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“Accept existence of the State of Israel if you want peace”? A totally defective Mantra

Posted on: December 28, 2020

Of what kind of Israel are you talking about?

Posted on August 10, 2014

Note: lately, there is a flurry of Trump administration pressuring “Arabic” States to signing “peaceful deals” with Israel. The Gulf Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, Oman and Morocco… are under the illusion that if the US remove them from the list of rogue States, sanctions, $ transfer, harassment… then these States will feel safe and secure…That Israel/US will share with them essential intelligence pieces to allow them “staying power”

Jordan and Egypt had already signed deals in the late 70’s after the 1973 war.

Actually, these deals are made with monarchs, Emirs and dictators: the people know they will get no benefits by antagonizing regional States.

I keep hearing this mantra: accept the existence of the State of Israel if you want peace. What does that actually mean?

To accept the State of Israel as a Jewish State?

To accept the borders, and which borders?  (Israel has No Constitution and never presented to the UN its borders)

To say that we won’t throw the Jewish Israelis into the sea?

People need to speak with greater clarity.

If the reference is to the acceptance of Israel as a Jewish State, then No.

No, because any state that gives greater rights to members of one group (in this case, a religion) over another cannot be democratic.

No, because any state that deems a group of people living within its borders (Palestinian citizens of Israel) and a people living under occupation (Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza) as a “demographic threat” cannot be peaceful. So, No.

Just as people rejected the existence of Apartheid South Africa and rejected the “state of the South” in the US as slave-holders, No to the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish State.

If the reference is to accept the borders by the use of military occupation, then No

And which borders is Israel willing to agree on? Is Israel ready to relinquish the Syrian Golan Heights, the lands of Lebanon in Shaba and Kfar Shuba…

Does Israel willing to agree on the existence of a sovereign, contiguous Palestinian State and the return of the Palestinian Refugees to their villages, as of the UN resolution of 193?

As to throwing the Jewish Israelis into the sea — is that what is meant by rejecting the State of Israel? – then, of course not, I don’t call for that.

However, it is exactly what so many members of the Israeli Knesset, Israeli press, and a growing number of the Israeli public are asking to do to the Palestinians: ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, transferring of Palestinians, denamitating Palestinian house, uprooting olive trees, incarcerating Palestinian youths under detentive laws without trials…

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