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Testimonials: 30 years after 13 years of civil war

The issue of April 9, 2005 of daily Al Balad. Posted on Oct. 22, 2008 

In context: Late Rafic Hariri PM was assassinated on February 2004 and Lebanon suffered along period of disturbances. Although it was clear the colonial powers, Israel and Saudi Kingdom were behind this assassination, an International court was set up to cover up the real perpetrators.

Four of the Head of security institutions were locked up in prison with no evidence. Fouad Siniora was appointed PM and he stayed in “power”, even if half the ministers (less one) had resigned.

All the loans received from the Gulf States were Not registered in the ministry of finance and $11 billions were diverted into the pockets of the militia leaders and their secret Fund Boxes.

All the sit-ins for about 5 months, and sleeping in tents and surrounding the government Serai, would Not dislodge Seniora, since he was backed by the US and the colonial powers. President Emile Lahoud was ignored in all government decisions to the end of his extended tenure of 3 more years.

A grave incident in 2008 changed the donne: Seniora and the Druze Walid Jumblatt initiated a decree that angered Hezbollah, on account of dismantling their secured land communication lines.

Hezbollah reacted and closed all the Israeli bunks and the security branches in Beirut and checked militarily Jumblatt. Qatar had to invite all these sectarian/mafia leaders to resolve a political consensus. The army chief Michel Suleiman was agreed on to become President.

And 6 years of more looting of the budgets and highway robberies got underway, a period that aggravated the economic and financial conditions that led to the State total bankruptcy at all levels.

“Thirty years after the civil war, the youth of Lebanon are gathered under the Freedom tents in the Martyrs’ Square.  Supporters of many Lebanese political parties are discussing and getting to know one another. 

Catch phrases like “our speaker did not represent our real position” or “did you really like his speech?” are common. 

On one of the tents a placard states “Just a Lebanese citizen”. 

In the middle of a discussion George asks Dima of her name and political affiliation.  Dima explains to George the principles of the “Left Democratic Movement”, a splinter of the Communist Party and other leftist factions. “What! Are you really a leftist? You don’t look like a leftist”. says George.

George tells Dima a common joke during the war which says “Immune your children against leftist ideology”.

George resumes asking Dima questions on her education and the ideology of her movement.

He is very impressed of her graduate studies and the social reform programs of the movement and then asks her: “So, why are you here?”

Dima explains that the members of this movement combine political positions with on the ground actions and application.

“You guys are cool. Who is your leader?” asks George. 

We have no leader. We organize ourselves in committees and vote on everything.  We make sure that guys and girls are equally represented in the elected committees.” replies Dima.  George invites Dima to take a cup of coffee in his tent.

A discussion is going on in the Left Democratic Movement and someone says: “I wish Samir Geaja is released from prison and General Aoun returns from exile so that our commemoration in April 13 is complete and representative of the unity of Lebanon”.

Another guy liked the name of the movement and stated that his faction will consider changing the name to “Right Democratic Movement”

Note: Many secular and historic parties have joined the sit-ins, and even Hezbollah joined in.




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