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What you don’t know about Hyenas

Posted on: October 29, 2018

What you don’t know about Hyenas

Rescued hyenas Maximus and Valaria started to become extremely curious and wanted to explore.

Here they are nearly two months old and would fight for the bottle of milk when it was feeding time. Some facts about striped hyena pups like Max and Val!

Striped hyena pups certainly do not grow up in the lap of luxury. Not much is known about their secluded family life.

Young are typically born at a time when food is plentiful. After a three-month gestation, mother hyena finds a cave or other sheltered place to give birth.

Usually two to four fluffy babies are born with markings similar to the adults but without the mane of hair along the back and with eyes and ears sealed; they are helpless at birth, can barely crawl, and don’t open their eyes for five to nine days.

They are ready to greet the world at about two weeks old. They nurse for over one year.

The young carnivores taste their first solid food at about one month old. When the mother or some of the males in her group bring food back to the den, the hungry pups bleat with anticipation.

The pups chase, stalk, pounce, and ambush each other for fun and practice for future hunts. They stay with their mother for quite a while to learn proper food gathering and hunting techniques.

But when the pups are two years old, she is ready for her offspring to leave, and the youngsters must find a territory all their own. (from

Note: Documentaries prove that it is the hyenas that mostly do the kills in the wild and then the lions and lionesses eat the kills when they stumble on the kill.

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