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Fixed versus Growth mind-set challengers: Life is facing up to the challenges

Posted on: December 5, 2017

Fixed versus Growth mind-set challengers

Many students breeze through particular courses as if the topics were easy-work.

The problem starts when they are faced with equally talented students but harder working.

The lazy breeze through courses people “procrastinate to failure” when challenged by the harder-working talented competitors.

You have, in addition to the low-talented but hard working students two other categories:

“Fixed mind-set,” people versus  “growth mind-set” who thrive on challenges because they would learn something they had no talent in.

They are not afraid to fail and they accept the challenge as an opportunity to learn something new.

I know of talented mathematicians.

What set them apart from other talented and intelligent mathematicians is that they make it a duty to solve every ridiculous exercise at the end of the chapter, and in every math problem book.

I know of few people still patronizing a library to read there every day at an older age

Don’t feel ashamed to be different from those accustomed to their comfort zone: Life is facing the challenges, and looking at the “impossible” straight in the eye

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