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Nietzsche’s “Christianity is a carbon copy of Judaism”, (Part 5, March 6, 2009)

Nietzsche said about his rational style: “Honest men do not exhibit their reasons by argumentation. What needs to be demonstrated is not worth the effort” He could not feign cold and impersonal objectivity.

He regarded the Socratic method of rational argumentation as “symbol of degeneracy”, a powerful poison that altered “the Greeks’ taste”. 


Since thoughts are required to generate ideas, and act on the written thought, Nietzsche demands from his readers to stimulate the value of patience in reading his works.

Philology, in a period when we read a lot, is the art of learning and teaching how to read.  We need to meditate half an hour on a paragraph; this habit has all the merit for interpreting aphorism”.  Nietzsche does write in order to be listened to and not to be discussed.

Nietzsche displaces the question of truth to the “value of truth“; and thus,

moral intentions, or the systems of value judgments in relation to the conditions of existence, constitute the germ from which the entire plant grew”. Consequently, the method of Nietzsche is to uncover the origin and the true genesis of the values disseminated by the philosophers, the preachers, and the prophets.

The free spirit should analyze the genealogy of values since “Truth is this type of error without which a certain type of living species would not know how to live. From life perspective, it is how we perceive values that all depend in the final analyzes” 

Amoral Nietzsche is a kind of hyper-moralist since he intends to free mankind of the poisons that himself secrete; poisons such as the value systems diffused in “symbols, masks, sickness, hypocrisy, misunderstanding, cause, remedy, stimulant, and poison.”

For Nietzsche, Christianity, and in general, religions and their sacerdotal caste systems are characterized by stifling and oppressing societies. In order to criticize Judaism and then Christianism Nietzsche had first to laud the origins of Judaism.

Nietzsche considered the Old Testament as a work of art “where we find men, things, and words in a style so grandiose that the Latin and Greek literature have nothing to lay upon it”.  (Actually, the written style of the Old Testament is the Levantine style, this Near-Eastern region on the east of the Mediterranean Sea and west of the Tiger River in Iraq.  The stories recount the customs and traditions of this homogeneous people in the Near East for thousand of years, sharing the Aramaic language and the same religion, sets of structured Gods, architecture of the temples, and mythical stories of the Land).

Nietzsche went as far as writing that the Jews “are the most remarkable people in the universal history to whom we owe the most influential moral law in the world” before the Jewish sacerdotal hierarchies transformed the religion into an instrument of interpreting happiness as a recompense, and misfortune as sin punishable for the disobedience toward God.  

(Actually, the moral values are the one of the Levant, and the horror war stories and genocides committed against Canaan and the Philistines are pure fictional stories that the Jewish scholars in Alexandria of 200 BC decided to attach to the history of the Levant in order to create for the Jews a place under the sun…

The psalms of David and Solomon are carbon copies of the psalms of the Land, from Babylon, to Canaan, to Assyria, and the religion of the Middle East, written over 2,000 years before the first Jewish scribe wrote the first chapters in Alexandria around 200 BC.)

For Nietzsche, Christianity emulated the worst kind of religious philosophy that the Jewish sacerdotal caste ended practicing and enforcing upon society, a carbon copy of the seriously altered Judaism.

Nietzsche considers that Christianity was conceived as the art of lying piously and has been perfected through many centuries of serious training techniques. Nietzsche claims that “Sin, as is felt wherever Christianity dominated, is a Jewish invention, a moral for slaves, and thus, Christianity endeavored to spread Judaism around the world”.

Note 1: I think that Christianity in Byzantium and Medieval Christianity in Europe tried to distance itself from Judaism on political ground by adopting pagan ceremonies, pomp, and symbols. The reformists of Luther, Protestants, and Calvinists steered Christianity back to the fold of Judaism.

I have read and published many book reviews and articles on early Christian sects. I have to concur that the early Christian sects were fundamental in disseminating Jewish customs, traditions, and laws.  They opened the way for Judaism to penetrate many “gentile” countries. 

A Jewish Kingdom Kazakh was established in the Caucasus by converted Jews (Ashkenazi) that had no origin with Near Eastern Jews (Sephardic). These Ashkenazi expanded to Central Europe, Russia, and Germany after their Kingdom was ransacked around the year 950 AC and now they established the Zionist State called Israel. 

Moslem religious sects emulated the early Christian-Jewish sects’ customs and dogmas and aided in the spread of Judaism even further toward East Asia.


