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Opinions posted on Fb. Part #18

Posted on: December 23, 2022

I’m afraid, if in this new wave of Islamic frenzies, and the UN fails to firmly and resolutely uphold the women rights as it failed in the case of the Palestinians/Jerusalem, women will be facing more restrictions in their respective societies.

Posted 7 years ago: China is the deep pocket for Putin strategic intervention in Middle-East.

The strategy is “Let the US stay in the quagmire of the region for a while, as China resumes its expansion in all of Asia and Africa”.

Well, the latest visit/conference of China with Gulf States and the region is saying: “We are going forward with our long-term program”

How to Nurture the kids to confront the real world?

Give them cash. While this may seem counterintuitive, it really does work. Give your kids money.

It could be pocket money, a weekly allowance, or even a payment for chores well done. Then, teach them how to spend and save this money.

At the same time, you will be teaching them the concept of “giving” as you pass on cash to them. I’ve set up small bank accounts for my children and nothing makes me happier than when one of them hands me a 20,000LL note and says

“Mom, please deposit this for me today”. This means they have a plan and they are saving for it.

We live to procreate: Like most living species. Those with a brain “Not to adapt to the traditions” fail to procreate and spend their life on material properties

The pseudo-citizens, like all Lebanon “citizens”, after each Israeli incursion in Lebanon, the mostly Moslem Chiaa in the south flocked to the suburbs of Beirut, mainly in Dahieh, and labelled the “Red belt of poverty

Je suis désolé de ma vieillesse, et plus désolé de la manière dont on me regarde: comme si notre passé infâme a trompé la jeuness. On me traite comme si je suis traître a la jeunesse

A coalition of USA merchants is campaigning currently for the US Congress to pass a credit card competition act, complaining that Visa and Mastercard, charging annual 22% interest rate, which account for nearly 80% of the credit card market, run a duopoly.

If it were Not for the Chinese deep pocket financial support, Russia might flinch in engaging NATO in a war in Europe. It is all Economics stupid

Mirror-neuron principle?
The thoughts of those around you can alter your brain and how you perceive reality.


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