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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

August 7, 2006


This is the 26th day of the 6th war of Israel on Lebanon; the US-French draft of a UN resolution for a cease fire is tantamount for preparing the ground for a 7th war spreading to Syria.  It appears that the great powers don’t give a hoot about the seven point’s draft of Seniora PM.   There are many irate counter comments on the Syrian Foreign minister comments that the US-French draft is not acceptable, that the Hariri comments in Moscow blaming Iran and Syria for this calamity is considered as treason, and that Walid Jumblat is a lackey to the US against the interest of the Lebanese people.

Israel resumed her mass killings of the Lebanese civilians in the south, the Bekaa and the Chouf, demolishing whole buildings on their inhabitants.  Lebanese soldiers died also when Israel targeted an army soldier carrier. Hezbollah managed a direct hit on an Israeli army barrack in Gilaad and killed 12 soldiers and many injured.  Haifa was targeted at night instead of the morning in retaliation for Israel targeting south Beirut.

The Arab summit meeting today is willing to publicly support the Lebanese position.  The Secretary General of the Arab League, Amrou Moussa, was welcomed yesterday by heavy Israeli shelling of southern Beirut as his airplane was landing.

I was supposed to go to the gym with a friend of mine but he bailed out and asked me to join him at his private tiny pool.  It was about 4:30 and I took Chelsea with me and she would not finish swimming until 7:30 after my many demands to quit for the day.  My friend internet connection was slow and warning of weak power or something; it seems that his son requested a program and Ramez had paid $50 a couple of days ago for a program for uploading and downloading stuff like songs, which he had no idea how costly it might turn out to be; well, he might be asked to pay again another $50 which made him mad and ready to disconnect right away.  I made Ramez copy my draft of a book on his computer hoping that he will finally read it during his confinement.

When we came home, my older nieces and nephews were going out with a couple of their friends at a near by coffee shop.  Chelsea got stubborn and wanted to join them.  It took the better part of half an hour to force her to desist after much crying and whinning.

Cedric and Joanna went to work today.  The LAU has sent an e-mail to its employees to stay home because of the circumstances.

One of the gas station in our town Beit Chabab at the Jisr burned this morning: rumors have it that the owners needed to cash in the insurance because it was never doing so hot.  I went to another gas station to fill in ten liters but it was closed.  With the little driving I am doing I might go on for another three days until Israel allows oil tankers to empty in Beirut.

Around 4:15 p.m. I went to the gym for a swim; kids and adolescents were crowding it.  The Jacuzzi had to be emptied because some unconscionable kids used shampoo to have a little more fun in a seemingly bubbling and foaming bathtub.  The sauna room was not hot or not functioning properly but I managed to swim for 45 minutes.  Joanna went later around 7:30 and the gym was almost empty and the sauna working conveniently.

The Arab summit of foreign ministers agreed on an urgent meeting of an Arab summit of the leaders and dispatched 3 officials to New York to meet the UN council members in order to amend the draft resolution in a way it satisfies the Lebanese 7-point solution, mainly the complete cease fire and the total retreat of the Israeli army from south Lebanon in return of displaying 15,000 Lebanese soldiers in the southern borders. The officials were Amrou Moussa the Secretary General of the Arab League, the foreign minister of the Arab Emirates as one of the 15 members in the UN council, and the Qatari foreign minister as the current President of the Arab League.  During his speech, the Lebanese Seniora PM cried three times confirming to the Arab delegates that Lebanon is Arab by choice and that it consistently supported the Arab causes and that it is the responsibilities of the Arab leaders to support Lebanon by all means necessary.  The Arab delegates applauded Seniora and many might have felt ashamed for their earlier positions that provided covers for Israel to destroy Lebanon.

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