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Redistribution of wealth OR Forced Repartition of risks?

Posted on: March 31, 2011

Remote towns and villages are of no interest to central governments, unless the villages are pinpointed as candidates for major waste disposal sites, military test grounds, or for building nuclear power plants…There is no point relying on government pouring in money in desolate regions that have no significant effects in election periods…Those desolate villages are going to hell:  Once the old generation disappear, the village is off the map

Repartition of risks is the strategy of the elite class in power in order to exploiting people.  Many moderate risk takers welcome the kind of dangerous investment to their environment, under the pertinent excuse that they need job opportunities and are not fit to taking risks outside of the known communities. 

A few bolder risk takers, in moving societies where laws and excellent infrastructure extend great opportunities to seeking a future away from hometowns, leave their comfort zones, family support system, and familiar traditions to challenge their personal dreams and potentials.

All these crazies converge to urban concentration camps and take quarters in the most abject, unsafe, and unhealthy parts.  Most of them will pay the heavy tribute of blood and humiliation for taking non calculated risks :  What was supposed to be temporary risk taking endure for long time, until all hopes are distilled from a dignified spirit.

Many will join gangs, as customary substitute to community protection.  They are faced with the constraints of killing someone in order to be inducted in the brotherhood of men and be recognized as a potential member who can deliver.  They quickly forget that their turn is next, no matter how cunning and brutal they think they are.

The risks in urban centers are multiplied and gain in seriousness as social institutions are disintegrating and governments keep changing policies, away from funding public health and social security facilities.  The individual is forced to battle ever increasing newer odds in very unfamiliar territory and strange communities. 

In urban camps, you are an unknown entity and you cannot beg for jobs on the basis of social class and known reference figures.  You have no circle of friends to lean on, to diffuse your anger, apprehension, and frustration

The motto is “Succeed or die”.  You cannot go back home broke and a failure; a non-entity as you left family and friends.  In many Western States, such as in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, grown up people are no longer able to rent apartments on temporary jobs trends and are returning to live with their parents.

The institutional nucleus of family is still stable and alive.  Sure, divorce cases are increasing but families are not splitting easily an mindlessly.  Sure, we have new cases of same gender households raising children.  Sure, there is a transformed modern traditional society characterized by non-linear professional carrier and individual trajectories that do not exactly match any class structure. 

Sure, many governments are reverting to archaic governance forcing individuals to bear the burden of their health-care and retirement with all kinds of privatization gimmicks…Is the new trend sort of “Redistribution of wealth OR Forced Repartition of risks”?  The future for individual people is far more uncertain than three decades ago.

Most probably, the elite class want as many citizens to leave their towns to urban centers, be stacked with all kinds of individual risks for survival, deprive them with the will, the energy, and the time to contest their living conditions, in order to exploit more of those low-wage people to the hilt

In a sense, the more society is fluid, the more wealth is distributed.  The more society is in flux, the more the level of daily fatal risks increases.

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