou mettre de l’huile sur le feu dans un conflit entre l’Azerbaïdjan et l’Arménie et pourquoi maintenant ?

Trois grands pays de la région, la Russie, la Turquie et l’Iran, sont directement concernés par ce conflit et par ses conséquences potentielles, parce qu’ils sont frontaliers avec l’une des deux parties en conflit, et parfois les deux.

Israël, pour sa part, n’est qu’indirectement concerné, mais l’est tout de même.

Cette région du Caucase est également une «zone de friction» entre des alliances qui ne s’apprécient pas vraiment: La coalition occidentale et l’OTAN dont la Turquie et Israël jouent la partition, l’OTSC (Organisation du Traité de Sécurité Collective) dont la Russie et l’Arménie sont membres, et l’OCS (Organisation de Coopération de Shangaï) à laquelle la Russie et l’Iran sont liés (pour l’Iran, comme membre observateur et aspirant candidat depuis 15 ans).

Pour compliquer le tout, le premier ministre arménien en fonction, Nikol Pashinyan, a cru bon de devoir afficher sa préférence pour l’Occident dès sa prise de fonction et de prendre ses distances avec Moscou, ce qui met son pays en position délicate pour réclamer aujourd’hui l’aide de la Russie.

Le déclenchement de la crise actuelle est une opération qui dépasse largement le cadre étroit d’un conflit territorial entre l’Azerbaïdjan et l’Arménie.

Il s’agit d’une opération de plus – après Maïdan en Ukraine, après la tentative de révolution colorée en Biélorussie et après les affaires Skripal et Navalny – visant à mettre la pression sur la Russie, mais aussi sur l’Iran, en les mettant dans l’embarras, voire, en les poussant à la faute.

Il est clair que toute intervention rapide et musclée de la Russie dans ce conflit aurait été immédiatement condamnée par la « communauté internationale autoproclamée » – c’est à dire par l’OTAN – et suivie de l’habituel train de sanctions anti-russes, par les USA, servilement suivis par ses vassaux européens. 

Il ne faut pas oublier qu’aujourd’hui, mettre un terme au gazoduc North Stream II reste un objectif majeur pour les USA…

L’absence d’une ferme réaction des occidentaux dans la crise du Caucase est, en elle- même, révélatrice sur quatre points :

1 – La défense de l’Arménie n’est pas une priorité pour la coalition occidentale. Monsieur Nikol Pashinyan, premier ministre arménien, s’est donc trompé de cheval en misant sur l’Occident pour la défense de son pays. La coalition occidentale laisse souvent tomber ses alliés de circonstance comme ils l’ont fait pour les Kurdes en Syrie…

2 – En atermoyant et en laissant venir une réaction russe qu’elle espère pouvoir sanctionner en mettant définitivement fin au North Stream II, la coalition occidentale montre, une fois de plus, sa duplicité et son cynisme. Peu lui importe l’Arménie…

3 – En créant un foyer d’infection djihadiste aux frontières de la Russie et de l’Iran, la coalition israélo-occidentale montre, une fois de plus, qu’elle est prête à pactiser avec le diable et à l’instrumentaliser pour parvenir à ses fins, en l’occurrence l’affaiblissement de ses  adversaires russes et iraniens.

4 – En laissant agir la Turquie et Israël sans réaction, la coalition occidentale reconnaît implicitement, derrière des discours trompeurs, que ces deux pays agissent à son profit.

Le quotidien israélien « The Jerusalem Post » a abordé dans un article récent les affrontements entre l’Azerbaïdjan et l’Arménie non sans laisser éclater la joie israélienne de voir le Caucase devenir un nouveau foyer de crise potentiellement susceptible d’avoir un impact considérable sur le Moyen-Orient.

L’impact recherché par Israël est toujours le même : alléger les pressions et les actions iraniennes et russes sur le théâtre syrien en ouvrant un « nouveau front de préoccupations » aux frontières de ces deux pays.

En conclusion, quatre points méritent d’être soulignés, à ce stade de la crise,

1 – Monsieur Pashinyan, premier ministre arménien, a fait une erreur d’appréciation en misant sur un camp occidental qui s’avère moins fiable que prévu pour défendre l’intérêt de son pays. Il devra, peut être, in fine, faire des concessions douloureuses et pourrait bien y perdre son emploi lors des prochaines élections.