Note 2: As Anti-Semitism was understood in the early 20th century, Nietzsche was not anti-Semite.  He lambasted this wave in Europe as “muddle and stupidity in the spirit, and conscience of Germany press that are leading the Jews to the slaughterhouse as a scapegoat in order to absolve all the public and private malaise”.  Nietzsche also blamed vigorously the wedding of his sister to an anti-Semitic leader. 

He wrote: “it fills me with melancholy and bitterness.  It is a question of honor for me to have a clear and neat stand against anti-Semitic attitudes and activities.  I fear and have great repulsion that this party might use of my reputation and my name for their own cause.” 

Nietzsche position is consistent with his quest to return to the original values that glorify life before the sacerdotal castes high-jacked the religious institutions and altered the moral values to enslave man.


Note 3: The Zionist State of Israel has been pressuring the world community to adopting a ridiculous definition of anti-Semitism: any State or individual that criticizes the Zionist genocide and apartheid policies against the Palestinian people should be labeled anti-Semite.  The USA, France, and Italy’s Berlusconi are slipping toward that dangerous path and trying hard to resist a vigorous denouncement of the recent Israeli’s genocide war in Gaza.

Bi-Weekly report (#14) on the Middle East and Lebanon (March 7, 2009)


            Three major activities are running concurrently. First, there is a flurry of diplomatic trips initiated by the US Administration to Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, and the Middle East. Second, there is this UN persistence to bringing Sudan’s President Hassan Al Basheer to face trial for crimes against humanity. Third, we notice a serious quest by the “Arab Moderate” States, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to patch up political difference with Syria and the Palestinian resistance forces..


You might think that the new US Administration is intent on containing a flammable world and establishing peace and stability through diplomatic means. It might be partially true on the face of it.  The long term purpose is preparing a major war in order to partitions Sudan into colonial zones of influence to exploit fully this vast State.

            Sudan is practically a virgin continent in superficies, raw materials, oil, water, cultivable land, under populated, and “poorly mismanaged” for the greed of the superpowers.  The plan to partition Sudan has been worked out many decades ago and all these civil wars and strife that the Sudanese have been subjugated to were mainly foreign instigation and meddling to setting the ground for an excuse to partition it.

            In order for the US, China, France, Britain, and Russia to be successful in their enterprise they have first to agree on the zones of influence in Sudan and manage the various “hot zones” that are dispersing their efforts, militarily and financially. The main critical area to cool down is Pakistan/India and thus, Pakistan is to be strengthened in order to regain control of all the regions, bordering east Afghanistan, which Taliban and Moslem extremists are now administering.  The US General in Afghanistan claimed recently that only 10% of Afghanistan is the hotbed of 80% of “terrorist activities” against the US coalition forces. Thus, once Pakistan is able to control its border frontiers with Afghanistan then the military adventure can be won.

            The second “hot zone” is settling the Israeli/Palestinian two-state initiative, on a “temporary” piece of land for the Palestinians, which has been sidetracked by the Bush Junior administration for over 7 years.

            The third “hot zone” is finalizing a peace treaty between Syria and Israel with many occupied areas managed as “eco systems”.

            The fourth “hot zone” is how to manage the “expansionist policies” of Iran in the Arab Peninsula, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

            The fifth “hot zone” is how to vacate Iraq with the least amount of casualties and establishing a political system that would be consistent with US policies and purposes in that region.


How the superpowers are going to “cool down” the hot spots before partitioning Sudan?  The first step is to bring Pakistan and India into a common purpose for stabilizing their regions. The second step is to force the Arab States, under the Arab League, to put a farcical front of unity; thus Sudan President difficulties should be a foretaste of the destiny of any Arab leaders that dares to defy the superpower plans in Sudan.  Obviously, Al Basheer is not to be brought to trial, the Arab League is working as a unified front on that matter because the UN is not that serious about it in the first place, at least for the time being. A unified “Arab League” would politically pressure Iran into a manageable negotiating attitude by isolating Syria, its main ally in the Middle East, and encouraging Turkey into playing a focused role in that region.  Senator John Kerry has stated recently that the US understands that Syria is not going to dissociate from Iran but that should not be an obstacle to negociating seriously with Syria regarding its occupied land by Israel.

            What about Lebanon? Well, Lebanon is having a fun time preparing for a farcical election just to keep busy and manage Hezbollah politically; Britain has opened direct lines of communications with Hezbollah.

            What about Israel?  Well, Israel has never been but an advanced outpost for the US in particular and Europe in general.  All these internal election gimmicks in Israel are fundamentally excuses to sidetrack policies that the US did not mean to be executed.




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