2 – Monsieur Aliyev, président de l’Azerbaïdjan majoritairement chiite, regrettera peut être un jour d’avoir introduit sur son sol des djihadistes sunnites pour combattre l’Arménie. I

l regrettera peut-être aussi l’instrumentalisation dont il est l’objet par la Turquie et Israël, chevaux de Troie de l’OTAN. Ses voisins russes et iraniens ne  lui pardonneront pas facilement…

3 – La Russie, dont la gouvernance et la diplomatie ne sont pas nées de la dernière pluie, n’est toujours pas tombée, tête baissée, dans le piège de l’intervention immédiate et musclée qui pourrait, après la tragi-comédie « Navalny », sonner le glas du North Stream II.

Elle interviendra, tôt ou tard, lorsque le bon moment sera venu. Les différents protagonistes directs et indirects ne perdront rien pour attendre.

4 –  Israël et l’Occident otanien auront-ils gagné quelque chose à poursuivre leurs  actions de harcèlement aux frontières de la Russie et de l’Iran en instrumentalisant l’Azerbaïdjan et en cherchant à détacher l’Arménie de l’OTSC dans le cadre de la stratégie d’extension à l’Est qu’ils poursuivent depuis trente ans ? Rien n’est moins sûr. L’avenir nous le dira.

Quant à la solution du problème territorial, source du conflit déclenché par l’Azerbaïdjan-contre l’Arménie, elle réside probablement dans l’application de l’article 8 du Décalogue de l’Acte final d’Helsinki voté le 1e août 1975 qui régit les relations internationales entre les états participants. Cet article évoque clairement « le droit des peuples à disposer d’eux-mêmes ».

Lorsqu’une volonté de quitter un ensemble étatique est validé par un, voire plusieurs référendums à plus de 90%, et lorsque cette sécession a été effective durant 34 ans, sans conflit majeur – ce qui est le cas pour la république d’Artsakh (Haut-Karabakh)-,  il semble légitime que la communauté internationale puisse prendre en compte la volonté des peuples et d’accepter de reconnaître ce fait en dotant ces nouveaux états d’une structure juridique particulière leur garantissant une paix sous protection internationale.

On me rétorquera que l’article 3 du même décalogue d’Helsinki rappelle l’intangibilité des frontières.

Il s’agira pour la communauté internationale, de déterminer si le droit des peuples à disposer d’eux même doit primer, ou non, sur l’intangibilité des frontières, après 34 ans de séparation totale et effective de vie commune entre deux parties d’un même état.

Cette décision, lorsqu’elle sera prise, ne devrait pas être sans conséquences jurisprudentielles sur le futur du Kosovo, de la Crimée, ou de la Palestine occupée…

Pour ceux qui souhaitent élargir et diversifier leurs connaissances sur ce sujet sensible, je suggère la lecture de deux articles intéressants :

– un article de Jean Pierre Arrignon, historien byzantiniste et spécialiste de la Russie

– un éditorial de Eric Denécé, patron du CF2R (Centre Français de Recherche sur le Renseignement sous le titre : « Le conflit Arménie/Azerbaïdjan au Haut-Karabakh relancé par la Turquie ».

– Un article de source azérie permettant de mieux comprendre la place du mouvement sioniste en Azerbaïdjan:

– Un autre article de DD (février 2017) expliquant les relations croisées entre la Russie, les USA et Israël et susceptible d’éclairer le sujet d’aujourd’hui:

Palestinians demand an independent State in Palestine: Cannot buy the alternative

The Trump administration has been working hard to establish Israel as the only viable State in the Middle-East to dialogue with. A few Gulf Emirate States have been coaxed to sign a dubious “peace treaty” with Israel, like Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

The funny part is that the representatives of these 2 semi-States behaved as totally ignorant on what they are signing with Trump.

Egypt and Jordan had signed a treaty in 1974-75 which resulted in countless wars and civil wars in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

‘NYT’ coverage of Trump peace plan news quotes 5 pro-Israel voices, 0 Palestinians

Media Analysis


The New York Times covers phase one of the Trump peace plan, an economic “workshop” in Bahrain next month at which the administration is expected to dangle the money it wants to give Palestinians and states neighboring Israel, so that Palestinians will sacrifice their political demands/rights (among them sovereignty on ’67 borders; return of refugees; shared Jerusalem)– a figure said to be $68 billion.

The article quotes No Palestinians. (No Palestinian business person will attend this faked “workshop”)

It does include quotes from Aaron David Miller, Jared Kushner, Robert Satloff, Treasury’s Steve Mnuchin, and Brookings pundit Tamara Cofman Wittes. Five (Jewish) Americans, all five of them strong supporters of Israel. (Mnuchin’s background is here.)

Satloff, Wittes, and Miller are all presented as “critics” of the plan, but they are all Zionist critics of the plan. Just different shades of Zionist.(No, not shade. Stauncher Zionists than most Israelis)

Why? This is racism in journalism before your eyes.

The Times clearly has a structural bias against Palestinians. (As all colonial powers’ administrations in the last century)

Even as it demonstrates its higher consciousness in other left zones, the newspaper is stuck in the old paradigm on Israel.

How else could a newspaper publish four justifications of the killings of nonviolent protesters inside of a few months, as it did last year in Gaza?

This would never happen in any other context when a government opens fire on demonstrators.

But the Times columnists offered those justifications, in Shmuel Rosner’s case almost a bloodthirsty one, and there was no balance, let alone criticism from the Roger Cohens, David Brookses, and Michelle Goldbergs of the world.

Palestinians simply don’t count as full human actors.

The Palestinian Prime Minister released a statement rejecting the economic summit today.

He and his cabinet surely were available yesterday. So was Sam Bahour, who writes that Palestine cannot have an economic future without an independent political future, in which construction workers and university graduates will be able to find employment inside a Palestinian state.

Diana Buttu, Saeb Erekat, Hanan Ashrawi (who has been denied a visa to travel to the U.S.), Omar Barghouti, Mustafa Barghouti, Haider Eid surely would have spoken to the Times, too.

Palestine is truly teeming with sophisticated political actors on a wide range who would have something to say about the implausibility of economic peace.

And if the Times says this was an American politics piece, well, there are Palestinians here, too, who have a lot to say.

The bottom line is obvious and disturbing. Palestinians aren’t equals.

 And what is the origin of Jesus Christ?

Note: Repost of my article “Who are the Israelites?  Origins of Jesus Christ; Chapter two, (March 20, 2009)”

Joachim (Youwakeem) Omram and Hanna, the parents of the “Virgin Mary”, were from the village of Qana (10 kilometers south of the city of Tyr and at an altitude of 85 meters)

This Qana was called Qana of Upper Galilee and was within the district of Phoenicia (Ty) during the Seleucid and early Roman Empires in the Near East (Levant). The administrative district of Upper Galilee extended from Tyr to Acre.

Joachim was one of the eminent personalities in the town of Qana and the neighboring region and was an Essenes high priest.

He had been frustrated because he could not secure any descendents. Joachim took his sheep to a remote area and fasted and prayed for 40 days. Hanna was also frustrated with this extended absence and decided to take off her black cloth and washed her hair and went out in the garden.

Hanna received an apparition that she will soon get pregnant and that Joachim is on his way home.

Mary was born in Qana and her parents dedicated her to the Great Temple on Mount Carmel (Mount Carmel was also in the district of Phoenicia).

When Mary was 3 years of age she was interned in the monastery of the Great Temple of the Carmel.  Mary was one of the 12 virgins of the elite families in the region to be dedicated to serve in the temple and she was named “The Pigeon of God Eil“. (The Hebrews in Judea never allowed girls to serve in temples).

Joseph was also from Qana and one of Mary’s relatives; he was one of the superintendents at the temple and he cleaned, painted and did the various tasks of maintenance. Mary received the “Good Tiding” from the Archangel while serving in Mount Carmel.

Mary and Joseph got married and Jesus was born in the village of Bethlehem Tifone by the Carmel, close to the famous city of Dora by the seaside and north of current Haifa within the district of Phoenicia (Not in the Bethlehem of Judea).

Mary visited her aunt Elizabeth in Galilee who was 6 months pregnant.  Jesus was presented to the Great Temple of Mount Carmel for sanctification; Jesus was lost in the same temple discussing with the priests when he was 12 of years. Jesus studied in the schools of Mount Carmel.

Joseph and Mary lived in Bethlehem by the Carmel. The town of Nazareth did not exist yet and the area was called Nazareth. When Joseph died, Mary returned to her hometown of Qana where her father and grandparents were buried; Jesus spent his youth in Qana.

Jesus was called “Jesus of Mary” after the death of Joseph to distinguish him from the other people named Jesus. (The Hebrews of Judea never referred a son to his mother).

Mary was also called “the sister of Jacob”.  Hanna had remarried after the death of Joachim and gave birth to many offspring; the eldest son of Hanna was apparently named Jacob.

Jesus was also called Emmanuel (Amanou-eel) which means (The God El is among us).

Thus, God was made human.  All the names that start with El or finish with El refer to the God El, the all-encompassing God of the Land.

In the wedding of Qana, where Jesus showed his miraculous power of transforming water into wine, Mary was in her own town and it is Jesus who was invited.

Jesus came up from Lake Tiberias to join the wedding.  After the wedding, Mary and the brothers of Jesus (Jacob, Joseph, Simon, and Judah) followed him down to Capernaum by the Lake and stayed there for a few days and then joined Jesus’ party from then on.

Jesus was highly educated.  He could speak Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

The folk tales and early manuscripts demonstrate that Jesus studied Law and taught Law at the university in Sidon (Lebanon).

Jesus was born in the year 7 BC and Caesar’s census started in the year 10 BC. Jesus was also called Rabbi (Rabuny) which means teacher in Aramaic.  Jesus said to his disciples: “Do not let anyone call you Rabbi since you have only one teacher in Christ and you are all brethren”

Jesus dressed in the same long white robe that the Essenes sect of Mount Carmel wore. The consecrated members were called “The White Brethren” and they were famous as healers.  The Essenes had many branches in Galilee and a prosperous one in Alexandria (Egypt) and had places for welcoming travelers and the sick.

John the Baptist, close relative of Jesus and just 6 months older, never left the region of Galilee, baptized with water as of the Essenes traditions and baptized Jesus.

Note 1: Jesus was elevated to Heaven on Mount Carmel. The first church was built on Mount Carmel and dedicated to the Virgin Mary while still alive.  A church was built within the town of Qana by the disciples and excavations showed a church from the first century.  The Muslims had veneration for the tomb of Joachim called “The tomb of the prophet Omran”.  When Israel bombarded south Lebanon in 1996 for 15 days, one of the missiles made a large crater, 4 meters off the tomb of the prophet Omran.  The excavations uncovered a buried church and the tombs of the family of Omran.

Note 2: Qana is famous today because Israel massacred over 100 civilians and gravely injured 120 when her bombs targeted a UN compound in Qana in 1996 and then hit that same town in 2006 and killed 50 more civilians.  Qana was an important town for many centuries before Christ and the main resting place of the disciples before venturing any further.

Qana of Upper Galilee (The Galilee of Nations or the Gentiles for the Hebrews) was the location where the disciples gathered for a while after the lapidation of the first martyr Etienne (Estefanos).

Note 3: I may conjecture that Mary retained the title of Virgin because she earned it serving as one of the virgins in the Great Temple.  There is this tradition in the Levant to bestow the title of nun and priest for even those who later relinquished their sacerdotal duties.

Note 4: The astrophysicist Reznikoff confirms that the Comet Halley that showed the way to the mages crossed Galilee and not Judea.

Note 5:  There are indications that Jesus entered Jerusalem for the first time when he was to be crucified.  No wonder that Jesus experienced a cultural shock when he witnessed business as usual and usury transactions within the temple. Jesus got hold of a whip and chased out the merchants and turned their tables over and declared: “It is said that the temple is the house of God and not a cavern for thieves”.

Note 6:  For 6 months, while walking to Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin and the Romans were gathering intelligence on this “Walking rabbi“, who is this Jesus, are his miracles for real and what are his purposes for visiting Jerusalem.




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